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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Who Is Your Favourite Companion?

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Asalamu alaykum


If I had to ask you: Who is your favourit companion of Prophet Muhammad, Imam Alii or the rest of the pure progeny, who would you like the most?

If I had to choose, I would pick Salman al-Farsi (al-Muhammadi). May Allah be pleased with him.



Who would you pick and why?

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Among Prophet (pbuh)  companions after Imam Ali a.s who is for sure the greatest I would choose Salman Al-Farsi , why? because prophet said about him : "Slaman is one of us- Ahlulbayt"   he was not even Arab and that's why he was called after that Al-Muhammadi


Among Imam Ali a.s companions: Malik Ashtar , 

When the news of the death of (Malik) al-Ashtar (may Allah have mercy onhim), reached Amir al-mu'minin, peace be upon him, he said: Malik, what a man Malik was! By Allah, if he had been a mountain he would have been a great one (find), and if he had been a stone he would have been hard; no horseman could have reached it and no bird could have flown over it.


Among Imam Hassan a.s companions: (I could not find a companion who has just accompanied  Imam Hassan a.s and not Imam Ali a.s) I would choose Hujr Ibn Oday or Roshayd Al-Hijri


Among Imam Hussein a.s. companions : after Hazrat Abu-Alfadhl P.B.U.H and Ali Akbar P.B.U.H who are for sure the greatest, I would choose Musllim Ibn 'Aqeel or Habib Ibn Madhaher


Among Imam Sajjad a.s. companions : Abu Hamza Ath-Thumali


Among Imam Baqir a.s and Imam Sadiq a.s companions :Aban Ibn Taghlib and Zurarah Ibn A'yan and Muhammad Ibn Muslim and Ali Ibn Yaqteen and so many others. it is said that Imam Sadiq a.s. had 4000 pupils who were all thiqat (reliable)


Among Imam Kazim a.s. companions : Ahamd Ibn Abi Nasr and Hassan Ibn Mahboob


Among Imam Reza a.s. companions : Rayyan Ibn Salt and Di'bel Al-Khozaee and Safwan Ibn Yahya and Muhammad Ibn Abi Omayr 


Among Imam Jawad a.s. companions: Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Khalid and Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Bindar


Among Imam Hadi a.s. companions: Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn 'Isa and Abdul Azeem Al-Hasani and ...


Among Imam Askari a.s. companions : (His companions were very few) Othman Ibn Sa'eed Al-Amri ( special representative of Imam Mahdi a.s.)


Among Imam Mahdi a.s. companions: (actually he did not have "companions" like other a'mmah  (as) ) His four special representative are considered his greatest companions : Hussein Ibn Rouh , Othman Ibn Sa'eed , Muhammad Ibn Othman and Ali Ibn Muhammad 



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Qays b Sa'd b Ubadah , muawiyah's nemesis and the unsung hero of Ali warcamp

Companion and son ofcompanion he was appointed governer of Egypt by Imam Ali he resisted the temptation to be bribed by muawiyah ( despite repeated efforts)  and kept the Egyptian uthmanids in check allowing Imam ALi to maintain logistics to Hejaz, unfortunately due to intrigue of Abdullah b jafar, Imam had to replace him with muhmmad b abibakr who was not so politically savvy and reckless and he lost Egypt to muaiwyahs forces which was arguably the biggest blow against the caliphate of Imam ALi.

DEspite this Qays remained loyal to Imam ALi and was appointed commander of SHurtah and governer of azarbaijan.Whe muaiyah learned that qays will join ALi in siffin despite his removal he said that " qays is equal to a army of 100,000 men" Later he led the charge against muawiyahs men when ubaidullah b abbas ( Imam Hasans commander) defected to muawiyah and forced mauwiayh to come to terms with Imam Hasan.Qays later retired to medina and died in time of muawiyah forever maintained a cold and hostile attitude towards the ummayyads.

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Ibn Saba (R.A.W.R)


lol im just joking. I dont have a favorite to be honest. I dont believe in "favorites". I believe they were amazing beings who were truly the Shia of Muhammad and the Ahlulbayt A.S, who lived and died for Islam. They were the true righteousness sahabah, who enjoined good and forbid evil, always staying on the siratal mustaqeem (straight path). They were blessed to see, touch, smell, and be with our prophet and imams and inshAllah may we all be raised with them on Judgement day.

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how dare u.

Sorry, does the word (weird) have a negative meaning. LoL, I am not fluent in English. I did not mean anything bad.

I meant he was odd. I wish I could visit him and learn a bit from his knowledge, secrets and his experiences, specially his knowledge of different divine books. 

However when Ali ibn abi Talib (AS) was present like a sun, stars like Salman could not be seen.

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حمدويه بن نصير قال حدثنا أبو الحسين بن نوح قال حدثنا صفوان بن يحيى عن ابن بكير عن زرارة قال سمعت أبا عبد الله (ع) يقول: أدرك سلمان العلم الأول و العلم الآخر و هو بحر لا ينضح و هو منا أهل البيت (ع)
“Salmaan understands the `ilm of the Awwal (First) and `ilm of the aakhir (Last) and he is a sea that doesn’t leak (?), and he is from us, the ahl al-bayt (عليه السلام)
1.     Al-Kashee, Rijaal, pg. 12, hadeeth # 25
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