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In the Name of God بسم الله
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Outrage At Outrage Of Death Sentences

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Law or lawlessness!



Lubna Abdel Aziz


To whom it may concern: Egypt is a country of laws! We have been for the last 7000 years! The outrage over the conviction of 529 terrorists is in itself an outrage. Even the most oppressive of dictators has stayed clear of messing with the law. If we are to be accused of anything, it is of being too lenient with thosthate who breach our national security.


In the Late Period of ancient Egypt, (664 BC-332 BC), laws were codified and there were eight books that set out the legal code. While partial copies still exist of the Code of Hammurabi of Mesopotamia, (1772 BC), unfortunately nothing remains of the laws of ancient Egypt from funerary texts as well as court functions.


Ancient Egyptian law was based on a common sense of right or wrong, following the codes based on ‘Ma’at’.  Ma’at represented truth, order, balance and justice in the universe. The concept allowed that everyone should be viewed as equals under the law, (with the exception of slaves).


Neither riches nor nobility would raise a person above the law.  A gold Ma’at pendant was considered a badge of legal officials.  A Ma’at badge is currently on display at the British Museum. High treason was severely dealt with. Robbery, riots and destruction of property were crucial offences.  No such civilisation as ours could exist without the basic institution of law.


Fast forward to 1776… Thirteen American colonies declared their independence from British rule. In a document written by Thomas Jefferson and ratified July 4, the famous ‘Declaration of Independence’ is considered one of the finest constitutions in history.  It declares first and foremost, “that all men are created equal”, but fails to mention this is not applicable to African slaves. Has the world stood still since the Code of Ma’at?


Justice is a moral standard that applies to all, and sets penalties for those who violate it.  Our men of law have been famous throughout the ages for their ethical behavior and indisputable integrity!


Those fine, lusty individuals who wish to pounce on any news from Egypt, twist facts and turn them to their liking, should be well furnished with facts and evidence, before passing judgement.


Every now and again an honest, unbiased voice speaks with reason and wisdom, but most are shallow and prejudiced. To them we plead, hands off our affairs and keep the beast in the box. Meddling with the internal matters of a sovereign nation is illegal, regardless of how many believe it is permissible.


Turn your attention to those who regularly break their own laws as well as international laws and human principles.


Evidence is abundant that Obama has lied under oath. He willingly disregards the written law and instead enforces his own policies via executive decree. 


”Of all the troubling aspects of the Obama presidency, none is more dangerous than the president’s persistent pattern of lawlessness” said one commentator.  


 This lawlessness is not only demonstrated internally but the snooping and spying on leaders of other nations, without their knowledge, carries neither honour nor integrity.  His military intervention in Libya without Congressional approval is a brazen example of his disregard for faithfully executing the law.


Obama says he has a pen and he has a phone, which simply means the US is ruled by men and not by laws. Congressman Ted Cruz of Texas responds: ”The lawlessness demonstrated by the Obama administration is unprecedented.”


UNICEF has documented 230 violations by Israel against children ages 12-17.  Israeli security forces systematically murder Palestinian children in cold blood.  They are blind-folded, hands tied with plastic strings, sleep-deprived, shot in the back, those defenceless innocents who cause no threats.


Where is the outrage?  Bloody Rabaa siege was called ‘protesters’ peaceful sit-in’.  Did they count the corpses buried in there?


As for the Baroness, EU Foreign Policy chief, Catherine Ashton, has she come again to scrutinise, deputise and advise, or to finally admit that June 30th was indeed a revolution and not a military coup as she and her companions kept insisting for months on end?  Now she asserts that the EU wishes to maintain its relationship with Egypt now that she has had a better chance to form a correct picture of the challenges Egypt faced.  Has she dared do that to, say, the US? Russia? Israel? Turkey?


Why are we alone to endure such humiliation and mistrust in our actions, our choices, our laws?  


How often must we remind them that this is Egypt, land of a great civilisation. While their ancestors were still hunting animals we had courts of law, science, architecture and every form of art. There are records of surgical procedures, dentistry, even a Caesarian procedure, all on display at the British Museum?  May we ask how they got there?


Speaking of that once great Empire, Mr David Cameron has declared, ‘Ansar Beit Al-Maqdes’, an unlawful terrorist organisation. His ‘MI 5’ and ‘MI 6’ are still examining the role of the MB. We can save you time and trouble. All Islamic extremists fall under one umbrella, namely the Monstruous Brotherhood.


They have mercilessly slaughtered hundreds of Egyptians, burnt to ashes 86 churches and destroyed pillaged and looted priceless museums. If you choose not to believe us, ask your Canadian friends or Saudis or any group with knowledge, honour and integrity.


‘Truth’ is always suppressed but ‘Lies’ are repeated ad nauseum!!!!

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Killing hundreds of people is not productive nor is it Islamic. It is an overreaction which will tear the country apart for years to come. The protest they seek to quell will only increase in the hearts of the people and manifest itself at some later point in time. Perhaps it will be sooner and perhaps it will be later but it will manifest itself.

Shame on the Egyptian government.

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