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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Hate My Life And Its Direction In General

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I've been working with my father in the family business and have tried to expand our company by landing some lucrative deals. I know, I know, sounds very materialistic, but I want to inject the earnings back into the company because we love what we do. However, so far, all my father and I receive are disappointments and slumps, not catching a break.


We tried to participate in two government tenders which, if we won, would give our company a boost. But there is SO.MUCH.CORRUPTION. on SO.MANY.LEVELS. with collusive douchebags on the inside.


I just hate life. We had been planning to do these two tenders for nearly SIX DAMN MONTHS and we get screwed over by money hungry fiends. I was going to pay off my school loans with the money we would earn and now I'm back to square one. 


This has landed me in despair. Has anyone got duas for me which I can recite? Perhaps for a better livelihood and bread-winning? 


tl;dr - Life sucks and I hate it.

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I can relate to this, Preatorious.


I'll offer a secular response.


Just keep going.


Now, maybe you invested too much before you got the contracts. That wouldn't help. Especially in this current economy. In this general situation, keeping up with maintenance always is to your benefit. New investments, unless they are really necessary are too difficult/iffy to pay off.

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Asalam Alykum,


Trust me brother when I tell you, some people here suffer much more worst then you and keep going. 6 months is nothing. Some people on here have studied many subjects over many just to get a job which pays above minimum wage and they are turned down yet they keep going. Enjoy your test brother. You got your parents with you, you seem to have enough food for the day etc. If you want duas, the brother listed many that you can recite. May Allah give you strength to be successful in your task.



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Salamun alaykum


Surely no one can feel you except the One who is with you and created this world in which we are examined to denote His servants.

لتبلون في أموالكم و أنفسكم

You will surely be tested in your possessions and your souls (3/186)


We should know that our duty is to be patient although it would be so hard and difficult.   

و لنبلونكم بشي‏ء من الخوف و الجوع و نقص من الْأموال و الْأنفس و الثمرات و بشر الصابرين

We will surely test you with a measure of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth, lives, and fruits; and give good news to the patient (2/155)


On the other hand these problems are due to our faults and mistakes:  

و ما أصابكم من مصيبة فبما كسبت أيديكم و يعفوا عن كثير

Whatever affliction that may visit you is because of what your hands have earned, and He excuses many] an offense. (42/30)


In this case what makes our choice valuable is our aim and we should be aware how we judge about the circumstances.  

فأما الْإنسان إذا ما ابتلاه ربه فأكرمه و نعمه فيقول ربي أكرمن

و أما إذا ما ابتلاه فقدر عليه رزقه فيقول ربي أهانن

As for man, whenever his Lord tests him and grants him honor and blesses him, he says," My Lord has honored me."

But when He tests him and tightens for him his provision, he says," My Lord has humiliated me."(89/15-16)


Now it your time and you are in the middle of the test. This is an open book test but no book will help. Actually your feeling and actions are important. But keep in mind that:

واعلَموا أنما أموالكم و أولادكم فتنة و أن الله عنده أجر عظيم

Know that your possessions and children are only a test, and that Allah with Him is a great reward. (8/28)


Don’t stop praying and don’t be disappointed because surely He knows and listens but maintain patience…

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My dad is self employed and has had many disappointments due to similar situations. If one business direction has too much corruption to realistically compete, you need to be able to think about going in other directions that previously you would not have considered. Look for gaps that are not overrun with others. Sometimes you have to take smaller contracts - smaller than you want, to be able to continue to be visible and to network with bigger players. Networking is huge - eventually, you can partner with others for some contracts. You have to be really creative. All successes are built with a myriad of failures…so think of this as a stepping stone - if you can.  Continue to build a reputation as honest and reliable.  Look at other businesses critically and see what works for them. Look for the not so obvious. Try and be patient and persistent. Keep faith.  

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To Op, 


I know it's hard some times, but my father and his friend lost this year alone almost $10million in business and it's the money which they didn't own themselves..... why because they made the wrong investment.  But my father still went back to work and wallah believe me none of us know because he never let us know nor the effect reach his family, May Allah be pleased with him and reward him abundantly for his hard work. I came to know about this a few months ago. So life is hard for man but it's all how you deal with it. 


Be patient and trust Allah, inshallah he'll make the way out for you. Keep your intentions pure. it may not be the way you want but it'll be beautiful. May Allah help you and your father in your business.




The total loss for the company was USD80 million... 

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