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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Shariah-Compliant Microfinance..or Other Ideas?

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As salam alaikum,


I have studied international development and am thinking of ways to start a venture that can help people....I live in the UAE and our options are very limited (maybe just laborers and domestic helpers)


I was looking into microfinance solutions - I do not have a job yet, and that is why I want to start my own thing...but unfortunately I do not know too much about banking and finance - though I can get my parents help on that one...i'm pretty sure my dad will tell me its going to be a waste of time and doesn't generate much money.


I want something that it profitable - atleast a bit- so that it can sustain my living....but my main aim is to allow these people to take loans...unfortunately since they are all expatriate, many of them cannot start their own businesses while working (unless I target house wives and poorer women on their husbands' visas...which is a possibility too)..But they need loans for children's education and basic needs back home as well..especially as so many don't get paid their salaries for months (yes its against labor law but a fair amount of companies get away with it..atleast as per the news published outside the country)


But my main question is...how do I make it Shariah-compliant (as per UAE Sunni law...and Shia law both)...while making it profitable....since interest is not allowed.....so how would it work?


Ofcourse I still need to do a lot more research but was just thinking if anyone here knows about banking and financial services, maybe it would be nice to get some input....


I really really want to start my own venture, any other ideas will also help - i'm just at a loss when there's soooo much to do but I don't know where to start...the problem is that I can't leave the UAE - and that makes it more difficult to do something like this..

The usual stuff like providing food and water to laborers is normal..i thought of educating them but 1-i'm a girl so surely not a good idea to be the only one teaching desi construction workers, without others support.. and 2- i would need to know to read and write their languages, which i don't.......so any other thoughts?



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I hate to break this to you but microfinance has not worked out for people as most of them tend to take out loans to send kids to school, get medical care or buy grocceries. So it will not help them make their lives better.Secondly you will need to collect the loans back and since you are a sole entrepenuer - I do not think you will like running around all those people trying to collect your money. Most people will hate me for this but microfinance these days is nothing more than being loan shark thought with considerable less profit margins.


You could try yoru hand at other stuff. Why not sell some clothes to all those desi wives. They all tend to go gaga over clothes specially if you can get them tailor made from Pakistan.

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