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Salaam everybody,


Please stop writing "books" in your posts!!! especially @HasbunAllah.


Waleykum Salam,

I know lol, but I have to write like that so that my point can be understood. I’ve said in my last post, I’ll try to be more brief in the future, because as I can see people rarely read very long posts but yet want to argue about anything.


Your first post is not acceptable! A person may have a lot of good characteristics, in other words, one may have 95% of the signs of Imam Mahdi A.F. but Imam Mahdi A.F. is only one, and he is the one whose signs are mentioned in details in the sayings of the Ahlulbayt (as), one of which is that he is from the progeny of Lady Faatimah A.S.



I didn’t said just characteristics although they’re what mostly indicate he’s him ; there’re a lot of things, including the Signs of Allah Azza wa Jall upon him.

Yes he’s only one from Ahlul Bayt (as), and Ahlul Bayt (as) were not just 12 Imams(as), this is a fact which can be studied.


Now, I would like to rephrase all of your questions in one question:

If a person calls himself Mahdi, while having almost all (not all) characteristics of Imam Mahdi A.F. are you ready to accept him as being Imam Mahdi A.F.????

And the answer is clear; definitely NOT.


Explain yourself well here. This is a serious matter so provide clear evidences about the 12th Imam (as) being Muhammad ibn Hassan (as). I’m ready to accept it if it’s clear, with clear proofs and rational.


Characteristics (inward and outward) are not enough although they’re what indicate he’s Imam Mahdi the most, there’re so many other things like his knowledge and the Signs of Allah Azza wa Jall upon him as I’ve said.


The only difference is that he’ll not be Shia opposing and refusing the Sahaba (ra), and he’ll definitely not call to tribalism, he’ll say what’s right whether it is Shia that’s on the right or Sunni.


I know this is hard for you to understand but try at least, be open for the sake of Allah Azza wa Jall.

:lol: This guy is trying way to hard.  Thanks for the laugh.


This is not even half of what I can really do!

So according to you Shia is a person who hates the sahabahs. And by this anonolgy you are saying that he(a.s) won't be Shia. We Shias are the those who believe in and follow all the 12 divinely appointed Imams (a.s). Love those who love them(pbut), hate those who hate them(pbut).


No, Shia is a MUSLIM who has adopted certain theological beliefs that differences from Sunni, the biggest one of them being the rejection of most Sahaba (ra); but the main pillars of Islam remain the same.


He won’t be someone who’ll reject the people who were full of blood for Allah , or even worse Aisha (ra). Study the lives of Sahaba (ra) and ask Allah to guide you to the truth about them, I challenge you to do this.


OK, I’m not Shia but I love Ahlul Bayt (as), I love the Imams (as) and follow them inshAllah, so why don’t you love me lol?


Ahlul Bayt (as) have never hate Sahaba (ra), never, it’s a great sin to accuse them of that, Shia hadith saying that is a clear forgery going against the Qur’an and Rasulullah’s (saaws) life.


Now let's assume he actually knows the actuall truth about the sahabahs if some of them were Hippocrates then? Not that I am saying they were or not. Let me tell you I in my life haven't cursed any sahabah. But I know they turned away from the religion and I don't look up to them.


Nobody of them were hypocrites, the hypocrites of Madina were mainly jews who constantly conspired against Rasulullah (saaws). Certain of them accused Aisha (ra) but it was a test for their brotherhood and humbleness, Allah SWT then sent Ayats to strengthen their mercy and support for each other.


That’s great, continue not cursing them, but try to study their lives now well. I don’t say that all Shia curse Sahaba (ra), but I know a lot of them do, just look at some examples in this forum, you can’t deny this fact. My point was the rejection and accusations of Sahaba (ra).


Take an example of iblis, he was one of the best and stood in the ranks of the angels. He was shown the great signs of Allah. If I remember correctly he worshipped Allah for 6000 years a far greater feat then any of the companions, he was made the head of the angels then. But then he disobeyed Allah what happened then. He after being shown such signs of Allahs power refused His order and Got pride in his heart. Just one wrong deed and this. Now let's look at a companion named X. He went through extreme hardships and everything. He lived with one of the greatest signs of Allah I.e. Muhammad (S). But then in the end after all that, he disobeys Allah and usurp the rights of someone else and doesn't return them till his death. What then? I will leave it for you to decide. You wanted to know why we don't look at the makki life of them. The reason we don't look at the great services of Iblis.


Open your mind and heart, shaytan worshipped Allah in JANNA, he was the most beautiful with all the luxury and comfort “worshipping” but the whole time as hadith say he’s intention was to be the ruler of earth, but the reality was that he wanted to be a kind of god, this is why the dajjal is going to claim to be god, because that’s what shaytan really wanted not just kingdom.


The Sahaba were full of trials since day one, they were not in Jannah. Nobody could’ve continued like that except people of true Iman. You accuse Abu Bakr (ra) but he’s the one who gave everything he had for Allah including his life. You can’t judge him according to one hadith which you don’t even understand.


What happened during Khilafat is misportrayed, the misunderstanding is because of the colonisation, Islam was being corrupted.


Now while we are at it, I read somewhere that Hazrat ISA (a.s) will pray behind Imam Mahdi(a.s). Why is an ulul azzm Nabi praying behind a man that is neither a prophet nor divinely appointed. Unless you belive he is divinely appointed by Allah that exact thing that we Shias believe in.


Imam Mahdi (as) is divinely appointed, yes, he’s someone very special and dear to Allah with a great Divine mission. The reason for him being the leader of the prayer is because of the honour that Allah gave to Rasulullah (saaws), because of his (saaws) struggle for Allah .

Please refrain from making such statements of things which you do not know of, but nothing more then what you think according to you beliefs. He(a.s) will come with the religion of Allah the same Our prophet (s) brought. Islam and I am 100% certain on that, neither it will be called sunnism nor Shiism.


If I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t say what I say, as I’ve said, this is all the insight that Allah gave me through all the trials, struggle and knowledge.

I don’t care what others think, I care for what’s right, you’re free to chose whatever.


Yes, Imam Mahdi will restore the true Islam which was never tribalistic, he’ll explain Islam in its real form and unite Muslims, but you insist that he’ll be tribalistic by opposing Sunnis in everything and supporting Shias in everything.





No, it’s HasbunAllah - Allah is enough for me.


everything you are talking about is soo basic and even kids of today understand everything you are talking, why? because its all on the internet. This is nothing new hence some of your utube links videos are internet based too.


You got mad now? Good because from the start I’ve recognised your wrong intentions so I wanted you to expose yourself. I don’t like hypocrites.

Sincere Shias are my bothers, but not the types of you.


OK, so if it was so simple why do you fail to understand what I’m really saying? Obviously you don’t even read properly.


I’m not trying to play smart like you do, this is why I try to write simple but intelligently enough so that EVERYONE can understand not just the scientist or university student.

Internet can be very useful if it’s used in the right way, but Google can not teach you what I say, and those videos are lectures from people who’ve done their homework. Why don’t you go study like them then?


there are realms and you are aware of this but thats a totally seperate topic which sufis are limited to, there are apparent and hidden knowledges just like zulfikar has a hidden and an apprent soo does the imam (saw) rasoolilah (saw).


