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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Help Me Find A Great Laptop :)

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Salam Alaikom .

I'd like some help to find a great laptop because my current one doesn't work anymore. I've been using the internet trough my phone since january

I'm looking for these qualities :

-Very long battery life (10 hours)

-Very fast speed

-Not too heavy to walk with around campus . ( i don't know about the Macbook AIR ,but the regular macbook is too heavy for my poor shoulder :( )

-Below 1000$

- Has the basic stuff : excel, powerpoint..etc.( Although I can download them)

- I don't want tablets, because I already have one and it doesn't work great..

get started with your research.

thank you


EDIT : i found my laptop! Admins can now trash this topic

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Where are you located.  if your in the States go to Best Buy or PC Richards.  they have some decent deals.  last years models and the years before that are all quite cheap.  you can get a decent laptop for like 300-400 dollars.  even cheaper depending on the specs.  if you get a smaller screen or a processor that is not the latest even less.

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I was sort of in your situation, was using a 6-year old 200$ PC, which means a 10 minute wait if I want to go to anywhere on the internet.

Was basically browsing on the phone lol


I brought myself a Macbook Pro w/Retina, and it might be a little above 1000$ with student discount, and I am extremely satisfied with it. Plus it is really, really light than the original Macbook lol.


If you are strict about the 1000$ price limit, I suggest the Macbook Air ($999 w/student discount), it is as light as air, really, and works amazing.

Buying an apple product will not disappoint you, I am really happy with my purchase, plus all my downloading will not give me a virus lol


Or you can even go to Apple.ca, and buy the laptop on instalments, or buy it monthly through a 12-month pay period via a Chase Credit Card on Bestbuy or Futureshop (they sometimes deny giving the credit card to students as far as I know)


Both the Air and Pro with Retina are light, fast, efficient, virus-free, and comes with an amazing battery life  (12-hour;8 hour) and they are equipped with the all new SDD hard drive, which means your computer will be fast, and will boot up in 4 seconds :D

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Im using the Macbook Air and its excellent except for the battery life! maximum 4 hours but apart form that its awesome. i think the cheapest is around 1000$


If i had 1000$ I would not doubt about macbook air 2013


The battery in 2013 models improved to 9 hour for 11" model (starting price 999$ on applestore) and to 12 hours for 13" (starting price 1099 on applestore but you can find cheaper in macmall (i suppose) )


If you got one just remember me when you work with it ! :donno:  

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macbooks are not worth of the money you spend on them.

they are quite expensive if you ask me.


They're worth every penny bro. The reason macbooks are overpriced is because they out perform PC's in every way. I have one for over 5 years now and not a single virus! I don't even have an antivirus on my laptop.

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بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم


I got a MacBook Air this year for Uni and love it. Very light and portable, and the battery is outstanding. I wouldn't consider myself very tech savvy but its a breeze to use. I personally believe this is ideal of a student and would recommend it. 




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Apple products are way overpriced.  You can get a very well built PC with even better specs for like half the price.  If it has to be apple, I would recommend the Macbook Pro with retina, macbook air is a total rip off.


Here are some decent ones: http://www.digitaltrends.com/best-ultrabooks/#!AYKaJ

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Babies... OP found her laptop (which was supposedly lost under the heavy quilt) hence sister OP requested to trash the topic ... So can we move on to something else!


Umm.. how about a thank you to those who replied… 

How do I call on my rotary phone?


Do they still work?

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