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In the Name of God بسم الله
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Love -

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I understand this concept but I have to ask myself... is this what God wants, or is this the devil's doing... to make us at constant war with one another on this planet... in this gift of fleshly life that the Creator has given us?  Is this a deception of the devil?  For, as long as we do not value this life as a gift from God, we will continue to destroy it, will we not?  If we only value the afterlife then the killing and destruction in this life will have no end.

Yshwe(known as Jesus) taught Love as a way to peace.  For, if you love your brother in mankind, you will make peace with all mankind.



My question here is... where is the love in the men?

Without girls, there are no women.  Without women, there is no further life.

My distress is... why are the men so devoid of love?

Your concern about the value of life is a valid one, CLynn, and it is shared by Islam. Here's the complete picture: Islam values life. It is actually a sin to take not only someone else's life but also your own. Murder and Suicide are some of the biggest sins there are. Clearly, Islam values life.  As for being happy about martyrdom, it doesn't mean we should sacrifice ourselves 'in the name of God' wherever and whenever we can. Martyrdom has some specific criteria (I will need to do more research on them!) but I do know that these criteria aren't gotten very easily. So if you have a chance to be a true martyr, it is a huge honor. When you realize how huge this honor really is, it comes before worldly 'love' (including love of your children).


Islam teaches love. If those men were following a true God/religion, they wouldn't be devoid of love! That's the religious reasoning. I'm sure you know what line the psychological reasoning would follow - much the same as is used to explain brainwashing in cults, or psychopathic tendencies.

Greetings Praetorius,


It isn't.  It's a question about how muslm's feel about love... about how the concept of love fits into their lives... in what ways?



After you've rephrased your question, I'd like to add something to my previous interpretation of 'emotions for the sake of God'. It is true that the aforementioned method of loving is the highest level of love considered, but like I said, Islam is rational - and doesn't expect this from the layman. Muslims love just like any other religion-followers - the heart wants what it wants, and there is no condemnation of this in Islam except that you shouldn't be breaking any other rules of the Sharia, and you shouldn't love a person (who is, after all, a worldly thing) so much that that love supersedes your love of God and religion and you are willing to sacrifice the latter for the former.

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Hey CLynn, im going to hell right? Since im not a christian and I dont accept Jesus A.S as my savior?


This thread is too circular and confusing. If this is an indirect or subtle attempt at proselytizing us Muslims into submitting to the "love for Jesus Christ" then I think I've had enough.




And "Hell yeah! Muslims can't be loving people! See how the western countries lovingly invade their lands, kill and displace them! But how the Muslims do not turn the other cheek! They say, they are peaceful, loving people. But they don't love hegemony and imperialism. They should love to be subserviant to devillish powers just like we are. Infidel Muslims!"


the Love Islam describes is not hypocrite. Supposing you are searching for the truth with no bias, but you never are, you can study it here:


Am I missing something here? What's with all the hostility?

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Contrary to popular belief islam does actually teach love. In islam love is separated into 2 kinds: divine love for Allah and human love. Your confussion is natural for a nonmuslim.

Imam Baqir said: "The faith is love and love is the faith." A believer is not the person who just loves God. A believer is the person whose love for God is the highest and strongest love he has.

To us love and hate come together. The more attracted you are towatds good the more repelled you should become towards bad. This is the natural balance. When you love you love for Allah and when you hate you hate for Allah.

Many think that a perfect character is one that loves and befriends everyone but this concept is misunderstood. When the mother forbinds her child from something is she doing it out of hate for her child? Certainly not. Love can take many forms and some are harsher than others. Some say that even war (not in all cases) is an act of love for humanity even an act of love towards the dead tyrant because it has stopped him from wronging himself and others.

To me I do not understand extreme grief when it comes to death even when I am paralized with sadness for the loss of someone. When believers die they are off to meet their Lord is this not what they have been working for for most of their lives? And when a mother looses her child is war she is crying but she is happy because her son died for a noble cause...her son has died a martyr. Martyrs in islam are those who sacrifies themselves for the sake of Allah and his message.

The mother is happy because martyrs in islam have a meeting with their God like no other.

Source: http://www.al-islam.org/perspectives-concept-love-islam-mahnaz-heydarpoor

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Is the punishment from Allah SWT, in this world and the hereafter, an act of love toward His creature ?


So what will be received by Iblis, Fira'un, Abu Jahl, Abu Lahab, Mu'awiya, Yazid la is a highest measure of love ? :wacko:

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