That’s not a different topic. You’ve fallen to the trap of nafs, this is why Sufis struggle to refine it. You think Allah Azza wa Jall would not reward them with knowledge, insight and power for that?


You don’t know anything except that Sufis make Zikr, but Zikr has his own secret and power which proves to be true when it’s practiced right.


Again your taking more sunni side then shia side and you have a hidden agenda, how are you being open minded and helping shias? from your posts and response, tis evident you are more of a sufi,


Why not stop arguing with me due to your nafs so that you see my honesty?


Truly he succeeds that purifies it (the Nafs-Soul), And he fails that corrupts it! Qur'an, Sura Shams 91:9-10


Do you understand what I mean now?


The reason I’ve found Allah Azza wa Jall was me asking the purpose of life. Then, I was in very great hardships but loved Islam, I wanted to know the right path, so I begged Allah Azza wa Jall and have been through different things and ways until Allah proved me what’s right and what’s not, and I’m still learning Alhamdulillah.


sufism, is not old, rather a religion CREATED by muslims going astray,


It started with Imam Ali (as) and the Sahaba of Sufa (ra). It’s not Sufism it’s Tassawuf, it’s not a religion it’s Tariqa a way and science to perfection Ihsan. They were people who gave everything to Allah, and Ahlul Bayt (as) are pure reflection of Sufis in Shia Hadith. It’s the fruit of Imam Ali (as), he was like that. It’s only the enemies of Islam that want you to think otherwise because Sufis were the ones who’ve destroyed Allah's ennemies constantly.


Abdl qadar jinani first of all was not a syed which is proven from the family trees of hassani and hussaini (not that it makes any difference but proves its a fraud) and obviously of no other evidence of a tree before him linking to maula (saw), 2nd he never existed!! he was created by the bani abbas/ ummaya clans, they witnessed soo many men of faith were attracted to the imams (saw) due to their mirracles and beauty, so they established a fake, man made dream of a character called abdal qadar jilani aka gauns pak to attract muslims to their side. gauns azam is said to have assisted the prophet (saw) in trials and dangers claimed by sufism?..... you also rank him high in your heart of tasbeeh hisbun?


How ridiculous and arrogant! Allah will make you pay inshAllah.

That’s all your own intentional lies. And saying he (as) didn’t existed is like people saying Prophet Muhammad (saaws) never existed.


The ummayad didn’t exist in his time and abbasid had nothing to do with him, in fact the Khalifa even feared him.


Ahlul Bayt (as) spread throughout the world to seek safety this is a fact, they were not just the 12 Imams (as).


I know Abdul Qadir Jilani (as) was true and rightly guided because I’ve been through similar things in my journey to Allah Azza wa Jall! Allah proved him to be right in my life, you have no idea how.


If you had any knowledge you would know the proofs of Abdul Qadir Jilani (as) being from Ahlul Bayt (as), his family tree goes back to Rasulullah (saaws) this is fact.

The reports of his struggles, life and miracles are Mutawatir, thousands have reported the events that happened in his presence and his sermons. Allah Azza wa Jall is Karim, why is it so hard to believe that Allah can reward such people with such insight and powers?


What you also understand is Maula Ali badshah shehen ji (saw) is the provider of deep knowledge and sainthood and further more, sena ba sena, heart to heart the kowledge had been passed down from father to son (saw) and soooo on. what happened to the muslims after is satans plan but this ilm/knowledge and true path will be protected and continue its life


Why don’t you refer to me with “hasbunAllah”?


The Tariqats in Tassawuf are all results from Imam Ali (as), Allah rewarded his struggle, knowledge and piety through that. All tariqats almost are from Ahlul Bayt (as).


How do you know which is the true path? How do you know what’s right? Explain yourself! Are you the teacher, the guide or Allah? I’ve explained this in my last post to you.


hisbun, again satan is strong,


It’s hasbunAllah.

Actually shaytan is very weak, but only against the true believers; his strength is only in whispering to nafs, most people are weak against their nafs so they fall to a lot of shaytan’s traps. True Sufis make their utmost effort to refine and control it, in return Allah rewards them with Haq insight, spirituality and Iman.


his hold is also on sunni, shias, wahabis and the so called sufis and he attacks them all in their own areas. what happened in karbala was the root of the satanic muslims who martred our imam (saw), where were the sunnis? wahabis? sufis? shias? abdal qadar jilani?



So Shias are free from shaytan’s plots?


What happened in Karbala was Allah’s Divine Plan to prove His Haq Truth in the Qur’an, to also to prove Truth against Rasulullah’s (saaws) enemies, and to destroy the extreme changes in Islam by yazid.


And people like you and stubborn Sunnis have failed the test and this worsened today due to colonialism.


Here, Sheikh Ninowy is a descendant of Ahlul Bayt (as), hear his lectures to understand Sunni perspective of Imam Hussain (as).







you say patience is half of iman and sufi saint words are a sea? the imam (saw) who was martyred by muslims the world you live in was created out of love due to this  same imam (saw) the muslims look away from? how deep are his (saw) words and his (saw) martydom? you want to brush this aside? you have to look at both physical and spiritual in this too, this is why shias have azadari, part of a spiritual and physical journey that you sunnis, wahabhis sufis fail to recognise as part of your zikr.


I just gave that hadith and example to explain what the hadith of Zul Fiqar means.


Don’t refer to me like you do to other Sunnis, today Muslims look away because it’s dajjals age.




And who said anything bad about Imam Hussain (as)? I love Imam Hussain (as) and support him (as) in all his struggles he made, his knowledge was very deep similar to Imam Ali (as) yes, but you should follow him and be his example then in piety and Jihad, because Sufis prove to resemble him the most not the types of you.


This does not mean that true Shia who strive for justice and freedom are not following Imama Hussain (as).


I agree that we all must visit Imam Hussein's (as) grave every year and praise his bravery and sacrifice to preserve Islam and this Umma.


The Zikr of Sufis is to reach a high level of wilaya with Allah Azza wa Jall, don’t mix everything for your own purposes.


finally stop creating your own religion, imam mehdi (saw) has not appeared to you nor the people of the world, there were many sufis who claimed to be the mahdi  (nauzbillah) and they died along with soo many souls they took with them. so i hope your not one who is creating another religion because it really sounds like it.


You need to stop accusing me of whatever suits your desires!

Who are those Sufi claimants? That’s a total lie; no true Sufi who fears Allah Azza wa jall can ever do that. Qadiyanis are not Sufis.


I care for the truth, what I know is from Allah’s insight, whoever wants to understand can ponder and make more research, ask Allah’s guidance also.


By the way, I’m sure that I’ve read a Shia Hadith of Ahlul Bayt (as) saying that when Imam Mahdi comes Muslims will accuse him of bringing a new religion, I can’t find it right now but I’ve read the Hadith before.


