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In the Name of God بسم الله

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I don't understand how these vile people are okay with MURDERING innocent civilians - men, women, children, babies, the elderly, everyone. Forgot the religion they follow; these people are all human beings as well. They have feelings and emotions. They have a life, a family to go back to, to support. How can they take away all these lives and rip apart families without any regret? Every day, they're making more and more kids orphans. I saw a news video the other day about parents speaking about how their lives changed the day their kids never came back. It was so heartbreaking hearing about what happened to these children and families. Most of them didn't even get to bury the dead bodies because there were hardly any remains. Who decides that it's right to go on all these murdering sprees, and award the killers with medals based off the number of Shias they've killed? And they call themselves Muslims. I'm ashamed to even be part of their religion. What's worse is that the government and police are completely supporting and protecting these monsters from outside people from coming and stopping the procession.  This is truly despicable. Just because you don't like a certain group of people, what gives you the right to take away their lives? You never see Shias telling the world how Sunnis are all Kaafir, even though we disagree with their beliefs. Why are they doing this? 


As disgusting as this event is, I'm glad you shared this. Everyone should know what's going on. The media never covers stories like these any more. It's good to know what's really going on before our very eyes. 

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