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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Who Is Loosing War In Syria ?

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Syria V/S Wahabi Terrorist



I heard Hizbullah is helping Bashar Al Assad to defend his Country.




According to Wikipedia:


In Syria, there are only 3000-5000 Hizbullah Fighters Only...


I know wikipedia, is not 100% correct, but 3000-5000 are not very less...






Can anybody, give me strong source, if Syria is winning war.



And my Question:


Is Bashar using local Sunni to defend his country, because Sunni hate Wahabis much than Shia or any one.In syria, lot of Ahlul Bayt, Companion of Mohamad and sufi and Sunni Saladin Ayobi tomb were built in Past.

Atleast for protection of Syria or for protection of those Shrines.



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The intriguing question about the war in Syria is not who is winning rather how come this Arab country has not fallen like all the rest that fell within days.

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You determine the loser by if they achieved their objective or not.  From the beginning of the Syrian crisis US and their puppets wanted President Bashar Asad out and to snatch Syria away from Iran and Hizballah to weaken them.  Well the President is still their and he's running for re-election and Iran, Hizballah and Syria's alliance is now stronger then ever. So their plan has failed miserably. Just the fact that Presedint Asad has lasted for three years is enough proof that they lost. Ukranian Presedint,Mubarak,Zaynual abadeen, didnt last but several days. Saddam they took him out with military intervention and same with Ghaddafi. With President Assad they couldent do anything but try to topple him from the inside and that failed too.  Syria by itself did not win in this war. The whole Axis of Resistance and their supporters won.  Soon everyone will here the victory speech. 

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Everything is relative, really. Before the war, JAN and ISIL had nothing. Now, they do control a considerable area of Syria, however, they have recently become divided and are losing territory. One thing, as the a previous commenter said, is for sure; the Syrian people are the biggest losers in all of this, sadly.

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