I heard Imam al-Sadiq (as) saying, "When our Qa'im (as) rises he will face the ignorance of people more severe than what the Apostle of Allah (PBUH&HF) faced during the days of al-Jahiliyya." I asked, "Why should it be so?" The Imam replied, "The Apostle of Allah (PBUH&HF) came to people who were worshipping the stones and the carved wood. However, our Qa'im (as) shall come to people who will all interpret the Book of Allah against his interpretation, and will argue with himby that. By Allah, al-Qa'im shall enter his justice inside their houses, just as the heat and the cold enter them." al-Ghaiba, al-Nu'mani, p. 296, Hadith 1.


Imam al-Sadiq (pbuh) said, "When our Qa'im rises he shall call people anew to Islam and shall guide them to the things that were eliminated and from which people had turned away.

He is called Mahdi because he will guide people to the thing from which they have been separated. He is called al-Qa'im because of his rise for (establishing) the truth." [al-Irshad, vol. 2, p. 383; Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 51, p. 30, Hadith 7.

“No innovation will be left unless he (Imam Mahdi (as) removes it and no tradition unless he revives it.” Al-Qawl al-Mukhtasar, p. 20.



Amirul Mominin Ali (p.b.u.h.) said:

"He will direct desires towards (the path of) guidance while people will have turned guidance towards desires, and he will turn their views to the direction of the Quran while the people will have turned the Quran to their views."

(Nahjut Balagha, sermon no, 138)


Read this also:




It says that people will accuse Imam Mahdi (as) of bringing a new religion because of his teachings.


Understand that with this:

Abu Hurayrah (ra) that the Prophet (saaws) said: Islam began as something strange and will return as something strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers.

The religion began strange, and it will become strange again just like it was at the beginning, so blessed are the strangers who restore what the people corrupt of my Sunnah.”

…It was asked: O Messenger of Allah! Who are the strangers? He replied: Those who perform good deeds while others make mischief.

…In another wording: Those who correct what the people have corrupted of my Sunnah (whatever is reported from the Prophet). And in another wording: They are the strangers among their tribes. In another wording: They are the righteous few among the evil masses.

Sunni Hadiths


Don't misunderstand me. My point is, be careful because you and many others may reject him in the future because his teachings will not suit your desires.


The true Shias will accept him inshAllah even if he's not Sunni, all the tribal followers will reject him.


shias curse the ones who are enemies of the ahlulbeit (saw) and love who the ahlulbeit (saw)  love, they cry for  imam hussain (saw) and feel the pain and love through their own hearts. this is something you, sufis, sunnis, wahabis, salafis could not do or comprehend.


You are not qualified to understand who their enemies are. You need Iman for that, otherwise you’ll fall to the trap of nafs being self deluded.

You have no right to speak in behalf of Shias, each person is responsible for himself whoever agrees with you can go ahead.

Many Sufis/Sunnis went/go through great hardships for Allah Azza wa Jall, Imam Abu Hanifa (ra) died in prison for Ahlul Bayt (as), his teacher was Imam Jaffar Sadiq (as) and that’s just one example.


It’s pointless to continue this with you, it’ll be just a waste of time.





My intention was to clarify things. So what I’ve said so far is enough for any true sincere person, there's no need for more discussion.

Eeveryone must read attentively every line I’ve wrote in my posts, there’s enough information available for everyone to research more about this, you will need much critical thinking and insight, ask Allah Azza wa Jall to guide you and to give you the insight to know whether I’m right or not.


Salam alaykum to all my sincere Shia brothers, be open minded free your heart from nafs, let Allah fill your heart with Nur and guide you to what's right, Allah have Mercy on you Amin Ya Rahman.




Salam Alaykum!

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I didn’t said just characteristics although they’re what mostly indicate he’s him ; there’re a lot of things, including the Signs of Allah Azza wa Jall upon him.


Nothing is considered a Sing, until it is mentioned in the sayings of the Prophet or Ahlulbayt (as). How can you be certain that what you think is a sign, is really a sign of Allah s.w.t.?


The only signs we can be certain about, are the sings that have been mentioned in the sayings of the Prophet and Ahlulbayt (as)



Yes he’s only one from Ahlul Bayt [(as)] , and Ahlul Bayt [(as)] were not just 12 Imams(as), this is a fact which can be studied.


Explain yourself well here. This is a serious matter so provide clear evidences about the 12th Imam [(as)] being Muhammad ibn Hassan [(as)] . I’m ready to accept it if it’s clear, with clear proofs and rational.


We have clear evidence in our authentic books that assure us about the 12th Imam being Muhammad ibn Hasan (as)

If you would like to see some of the hadiths on this, refer to the book "Kifaayat -ul- Athar fi -n-Nassi 'alal Aimmat -il-Ithnay 'Ashar" (کفایة الأثر فی النص علی الأئمة الاثنی عشر) this book has been written on the very topic you want to know about.



I know this is hard for you to understand but try at least, be open for the sake of Allah Azza wa Jall.

No brother, I have studied a lot about the topic with an open mind and have gone through different questions about it.

however, I try to "be open for the sake of Allah Azza wa Jall"

But please don't think that you are the only one who is "open for the sake of Allah Azza wa Jall". Maybe it is you, who must be a little more accurate in studying and understanding the facts.

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hisbun you are a sufi follower, we all know what your about. imam Ali (saw) was not sufi or sunni or shia, but the ones that follows imam Ali (saw) are shian e Ali hence shia...


we have all what you have and more, hisbun... we do zikr, we clean the nafs, we hold truth inside our hearts, we pray for love to enter our hearts by zikr e Ali (saw)., we have ilm e irfan, we have guides to take us towards haqeeqat, we have knowledge even in our books that you could not understand and finally We have syeds with sena bah sena knowledge.


You are a lost soul Hisbun, your creating your own religion within yourself, you follow no tareeqat but have gone astray as you are on your own.your beliefs are fabricated, half of your understanding of religion is your own personal experiences and created by yourself, unfortunately this is the result of deep sufism, what i had said at the begining has become apparent., you are the water in the milk, satan shows man truth but mixes it with false, your beliefs are mixed with false, from little truth. get out while you can and get down to the soil your a human not anything special.


prove to us abdal qadr jilani even existed from from 1 hadith? since you've linked him soo close to ahlulbeit (saw)? whether weak, sunni, shia? salafi hadith anything?


secondly the cursed are the ones that walk the path that has angered thier lord, the cursed are throse who have gone astray.


your answer is nafs and zikr to everything, you quote quran, what good is cleaning the nafs alone for a disbeliever? a non-muslim? will this take them to the truth? through dreams? you can wash and try cleaning the nafs as much as you want, your going no where, you require the guidance of the religion of Allah,, tareeqat/mystcism you speak about? theres more then one tareeqat and many are fabricated/false,  and results are shown in its followers.


do you cry for imam hussain (saw) due to karbala? do you do matham? self flagelation? do you believe in this form of worship/zikr? if you disagree with these practices you need to understand these are the tasbeeh of many shias so you would have to agree and respect this practice. if not you are anti-shia

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Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim


That guy has no idea what he is talking about, but as I've said, my discussion with him and in general here is over. I've answered what is meant by the Hadith of Ahlul Bayt (as) about the 12th Imam (as) in my long reply to "Amina"; and as for the Signs I've meant exactly the Signs in the Hadith of both Shia and Sunni.


