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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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How To Present Islam To Non-Muslims [Lecture]

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I was suppose to go and workout a while ago, but this video caught my attention ^_^ He is a very intelligent man. I have watched as of now 20min of it. One point that caught my attention is the point, many times heard on this site, about how our marja's just give an answer to a question on the website and not give the bookwork for it. Although I somewhat agree with him, but one has to understand, it simply isnt possible. Depending on some questions, for it can take years and years of research to conclude a very simple matter. Posting a simple hadith, proving an answer to a question, would be the same as giving a simple answer. Not to mention the terminology and understanding is beyond anything a laymen would understand. Also, it is the students of howza's and the marja that control these websites, when it is the marja who conducted the research in the first place. There is a gap of understanding between them as well as us who check these websites. I actually believe we Shias have been doing an amazing job, explaining many topics as much as we can. Provided by so many websites, such as imamreza, shiastudies, al-islam, islamquest,islamic-laws etc, and a ton of other farsi/arabic websites (books included). But people tend to look past all this and just blame the scholars and educational structures, simply because they seek an answer they cannot find (for now), or dont bother to seek much knowledgeable people to find such an answer. Then what happens or can happen, is you get people who take this job to themselves, interpreting religion how they want, and you end up seeing clear deviations and contradictions. I dont know, just thought to give my thoughts for now. I might add on later, as I continue this video, but for now gotta go exercise.



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20-31 min I loved it. I always think that to myself! Everyone should truly remember those points (watch it for yourself to get what i mean :) ).

Amazingly he isn't, given how passionate he is about Islam

 Taqiyya :P ?

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