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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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10 hours ago, Haji 2003 said:


Not sure how long Canadians upholding their principles will continue once planeloads of Saudi women start heeding this advice.

Here is why I found her story as a poor joke looool  :woot:


After barricading herself in the room and refusing to leave for six nights, Qunun said she had expected the authorities to “enter the room and kidnap me” and had contemplated taking her own life.

“That’s why I wrote a goodbye letter. I decided that I would end my life, before I was forced back to Saudi Arabia,” she said. However, as she used Twitter to publicise her plight, abuse and her decision to renounce Islam, her campaign for asylum quickly gathered momentum and support around the world.

“I wanted to be free from oppression and depression,” she told the ABC. “I wanted to be independent. I wouldn’t have been able to marry the person I wanted. I couldn’t get a job without permission.”

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I read a Jewish joke the other day (it went something along the lines of:) A rabbi and a taxi driver arrive at the gates of heaven, an angel comes to greet them and immediately ushers the taxi dr

two sodium atoms walking down a street   atom 1: oh no.... searching his pockets...... i lost an electron atome 2: are you sure? atom 1: i am positive.

Told in the mosque by the imam: A flood came and a man climbed a tree. A truck came by and offered the man a ride and the man said, "no thanks, Allah will help me". The water rose and a boat

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Had a hearty laughter over this 

Archaeologists Embarrassed After Farmer Admits to Building 'Ancient' Stone Circle in 1990s


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Hotel in Hong Kong. OK there is a glass door, but still.



FWIW the hotel is in this area, which is quite trendy. So although you sleep next to the toilet, you pay US$150+ for the privilege.


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The following people supply graduates with gowns for their graduation ceremonies:


On their website, they have an FAQ section. 

You get the impression that this question is asked quite often and they are not very impressed by the people who ask it!


Q. I'm not sure what degree I am on.
A. Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you what you have been studying for, please ask your course tutor or the university or college registry.


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Mom: Hi Honey, So l tried to make a cake for your bake sale but it's burnt

Daughter: =( That's ok, Mom. Try again and double check the ingredients this time

Mom: Oh...I already tried again...it turned out even worse :/ 

Daughter: Oh Mom...you really suck at making things! lol

Mom: Well I suppose that's true, I did make you

Daughter :O

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In 2014 inspections of products sold in Walmart found that one supplier was selling fox meat instead of donkey meat as on the package.


Rein, Shaun. The End of Cheap China : Economic and Cultural Trends That Will Disrupt the World, John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, 2014. 

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My nephew had happy early days

No knowledge, no understanding or dread

Of what was to come

The knife of circumcision


My father-in-law visiting his son

Knows not that the other side are due to come

And then he’ll be turfed

To my mum’s

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