All true Sufis were and will remain the best examples of Ahlul Bayt (as) The Imams (as) and Sahaba (ra). Their knowledge expanses beyond any normal human being due to their Jihad and sacrifice for Allah Azza wa Jall, saying that they were misguided is like saying Ahlul Bayt (as), Imam Hussein (as) and Imam Hassan (as) and Rasulullah (saaws) were misguided, it's an absurd and horrible slander.


Enough has been said for everyone to know, so whoever wants to make sure or understand more what I'm talking about can get more knowledge and ask Allah Azza wa Jall in humbleness for Guidance.


Finally, here's something to think about, be careful whom you judge, because he may be very close to Allah Azza wa Jall and you don't even know it:




Anyone who can afford this book, buy it inshAllah: The Sublime Revelation (Al-Fath ar-Rabbani) by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (as)




Read the excerpts of Abdul Qadir Jilani's (as) sermons: http://www.al-baz.com/shaikhabdalqadir/Books_and_Text_of_Wisdom/Al-Fath_ar-Rabbani/al-fath_ar-rabbani.htm


Make sure you read all of the excerpt of Abdul Qadir JIlani's books:   http://www.al-baz.com/shaikhabdalqadir/Books_and_Text_of_Wisdom/books_and_text_of_wisdom.html



Here's a glimpse:



It was in the guesthouse, in the early morning of Sunday, the 2nd of Dhu'l-Qa'da, A.H. 545, that the Shaikh (may Allah be well pleased with him) said:

O young man! Your wish [irada] for the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He) is not genuine. You are not really wishing for Him, because when someone claims to wish for the Lord of Truth (Glorious and Exalted is He) while he is actually seeking something other than Him, his claim is null and void. Seekers of this world are very numerous. Seekers of the hereafter are comparatively few. Seekers of the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He), who are honest about their wish for Him, are the fewest of the few. In paucity and scarcity they are like the philosopher's stone [al-kibrit al-ahmar]. They are unique individuals of such extraordinariness and rarity that even one of them is seldom to be found. They are the strangers among the tribes. They are mines in the earth, in which they are monarchs. They are the prefects of cities and men [shihan al-bilad wa'l-'ibad]. Because of them the people are shielded from disaster. Because of them they receive rain. Because of them Allah sends rain down from the sky, and because of them the earth puts forth vegetation.


In the first stage of their career they flee from mountain height to mountain height, from land to land, from ruin to ruin. As soon as they are recognized in a place they move on elsewhere. They cast everything behind their backs, and surrender the keys of this world to its people. They continue in this manner until fortresses are built around them, rivers flow into their hearts, and they are surrounded by troops in the service of the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He), each assigned to specific guard duty. Thus they are honored and protected, and are put in charge of the people. All of this is beyond their conscious minds.


At this point it becomes their obligatory duty [farida] to make themselves available to the people. They come to be like physicians when the rest of the people are sick.

Woe unto you! You claim to be one of them, so what characteristic mark ['alama] of theirs do you possess? What is the mark of nearness to the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He) and of His grace? In what rank [manzila] are you in the sight of the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He), and in what station [maqam]? What is your name [ism] and surname [laqab] in the Sovereignty Most High [al-malakut al-a'la]? Why is your door locked every night? What of your food and drink, are they barely permissible [mubah] or entirely lawful [halal talq]? What do you take as your bedfellow: this world, the hereafter, or the close presence of the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He)? Who is your friend [anis] in privacy? Who is your boon companion [jalis] in public? Liar! Your friend in private is your lower self [nafs], your devil [shaitan], your passion [hawa], and contemplation of your worldly interests [at-tafakkur fi dunyaka]. In public your companions are those human devils who are your wicked mates and fellow gossip-mongers.


This is not something that comes about through idle chatter and unsubstantiated claims. What you have to say on this subject is nonsense that will do you no good. You must be calm and unobtrusive in the presence of the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He), and give up bad behavior. If talking about this cannot be avoided altogether, your words should be devoted to the invocation of His blessings and speaking well of His people, not to making claims with your outer being when they have no substance in your heart. Everything external that is not matched by the inner is mere nonsense. Surely you have heard the saying of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace):

No fast is kept by one who goes on eating human flesh.


The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) has made it clear that fasting [siyam] is not just a matter of giving up food, drink and other things that technically break the fast [muftirat], but also of giving up sins. Beware of backbiting [ghiba], because it devours good deeds as fire devours wood. Successful people never make a habit of it, and those who are known for it enjoy little respect. You must also beware of the lustful gaze [an-nazar bi'sh-shahwa], because it plants the seeds of sin in your hearts, and its outcome is unworthy in this world and the next. Beware of the false oath [al-yamin al-kadhiba], because it leaves houses in ruins and takes away blessings both material and religious.


Woe unto you! You squander your material assets by swearing false oaths, and lose your religion as well. If you had any sense, you would realize that this is the very essence of loss. You say: "By Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He), there is nothing in this city to compare with this piece of property, and no one else has anything like it! By Allah, it is worth so-and-so much, and it cost me so-and-so much!" Everything you say is a lie, but then you bear false witness and swear by Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He) that you are telling the truth. Blindness and age will soon come upon you. Correct your behavior–may Allah the Exalted have mercy upon you!–in the presence of the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He). Those who do not discipline themselves to follow the rules of conduct [adab] prescribed by the sacred law [shar'], will be disciplined by the Fire [an-nar] on the Day of Resurrection [yawm al-qiyama].


(Someone spoke up with the question: "If a person is guilty of these five bad habits, or some of them, do you declare his fast [sawm] and his ritual ablution [wudu'] invalid?" He said in reply: "His fast and his ritual ablution are not invalidated. These remarks are intended rather as an admonition, to give warning and alarm.")

O young man! Perhaps when tomorrow comes you will be missing from the face of the earth, nowhere to be found. Or maybe at some other hour this will be so. What is this negligence? Your hearts are so hard! You are all rocks! I tell you, and others tell you too, but you are always the same way. The Qur'an is recited to you. The traditions [akhbar] of the Messenger and the life stories [siyar] of our forebears [al-awwalun] are read to you, but you pay no attention. You neither change course nor mend your ways. If someone is present in a place where warning is given, but he does not heed that warning, he is in the best of places but he is the worst of men.


O young man! Your contempt for the friends [awliya'] of Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He) results from your having so little direct knowledge [ma'rifa] of Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He). You say: "These folk invite suspicion. Why don't they share our way of life? Why don't they sit in our company?" You talk like this because of your ignorance of your own self. When your self-awareness is slight, you have little awareness of what other people are worth. Inasmuch as you lack awareness of this world and its eventual outcome ['aqiba], you are ignorant of the value of the hereafter, and to the extent that you lack awareness of the hereafter, you are ignorant of the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He). O you who are so preoccupied with this world, you will soon experience loss and remorse in this world and the hereafter. Your regrets will show up clearly on the Day of Resurrection, the day of mutual cheating [yawm at-taghabun], the day of ignominious shame [fadiha], the day of remorse and forfeiture [an-nadamat wa'l-khusran]. Take stock of yourself before the advent of the hereafter. Do not delude yourself because of the tolerance [hilm] of Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He) and His generosity toward you. You are maintaining the worst possible state of affairs, through sins, mistakes and doing wrong to other people. Sin is the mailman [barid] of unbelief [kufr], just as fever is the mailman of death. Be sure to repent before death, before the arrival of the angel who is entrusted with the collecting of spirits [arwah].


