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Any Hawza Short Course In 2014?

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Salam Alaykum,


I searched for this all over ShiaChat but either there isn't much here or I'm having trouble navigating.


Can anyone please share any information they may have about Hawza short courses for 2014 and/or 2015.


From what i have heard, the majority of short courses work in a way that "you bring a group of people and tell us the dates, we'll orgnise the course for you" - i.e. there are no set dates or structured programs which people can enrol into and attend. I live in Australia and would prefer something in Karbala, Najaf, Qom or Mashhad.



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Intro to Islam & Persian + Pre-Hawzah Program

Application Deadline: July 15th, 2014

Start Date: October, 2014

Courses Offered:
--> PHP (Gap Year Pre-Hawzah Program - in Qom) - brothers only, cost involved
--> ITR (mandatory for those attending the PHP) - open for all - free
--> POL (optional for those attending the PHP) - open for all - free


The Pre-Hawzah Program (PHP) provides an opportunity for English speaking students who want to study an Islamic Studies course in Qom to enrol onto an Introductory Islamic Studies Course.

Starting from October 2014, students will be taught in English and the course will initially be for a period of nine months (Ending in June 2015). This will be beneficial for students who want to take a gap year off from their university studies to study Islam in a complete Islamic/Hawzah environment. Enrolling students will still have the opportunity to join full-time Hawzah studies after completing the nine months if they themselves feel this is what they want to study for the future.


Introduction to Religion (ITR)
For those interested in taking part in the PHP, a module on Introduction to Religion (ITR) must be taken. This is roughly a 2 week course, that has to be attended using our Learning Management System (LMS). This course is also open for all individuals (brothers & sisters) regardless of age, but mandatory for those who are attending the PHP.

Persian Online (POL) 
An optional module is being offered to all in Persian. This is a 3 month crash course in Persian, that will enable a student to hold a basic conversation with others in day-to-day affairs, understand written and spoken Persian.

For details on requirements visit: http://ia.miu.ac.ir/admissions/

To apply, visit: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1SzyHj0xxIffbBlyOYO8d_VEIwKKk0fyN35utOLm3duk/viewform

For more questions, please e-mail: info@ia.miu.ac.ir or leave your remarks on this page and we will get back to you.


Additional Information:

The Pre-Ḥawzah (Foundation) Course – a 48 credit-hour course to be held on-campus in Qom at Madrasah Imam Ali (as) – a specialized college for higher Islamic Studies – in a full academic year two-semester program of academics, research, extra-curricular and cultural activities to be conducted by experienced instructors, mentors and other staff members.

The Introductory Course is to be conducted on-line with the cooperation of al-Mustafa Open University (MOU) {www.ou.miu.ac.ir}.

Detailed Course Outlines

Pre-Hawzah Program (PHP): http://ia.miu.ac.ir/courses/pre-hawzah-program/

Intro to Religion (ITR): http://ia.miu.ac.ir/courses/intro-to-religion/

The accumulated fees for the 9 months (2 semesters) that includes monthly tuition fees and $200 USD registration fees is $1500 USD (for the 9 months).
Dorming + Food for the 9 months is $150 per month ($1350 USD for 9 months). Students have the option of living outside of the dorms if they have a family/friend in Qom.
Other costs that a student needs to cover himself are ticket & visa. The institution will provide help and information in regards to getting an appropriate visa (it will be a pilgrimage visa which will be extended by Al-Mustafa International University till the end of the program).
Other expenses within Iran include travelling (taxis, trip to Mashad), shopping etc. which the student will need to cover himself.
We estimate that for the 9 months, $4000-$4500 (includes $1500 for the program and $1350 for dorming + food) is what a student will be looking at in terms of cost - excluding visa and tickets - for the 9 months.



The Intro to Religion and Persian Online course is free, open for all and offered online.



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