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My Heart Speaks To Imam Ali (As)

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Just my primitive attempt to write a poem I inspired by my reading of the Nahjul-Balagha. :)




My heart speaks to Imam Ali (as)


I greet you o Light that shines from the East,

of all the men who walked this world I am the least,

Lacking am I of true piety and hence,

my only hope is to hold myself to the pillar of your eloquence.


I greet you o Light that shines through the ages,

knowing that at the end God will pay us our just wages,

It will be during that Day of righteous Judgement,

that you will retake of all the faithful the command.


I greet you o Light that shines in all lands,

testifying that the fate of this world is in Gods hands,

It is only in your words that true wisdom is kept,

in your sayings is philosophy's true depth.


O greet you Light that enlights every faithful home,

who's body rests under Najaf's golden dome.

Died by the betrayal of an unfaithful sword,

you stand now in the glory of God's own Court.


I greet you o Light that shines in the darkness,

I mourn that your holy life has ended thus.

But you were worth of a martyr's death,

and so you teach us to escape this world's net,


I greet you o Light that shines in my soul,

because contemplating your words is my sole goal.

And so I sing of your virtue in jubilation,

and strive to cleanse myself through the way of emulation.



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