O young men! Repent! Can you not see how the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He) is trying you with misfortune so that you may repent, while you do not comprehend, and persist in disobeying Him? Only a few individuals are made to suffer tribulation in this day and age, but they experience it as an affliction [niqma], not as a blessing [ni'ma]; as a punishment for sins, not as a promotion in spiritual rank and grace [ziyada fi'd-darajat wa'l-karamat]. The people [of the Lord] are put to the test in order to elevate their rank in the presence of their King. They bear with Him patiently, because they seek His countenance. When this is fully accomplished by them, they have achieved dominion [mulk]. But when this is not fully accomplished, they firmly believe that they are in damnation [hulk].

O Allah, no damnation! We beg you to let us be near to You, and behold You in this world and the hereafter; in this world with our hearts and in the hereafter with our eyes.

O my people! Do not despair of the refreshment [rawh] and relief [faraj] of Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He), for this is near at hand. Do not despair, because the Maker [as-Sani'] is Allah.


You do not know; it may be that Allah will afterward bring some new thing to pass. (65:1)

Do not run away from tribulation [bala'], because tribulation borne with patience is the basis of everything good. The foundation of Prophetship [nubuwa], of Messengership [risala], of saintship [wilaya], of direct knowledge [ma'rifa] and of love [mahabba], is surely tribulation. So if you have not borne tribulation with patience, you have no foundation. A building cannot last without a foundation. Have you ever seen a house standing firm on top of a garbage dump? You only flee from tribulation and misfortunes because you feel no pressing need for saintship, direct knowledge and the nearness of Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He). Be patient, and work until you can ascend with your heart [qalb], your innermost being [sirr] and your spirit [ruh] to the gate of nearness to your Lord (Almighty and Glorious is He).

The 'ulama' [learned scholars], the awliya' [saints] and the abdal [spiritual deputies] are the heirs of the Prophets [anbiya']. The Prophets are the brokers [samasira], and these others are their advertising agents [munadun].


The believer [mu'min] is afraid of none but Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He), and looks in hope to none but Him, for he has been given courage in his heart and his innermost being. How can the hearts of believers fail to be encouraged by Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He), since He has made them ascend to Him? Their hearts [qulub] are always with Him, while their outer form [qalab] is here on the earth. As Allah (Exalted is He) has said:

And in Our sight they are surely of the chosen, the excellent. (38:47)


They are chosen over their own relatives and their contemporaries. Their inner natures [ma'ani] are marked with distinction, and their outer frames [mabani] are enlightened. This is why they have detached themselves from people and abstained from ordinary habits. They have forged ahead, and the grass has sprung up to cover their tracks. They can no longer turn back. They have grown accustomed to solitude. They prefer the desert, the shores of the oceans, the open spaces and the wastelands, not civilization. They eat the herbs and drink from the pools to be found in the deserts. They become like the beasts of the wild.


In this situation, He draws their hearts near to Him and delights them with His company. He lodges their frames with the frames of the Messengers [mursalun], the champions of truth [siddiqun] and the martyrs [shuhada'], and He lodges their inner natures with Himself. They always stand ready to serve, all night and all day, in private. Such is the comfort of those who yearn, and the pleasure of those who seek intimacy with Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He).

O young man! Sweetness is inevitably paired with bitterness, righteousness [salah] with corruption [fasad], and turbulence [kadar] with serenity [safa']. If you wish for total serenity, therefore, you must detach your heart from creatures and connect it to the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He). You must part company with this world. Leave your family and entrust them to the safekeeping of your Lord (Almighty and Glorious is He). Strip your heart bare of everything, approach the door of the hereafter and then enter it. If you do not find your Lord (Almighty and Glorious is He) in there, come out of it and flee in quest of nearness to Him. When you find Him, you will find complete serenity in His presence. What has the lover [muhibb] of Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He) to do with anything other than Him? Paradise is the home of those who seek spiritual status [darajat], the home of merchants who have traded this world for it. This is why Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He) has said:

And therein is all that selves [al-anfus] desire and eyes delight in. (43:71)


He does not mention the heart [qalb]. He does not mention the innermost being [sirr]. He does not mention spiritual content [ma'na]. Paradise belongs to upright keepers of the fast, to those who renounce and abstain from the desires and pleasures of the flesh. They have traded one kind of food for another kind of food, a garden for a garden, an abode for an abode.

From you I want deeds without talk. The gnostic ['arif] who works for the sake of Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He) is an anvil that gets hammered on, but never says a word; a plot of land that gets trodden over, changed and altered, but stays quite dumb. The [Lord's] people see none other than Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He), and none but Him do they hear. They have an inner core [janan] but no tongue [lisan]. They become extinct [fanun] to themselves and to others, and they remain in this condition. When Allah wishes, He resurrects them [ansharahum]. He makes the inner core a tongue, as if they were drugged [mubannajun]. The King takes them to Himself with the hand of His compassion [ra'fa] and mercy [rahma]. He shapes them for Himself and creates them for Himself, not for any other. He fashions them for Himself as He fashioned Moses (peace be upon him), for as He told him: "I have fashioned you for Myself" (20:41).

There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing. (42:11).

He brings into being a rest with no weariness, a friendship with no alienation, a blessing with no pain, a joy with no unpleasantness, a sweetness with no bitterness, a dominion with no damnation.


There, protection belongs only to Allah, the True. (18:44)

When someone has attained this state, comfort [raha] is made available to him here and now. In the condition you are in, however, you will not find comfort in this world, because it is the abode of turbulence, the abode of disasters. You are bound to leave it, so you should expel it from your heart and from your hand. If you cannot manage this, then keep it in your hand, but expel it from your heart. Then, when you get stronger, let it go from your hand and give it to the poor. The needy are the dependents of the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He). Besides, what is meant for you will not pass you by; it is bound reach you whether you be rich or poor, an ascetic [zahid] or one with an appetite for things [raghib].


The central point is the soundness and purity of your heart and your innermost being, both of which become pure through the acquisition of knowledge, its application in practice, sincerity in that practice, and honesty in seeking the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He).

O young man! Have you not heard the saying: "Study jurisprudence, then retire [tafaqqah thumma-'tazil] "? Study the external jurisprudence [al-fiqh az-zahir], then retire to the inner jurisprudence [al-fiqh al-batin]. Follow this outer practice until it brings you close to a knowledge you have not been applying. This outer knowledge is the light of the outer being, and the inner is the light of the inner. It is a light [diya'] between you and your Lord (Almighty and Glorious is He). Whenever you put your knowledge into practice, your path [tariq] to the Lord of Truth (Almighty and Glorious is He) is shortened, the door between you and Him is widened, and He raises the panel of the door that is specially for you.


