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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Role Of Shia In Hindu-Muslim Riots In India

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S.a. As we all know the political turn in india is taking place. The Narendra Modi (Mass Murderer) is about to be the PM of india and his intention is not seems good. He will provoke the Hindu extremers to bully the muslims and provoke them to fight to crate a organised riots to make muslim feel who is the boss now.

Since their real fight is with wahabi ideology and sunnis not witb shias.

Now shia has two options .

1. Be with hindus and leave tbe the sunnis alone (which i dont think is right)

2. Get unite against hindus and fight them until death.

I wanted to know what should i do in this case if riots take place. I wanted to turn my fight into "Jihad bis saif" Will my strugle could be considered in jihad if die fighting hindus for our survival.

I was about to ask this question to sistani.org but i also wanted your comments please.

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In this situation, you should, in my view, refrain from fighting on either side and sit at home. Just because a fight is going on doesn't always mean participating in it will be Jihad. Unless anyone attacks you, from my understanding of Islam, you should support neither side as each is oppressive and not in the right - and, if someone does attack you, then only fight in defense and do not go further.

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Thanks for the reply, the thing is if some mob comes to our area (naozobillah) and i have to fight then will this fight will count in jihad in self defwnce.......i wanted to convert it into jihad is there is any option for me


I think before you get into the whole discussion, you need to understand that Jihad - or being a Mujahid - isn't some chemical formula, where you add a bit of non-Muslims, 20 mg of guns and 5 Kg of Muslims and, voila, you've created the golden ticket to Heaven. The only reason Jihad is given so much importance - and granted such granted rewards - is because the Lesser Jihad (the jihad where you fight others) represents one of the ultimate external expressions of the Greater Jihad (the real Jihad that we fight everyday, the one in which we try to purify our souls) as it represents the willingness of one to give up the thing most important to him, his life, in the name of Allah (SWT) .


Having said that, like I've said, Jihad isn't some formula. So, don't ask me whether something can be done like you'd ask a lawyer to find a loophole in the laws to give you whatever you desire. Thus, if you are really serious about being a real Mujahid, first, you should start working on your self, if you haven't already, and, second, pray that such an occasion never arises and the blood of thousands of humans is spilled. If the situation ever arises, you should try to refrain from fighting and only fight to protect the innocent or in self-defence and, Insha'Allah, if your intentions are pure, Allah (SWT) will grant you Jannah.

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