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In the Name of God بسم الله

Hello To Melbourne

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Salam Brothers and Sisters,


I have just arrived in Melbourne on PR and now looking for a job. I know a lil bit about Melbourne but not that much. I know there is a center called Panjetan center but thats about it.


So i am looking for like nice places to eat, which suburbs have the most Muslim populations, any other shia masjids or centers  besides panjetan here any shia or islamic schools here for children. A good place to get a house or an apartment. 


Also, any areas where i should stay clear like any wahabi hot spots.


Tell me how are the people like, esp the shia community, anything going on interesting lately in the shia or muslim community in general here like events. I think Melbourne is a big city so it should have a good number of shias and muslims. 


Is there a good Alim in Town like Ammar Nakhshwni or Rajab Ali who is doing a seminar or lecture series. Whats Happening in Ramadan. 


(Hmm... we should have an interactive Calendar thing on SC as well for each location that memebers can update). 


honestly, How is the religion scene here in Melbourne. Is it good/Bad ... luke warm... cold as a dead fish... and in what sense. 


I do not see much traffic here on this side of the forums, In my days (yeah I am a pretty old user) there used to be a lot of people from Aussieland on SC. 


So..... wassup Melbourne... Tell me about it...



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Welcome to the land of koalas and kangaroos.  I hope you have success there. 


Where are you from, brother? 


I don't live in Melbourne  but I know the Panjtan Centre is in Adelaide Street St Albans. There is another in Fawkner and possibly a third somewhere. 


The Panjtan is run  by Indians and Pakistanis. The Fawkner is largely Arab and I think there is an Afghan / Irani unit as well.


There are scholars in Melbourne but no comparison with Nakhshwani or Hasnain Rajab Ali.


No cold fish really,  the opportunity to be religous is average.


But religious activity cannot be compared with places like London or New York.

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Greetings. I love gothic culture, and I love the Shia community, so to me your s/n sounds amazing. I do not know much about the scene in Melb, but if you are dropping into Sydney anytime, there are quite a number of places.


I believe there are a few areas in Coburg where the Wahhabi influence is strong, but I can't get it exactly.


I am in Melb infrequently, but one place I call by is a lovely jewellery store on Sydney Rd, called Najaf Jewellers. It is always busy, and the people there might know about where the community meets. They also have shelves of delicate gold jewellery, of course, but with the price of gold as it is ... anyway, I'll leave that bit.

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salam ,

me and my family is migrating to Australia in March 2016 end, we are a family of 5 two adults and three small kids.If someone can help us find a decent accomodation to start our new life. We are very flexible to share the accomodation with any SHIA family or if someone can offer us private lease which i heard people do commonly in Australia. for us both Melbourne and Sydney are equally good. My email address is aalirizvi@yahoo.com, it needless to say for this help who will give you and what you can expect when you help a brother shis family to settle. JA


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I just moved to Melbourne a few months ago.

Its a fairly small community, with not much Islamic activity around - other than Panjtan centre and a few youth organisations there is not much else.

Check out this group for Panjtan (PSV)-activities: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1171728929528662/

The khojas are working on a community centre: https://www.facebook.com/KSIJMelbourne/timeline

An iraqi/lebanese youth group: https://www.facebook.com/abeaconofhopeaustralia/


In terms of halal food, if you are in the city & any other non-rural areas, there are a lot of options. Just ask at every foodstore/restaurant as not all of them have halal signage up. 

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