Our Lord, give us in this world good, and good in the hereafter, and guard us against the torment of the fire! (2:201)








And here another glimpse:http://www.al-baz.com/shaikhabdalqadir/Books_and_Text_of_Wisdom/Sirr_al-Asrar/Sirr_Section1/sirr_section1.html



First Section
The return of the human being to his original home, by three stages.

There are two aspects to the human being: the physical [jusmani] and the spiritual [ruhani]. The physical aspect is common to ordinary human beings, while the spiritual aspect is peculiar to special human beings.

For the ordinary human being, the return to his home proceeds by stages, based on the practical implementation of knowledge of the sacred law [shari'a], the spiritual path [tariqa] and direct experience [ma'rifa]. As the Prophet (peace be upon him) has said:

Comprehensive wisdom is direct experience of the Truth, so long as it is practiced without hypocritical display and the pursuit of fame.

The stages are on three levels:

1. The Garden in the realm of Dominion [Mulk], that being the Garden of Shelter [Ma'wa].
2. The Garden in the realm of Sovereignty [Malakut], that being the Garden of Bliss [Na'im].
3. The Garden in the realm of Omnipotence [Jabarut], that being the Garden of Paradise [Firdaws].

These are the bounties of the physical aspect, so the body can only reach its goal by means of three corresponding forms of knowledge: the sacred law, the spiritual path and direct experience. As the Prophet (peace be upon him) has said:

Comprehensive wisdom is direct experience of the Truth and putting it into practice, and recognizing falsehood and forsaking it.

He also said (peace be upon him):

O Allah, let us see the Truth as true, and enable us to follow it. Let us see falsehood as false, and enable us to avoid it.


If someone knows himself, he knows his Lord and his Creator and complies with His command.

In the case of the special human being, his destination is nearness [to Allah], and his return is by means of knowledge of Reality [Haqiqa], that being the affirmation of Oneness [Tawhid] in the realm of Divinity [Lahut]. By means of his regular practice, he can experience this nearness during his life in this world, whether he be asleep or awake. When the body is asleep, the heart finds an opportunity to escape to its original home, either wholly or in part. As Allah (Exalted is He) has said:

Allah receives souls at the time of their death,
Allahu yatawaffa 'l-anfusa hina mawti-ha
and that which has not yet died in its sleep.
wa 'llati lam tamut fi manami-ha:
He keeps that for which He has ordained death,
fa-yumsiku'llati qada 'alai-ha 'l-mawta
and dismisses the rest till an appointed term.
wa yursilu 'l-ukhra ila ajalin musamma. (39:42)

That is why the Prophet (blessing and peace be upon him) once said:

The sleep of the scholar is better than the worship of the ignoramus.

This state is experienced after the heart has been enlivened by the light of the affirmation of Oneness, and after constant repetition of the Names of Unity by the tongue of the secret being, without letters and without sound. As Allah (Exalted is He) has said in the Sacred Tradition [Hadith Qudsi]:

The human being is My secret, and I am his secret.

He has also said (Almighty and Glorious is He):

Knowledge of the inner being is one of My secrets. I have installed it in the heart of My servants, and no one is aware of it, apart from Me.

-and He has said (Exalted is He):

I am as My servant thinks of Me, and I am with him when he remembers Me. If he remembers Me in private, I remember him within Myself. If he remembers me in company, I remember him in better company.

The practice of reflection [tafakkur] is essential in this context. As the Prophet said (blessing and peace be upon him):

A moment of reflection is worth more than a year of worship.

A moment of reflection is worth more than a seventy years of worship.

A moment of reflection is worth more than a a thousand years of worship.

These sayings convey the implicit meaning:

If someone reflects on the details of the branches [of knowledge], a moment of reflection is worth more than a year of worship.

If someone reflects for a moment on the true significance of the worship incumbent upon him, that is worth more than seventy years of worship.

If someone reflects for a moment on intimate knowledge of Allah (Exalted is He), that is worth more than a thousand years of worship.

Through intimate knowledge ['irfan], meaning the realization of Oneness, the 'arif [intimate knower] attains to his Ma'ruf [the One he knows intimately] and his Beloved, so he flies with spiritual wings to the realm of Nearness.

The worshipful servant walks on foot to the Garden of Paradise, while the intimate knower flies on wings to the Nearness [of the Lord]. In the words of a poet:

The hearts of lovers have eyes.
They see what other watchers fail to see.
With featherless wings they fly
to the Realm of the Lord of the Worlds.

This soaring flight takes place in the inner core of the intimate knower, who is the real human being, the dear friend of Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He), as sacred to Him as a bride. According to Abu Yazid al-Bistami: "Allah's people are the brides of Allah." Allah's saints [awliya'] have also been described as the brides of Allah. The point is that these "brides" are secluded by the veil of intimacy, visible to no one but Allah (Exalted is He). In the Sacred Tradition [Hadith Qudsi], He has said (Almighty and Glorious is He):

My saints are underneath My gown. No one is aware of them apart from Me.

All that people notice about the bride is the beauty of her outward appearance.

According to Yahya ibn Mu'adh ar-Razi: "The saint [wali] is the perfume of Allah upon the earth. The champions of the Truth detect its fragrance." Its scent reaches their hearts, so it makes them yearn for their Master. Their devotion to worship increases in proportion to the annihilation of their ordinary natures, because nearness increases as extinction increases. The saint becomes extinct to his worldly condition, and survives in witnessing the Truth. He retains no personal volition, and has no residence with anyone other than Allah. He has charismatic powers at his disposal, but he stays aloof from them, because he sees what others do not see, and regards divulging the secret of Lordship as an act of infidelity [kufr].

As we read in the book called al-Mirsad: "All those endowed with charismatic powers are veiled from sight. For such men, the charismatic marvel is a form of menstruation. The saint has a thousand stages to traverse, the first of them being the gate of charismatic marvels. If he passes beyond it safely, he can reach the other stages, but if not, he can make no further progress."







Allah Azza wa Jall can never lead someone astray who strove to earn His SWT closeness, Allah Azza wa Jall is too much Just and Rahman to allow that, so think twice before you accuse such people as Abdul Qadir Jilani (as), or Ahmad Rifai (as) and similar! If you accuse them you accuse the Ahlul Bayt (as), beware of that.


I ask Allah's forgiveness if I've said anything wrong, Allah is Rahman.


Salam aleykum my brothers and sisters.

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youve openly announced you follow the sufi order, sunnis dont agree with sufis, nor do wahabis or shias,nor do anyone of them agree with each other.. theres too much false then truth mixed in your beliefs, we shia can argue shias are closer, just like you point out sufis are and so can the others. also you didnt provide us proof from quran or any hadiths that BY NAME hz abdal qadr jilani existed? and was close to the ahlulbet (saw) again by name? so why dont you prove that first by quran and sunnah as you claim to follow and then invite people towards it ? if you have no evidence from the quran and hadiths, then you need to think again.


there is again little truth in what you have put forward, these realms that lead us to haqeeqat, these ways of cleaning purifying the heart are known to everyone, its old news brother. this is just part of religion. our nafs are like wild beasts and we require to control this beast and purify the soul , as once said,  Allah lives within us not in buildings or books, but you see, just like the water in the milk, so is the truth milk and the water the false, satans plans distorts truth with false, some of what you do has some truth within it but it has been taken from somewhere, customised and changed so people are pulled towards it, but it is very basic as theres lots more...


again we have lots more so Hisbun you really need to open your heart & mind towards gham e hussain (saw) and azadari, you'l find a realm called haqeeqat and it takes you to karbala and you meet reality, but obviously you'l need to know the one who has already been there.. you wont find this by just chanting, dancing and uttering, visualising, writing, zikr that you feel are connnecting to your heart beat - blood - to soul.

