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Am I Allowed To...

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I was wondering if I am allowed to buy a sheep and keep it in my garden until I slaughter it in the UK.


Am I legally allowed to keep a sheep and then slaughter it?


I want a sheep cuz it will trim the grass and produce meat, would be fun to have one.


I like goats better but they don't exist in Britian.

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Go to your local council and ask, but you can buy goats in the England:




Is it not makrooh to slaughter and eat an animal that you raised as a pet? (I'm probably mistaken, but I remember reading something along those line)

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Don't do that, the poor sheep will be depressed when separated from the rest of its pairs and will almost let itself die. They need to be in group.

Not kidding, that's what a farmer told my father when he wanted to do that.

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