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In the Name of God بسم الله

Suadi Salafis = Satan Worshippers

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Some street/school names in Saudi Arabia (occupied Hijaz).


A school named after Yazid (the murderer of Imam Hussain)

A school named after Abu Lahab (one of the greatest enemies of Prophet. Sura Lahab in Qur'an admonishing him)

Abraha Al Habshi Street (the Abraha who conspired to destroy KAA'BA. Sura Feel in Qur'an adminishing him and his army) 

Mosaylma Street (Mosaylma Kadhab, the first Arab declared his false prophet hood)



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astaghfirullah what a shame ive seen this before i dnt know y salafis love yazid la so much o now i remember this is sunnah of abdullah ibn umar(la) in bukhari Narrated Nafi': 

When the people of Medina dethroned Yazeed bin Muawiya, Ibn 'Umar gathered his special friends and children and said, "I heard the Prophet saying, 'A flag will be fixed for every betrayer on the Day of Resurrection,' and we have given the oath of allegiance to this person (Yazeed) in accordance with the conditions enjoined by Allah and His Apostle and I do not know of anything more faithless than fighting a person who has been given the oath of allegiance in accordance with the conditions enjoined by Allah and His Apostle , and if ever I learn that any person among you has agreed to dethrone Yazeed, by giving the oath of allegiance (to somebody else) then there will be separation between him and me." reff

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 88, Number 227

 i say curse of Allah be upon aal e saud yazid mawia abu sufyan and 123 abdullah ibn umar and mr abu lahab+all enemies of Ahl bayt a.s PBUT.

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I can understand Wahhabi devotion to Yazid bin Muawiyah but streets named after Abu Lahab and Abraha and Musailmah is out of question. That would be blasphemous by Wahhabi standards too. Perhaps the picture is doctored :donno:

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