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That guy is a zionist spy, very suspicios, we don't say (saw) to Imam Hussein we say alayhi salam; and interesting I've found on youtube an atheist comment similar to his style saying this:

"It's funny how a being that doesn't exist, and gawd/Allah..." 

search video on youtube "A Response To Hamza Tzortzis " username of comment "atheism tv" you'll find the comment.


But ok let's say he's Muslim, why doesn't he follow the way of Imam Hussein (as) then? The only one here following him (as) is me, I'm more Shia in this sense of struggling for justice and truth than him, I assure you that guy is a zionist spy, spies are very clever in fakings, the internet is full of them especially in forums.


If he's really Muslim he would spend his time resarching and talking about zionism and how to unite the Ummah instead of arguing with Muslims trying to divide us causing fitna Sunni/Shia hate.


A liar will never tell you ask Allah SWT for guidance, that's why the zionist spy above keeps brainwashing you the same nonsense, self deluding himself, avoiding all arguments I've made without letting you research and think, and trying to play smart. I could humiliate him until he knows nothing except laugh or mock, but this is not my intention, there's no need for that, a Muslim knows better.



This is my last comment here, so make sure you read everything, EVERY SINGLE COLUMN, it's for your own good so take the time, and ask Allah SWT for Guidance.


If Muslims like to argue amongst each other then they have to be intelligent and willing enough to read long post and use critical thinking, otherwise they should stop their arguing and stay brothers as we are commanded in the Qur’an by OUR LORD AND CREATOR Allah SWT.




Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim


I said I’m not here for debates since the start, whatever is necessary to explain I explain, this is why I’ve answered a lot of arguments so what’s said is enough. That guy has avoided most of my questions and arguments, and keeps asking me for a hadith, but he forgets that Ahlul Bayt (as) have hidden the true identity of Imam Mahdi to protect him. Think about it, and Allah SWT knows best if he’s the 12th Imam (as). The Shia table of Ahlul Bayt (as) indicate that there were more Ahlul Bayt (as) than 12, they had more brothers so why aren’t they included in the list of Imams?


But we need proof for the 12th Imam, not just hadiths which are in clear contradiction with other Shia Hadith, still Allah SWT knows best, Imam Mahdi may be the 12th Imam (as).

Those Hadith about the 12th Imam (as) may have been transmitted after his birth, but yet comes the question of Shia Hadith authenticity, almost no human transmition of Shia Hadith was left around 3d century, so the way Hadith were preseved was through books, but when you take the case of the Bible, this type of transmition which cannot be verified with chains of narrations from humans is very dangerous, plus colonisation did a good job of corruption, so we all should be careful about this more don't you think?


What Sunni Hadith mentions the 12 Imams by name? How do you know that those 12 khalifas or imams from Quraysh are not the Ahlul Bayt (as) of Tassawuf Tariqa including Abdul Qadir Jilani (as) and Ahmad Rifa’i?



Anyway, this one thing about Sufis and Zikr should be lastly clarified briefly. So I’ll mention just some of what they go through, and to explain that that’s the reason why they do that type of Zikr.


First if you want to know who Sufis really were, read the book of Imam Qushayri (ra) Risalat (Epistle of Tassawuf (Sufism).

Here's a link: http://privat.bahnhof.se/wb449823/00_DATA/Kutub/English/Qushayri_Risala.pdf


Second Tassawuf is a Science of Ihsan, completing and strengthening of Iman. In return Allah SWT rewards the struggle in general with deep Insightful knowledge of Allah SWT and the world (Basirah/Nur/Marifa/Haqiqa), as well as spiritual powers (Karamat) and capabilities.


Read the book Imam Qushayri (ra) to get an idea about that.


Now, Their ways are not invented, it’s the result of Allah’s SWT Qur’an and Rasulullah’s (saaws) Sunnah, like a seed which grows to become a tree bearing beautiful fruits, Tassawuf is the fruits of Qur’an and Sunnah, it’s a method derived from the experience of Qur’an and Sunnah.


Tassawuf is Sunni Islam, Tassawuf is Qur'an and Sunna in practice; it’s the Tariqa of Sunni Sharia. Every Sunni knows this, four great traditional scholars you can look up to about this is Imam Malik (ra), Imam Shafi’I (ra), Imam Ghazali (ra) and Imam Qushayri (ra); we have today Sunni scholars like Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, Imam Zaid Shakir and Sheikh Imran Hossein who explain Tassawuf (it’s not Sufism that’s a word due to corruption of colonialism).



Sheikh Hamza Yusuf:




Sheikh Imran Hussein:




The whole point of Tassawuf is to reach perfection of Ihsan, and it’s not an easy thing to achieve, but the methods are derived from people who’ve reached this level of perfection, a lot who were Ahlul Bayt (as) like Abdul Qadir Jilani (as). The methods are there to help Muslims of honesty reach Ihsan easier instead of going through all the struggle alone with much more pain and confusions.


If any Shia likes to point out fingers at Sufis, then you have to say Karbala Ziyara is invention, that’s much more likely to be misguided invention than the Zikr of Sufis. If you read the Qur’an well you’ll see you’re forbidden from doing that in Karbala, what you should do is let the whole world know of Imam Hussein (as) and the lessons derived from his life and struggle, and these lessons should be instilled in our hearts and put into practice as much as any of us is able to.


This is why I call sincere Shia to read and think honestly about the Truth, ask Allah SWT for guidance, Allah SWT is Al Hadi The Guide.


I was Hanafi, then salafi, then confused after finding out Shia’s teachings and arguments about Sunnis and seeing the corruption/hypocrisy of salafi “sheikhs” in their teachings, then after much striving and asking Allah’s guidance I’ve came to know the right path, and this is Sunni four Madhab Islam. Still, a Madhab combined of all these 4 madhabs in one would be best and most appropriate.


All Sunnis accept Tassawuf, every Sunni knows about Sharia and Tariqa, the one who completes the Tassawuf method of reaching perfection of Ihsan/Taqwa is considered Sufi, Tariqa is a way of Tassawuf just like there are Madhabs to practice Islam. Madhabs and Tariqa/Tassawuf go one on one together, they can never be separated.


Through my journey to Allah SWT, I’ve came to know what I know about Sunni and Shia split.


I never said that I follow the Sufi order, I’ve said I’ve been through what they have been, I’ve came to know what they know in my life through the struggles and trials in my journey to Allah SWT, so that’s how I know they’re right about everything they say and that they are most rightly guided.


