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In the Name of God بسم الله
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Seeing The Image Of Imam Ali As

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When I was younger I had a book full of duas. If I recall correctly it was duas for the month of Ramadan (although I may be wrong)

Anyway, I remember one fairly short dua that it said if you read it a certain number of times before going to bed you would see the image of the face of Imam Ali as.

I remember one night reading this (I think something like a hundred times and had to be read on a specific night) and I did see an image of a face that would not go away, even with my eyes closed or open or rubbing my eyes.

The next day I was searching for images of our Imam and found that in Iran the have generated like pictures of the holy family. I was surprised about this as I thought images like this were not allowed. Either way the images I saw were very similar to the one I saw after reciting the dua. I don't think that I had saw one of these pictures before and the image came to me subconsciously

Since then I have tried many times to locate the book but have been unable to.

Has anyone heard of such a dua?

Thank you all in advance

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Salaamun Alaykum,


That is a big fortunate for one to be able to see one of the Imams (may Allah's peace and blessing be upon them), however, we should keep in mind that the most significant thing in terms of our relation with the Imams (as) is to achieve recognition about them and try to satisfy them through acting in accordance with their teachings.


However, there are du'as and dhikrs for those who want to see the Imams in their dream.


In Mafaatihul Jinaan it writes that if one wants to see one of the Prophets or Imams in their dream, they should go like this:

A. recite these suras:

  1. ash Shams
  2. al Layl
  3. al Qadr
  4. al Kaafirun
  5. al Ikhlaas
  6. al Falaq
  7. an Naas

B. recite sura al Ikhlaas 100 times

C. recite Salawaat 100 times

D. sleep on their right side while having wudhu.


There are also other ways like the one Ibn Taawus r.a. mentions in his book "Falaah-us- Saa'il". He suggests that one recites this du'a for the perpuse of seeing Imam Ali a.s. in their dream:

اللهم انی أسألک یا من له لطف خفی و أیادیه باسطة لا تنقضی، أسألک بلطفک الخفی الذی ما لطفت به لعبد إلا کفی أن ترینی مولای علی بن أبی طالب فی منامی


But it is also important that one purifies themselves to be able to see the waliyyullah.

And I repeat again that trying to satisfy the Imams by one's deeds is much more favorible than trying to see them for a second in our dream, not knowing weather or not they are satisfied from us!

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Assalamu Alaikum.


The faces of the Masumeens should be covered with noor, it is disrespectful to show their faces without much knowledge.

The pictures of our Masu'meens. (I.e Hussain (AS), Ali(AS) etc.) are mostly just printed without second thoughts. There are Hadiths that say that the eyebrows of the Imams (AS) were slightly joint, whereas in these images we see that they have plucked eyebrows.

Astaghfrullah, we should really have more respect for our imams (AS).

Fi Aman Allah.

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You should be so thankful to Allah, since the opportunity of seeing an Imam's face does not happen to everyone.

But as @sadegh said it is not the main goal for a shia. So many people saw Imam Ali's face during his life and even lived with him but they never were as Allah and Prophet want them to be. Some of them even fought with Imam Ali and even killed him (Inb Muljam was in Imam Ali a.s. army in the battle of Saffayn).


I think our main goal as shia, must be obeying them by accepting their guidance and orders. After one attained their satisfaction -which is actually Allah's satisfaction-, seeing their face, would be a very great blessing from Allah.   



والسلام علیکم

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Salamum alaykum


Also I think those pictures you saw from Ahlulbayt might not be genuine and real. Those pictures which are spread widely over Iraq and also Iran, Pakistan, Syria and etc have no authoritative sources.


Moreover, some of the features in that picture are against traditions describing features of Ahlulbayt. So don’t try to fit your image with those pictures and they cannot be reconciled.

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Salam alaikum

Thank you for the responses.

I understand your comments. I am in no way taking the experience lightly, it happened around 15 years ago and I still reflect on it often. I hope my message did not come off in the wrong way. I fully agree that living ones life taking the holy prophet and our imams as practical and spiritual examples is far more superior.

Again thank you for taking the time to respond

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