I was reading then their traditional books in hope for finding a way out of my troubles, and after some time I’ve experienced most of what they claim and it’s really a fact, a Haq from Allah SWT. I cannot deny something which I clearly see to be true.


I’ve went to psychiatrists thinking I'm metally ill, then I've tried different things including Ruqya in hope to find the solution, but in the end I’ve realised that I was experiencing what Sufis experience during their struggle and worship in seclusion.


You don’t experience that much around people, it’s really only in seclusion.


Most of Muslims today don’t do even half of the Zikr and Struggle Suffis do in the beginning, who gives you the right then to judge the people who worship of Allah SWT?


Zikr, Qur’an and reading/learning is only the first level; the real challenge is when going from first to second. That’s only the preparation for what is yet to come! This is a process which is Allah’s SWT Haq, all Prophets (as) went through that, it’s a Sunna of Allah SWT that is designed to help and strengthen your Iman and raise your level in Janna.


You’ll start with Ibada and learning but you’ll proceed with struggle and pain, this is why this is the hardest Jihad of all.


Once you complete this Jihad then the other Jihad in battles/war will be easy.



Here is only a glimpse of what’s going on when you take a Tariqa to Allah SWT through Tassawuf. This is what Sufi beginners experience in general:

At first, you’ll be in a spiritual battle which lasts day and night; you’ll sleep only 2 or 3 hours, from the time you wake up until you sleep you’ll hear, see and feel things which are spiritual, extreme waswas, your senses will become extremely sensitive, you will feel pain all over your body and soul, your chest will hurt the most, you will feel things attacking you day and night, you will feel physically every hit and attack, you will have nightmares almost every night, you will fight with shaytans in almost every dream, you will have to pray regularly otherwise you’ll get so weak that you can’t lift your head up, you’ll have to stay with ablutions otherwise you’ll not be able to move one step throughout the day, you will hear jinns talking to you day and night.

Your head will hurt day and night, you will feel very heavy burdens on you as if a mountain is upon your shoulders, you will find it hard to focus so much that you’ll have to struggle every second to keep focus, you’ll worship Allah SWT and you’ll see evil things appear in front of you and in your mind, you’ll make Duas and in your mind shaytan will appear and he will make you feel as if you’re making Dua to him and not Allah SWT, you’ll be so confused you’ll not know real from illusion, you’ll have to remain with Zikr all day otherwise you’re go insane out of the waswas and trials…there’s so much more about this. The waswas alone will make you want to kill yourself, it’s like thousands of people talking to you all at once and you can’t stop it, thousands of tv’s in front of you showing you evil and violence and you can’t stop it, non stop attacks and hits in your soul and you can’t stop it, you know Allah SWT is the ONLY ONE who can stop it but you see it persists still, you will pray to Allah SWT day and night and still it would seem like He’s not listening to you.




Then you’ll be left alone for long time, you’ll be trialed with poverty, you will want to go out and talk to people but you will not be able, you’ll feel disgusting things from people and the streets, you’ll smell disgusting things which you can’t explain, you won’t be able to stand anything dirty outside, the faces of people will appear disgusting, their voices alone will drive you insane, your eyes will hurt from seeing people, you’ll be left confused not knowing what to do and how long this will take to be over, you’ll have to face oppositions from shaytan constant attacks and waswas about your death, family, friends, life, etc etc.

You will see the ones you love in your mind and other people constantly raped, violence and violence, blood, disgusting stuff, insane stuff, you will feel shaytans are raping you, you’ll pass through so many things, not a second will not be left without you being in struggle…you will not be able to eat in peace, you’ll eat and feel like eating from toilet…suddenly everything will turn upside down, all people will look down upon you, everyone will not stand be with you, everyone will one way or another oppose you and worsen your life, you’ll not be able to do anything and everything will seem blocked, you’ll feel helpless, oppressed, lost, alone, like if Allah SWT is playing with you and is angry at you…you’ll not be able to see your family…nobody, just going out for your daily needs will be a big struggle alone because of what you will have to face until you return home.


And so much more, the list is so long there’s so much more, but you’ll have to stand firm after all that, during all the pain and trials you’ll have to resist that and keep worshipping Allah SWT, keep refining your nafs and heart, keep being watchful over every thought and feeling whether it is right or wrong, keep strengthening your Yaqin and Tawhid in Allah SWT,  keep saying Allahu Rahman although it seems like He is tyranising you, keep saying Allahu Qahhar although it seems like He abandoned you and will do nothing about your situation, etc.


You'll have to keep firm even after experiencing all this pain and trials.


These are all tests in the first level, it’s meant to prove your honesty and strengthen you firmly in Allah SWT.


This is why Sufis make that Zikr, whether you like it or not you'll see you have to do it, it's a Haq experience and it's Allah's SWT Wisdom, there's a reason why Allah SWT made the Zikr like that.



After this, all of that pain and trials fall apart like if a mountain is crushed, Allah SWT breaks all of that all of a sudden, and you start healing and moving forward stronger than ever, the result of fruits of your struggle begin to appear, and it grows more and more better with time.


That’s the time when you can go out of seclusion since Allah SWT has confirmed you and refined your nafs and heart, that’s when you’ll go back to the world normal but you’ll never be the same person you were before, you’ll be still feeling spiritual things but you’ll not be affected by any evil and you will recognise Reality all over, you’ll even feel who’s rightly guided and who’s not, you’ll see who’s good and who’s bad, you’ll know how’s a liar and who’s not etc etc. You’ll start seeing the world with Haq eyes, you’ll start seeing things as they really are, but what you’ll see will in reality make you sad since you’ll realise how misguided and lost people are but yet full of pride and heedless.


You will go back to the world completely renewed, but first you’ll have to pass the level one in seclusion.


Nafs cannot be refined properly with people and in the world, it’s like dirt entering water constantly, even if you take it out it still keeps coming in, this is why seclusion is necessary in the first level of purification and building/strengthening Iman, after the training, the Muslim can return back in the world outside.


Allah SWT is the One who Rewards his servants for their struggle, Allah SWT is Rahman, He rewarded all Sufis for their struggle.


Those people of Allah SWT, Sufis, went through all of these kinds of trials, struggling against shaytan and proving Allah’s SWT Haq about man being the khalifa on earth, all of their struggle was for Allah SWT, and you think that Allah SWT wouldn’t reward them for all of their effort? You think Allah SWT The Most Just will allow a human being to pay salary for a labourer’s work but He SWT not to pay or reward the effort of His SWT servants?


You will never restrict Allah’s SWT Mercy, you can never make Him SWT be as you want Him SWT to be; that is why those Sufis were having supernatural powers, knowing as much as it was allowed from the unseen, having high above normal insight and knowledge; Allah SWT rewarded them for their immense struggle, perseverance and labour.


How many 10 year old kids can understand college level courses? How do you expect than to understand the Marifa of such Sufis as Abdul Qadir Jilani (as) or Tassawuf in general? How much have you striven with honesty for Allah SWT so that you judge the striving of Abdul Qadir Jilani (as)? Ofcourse Allah SWT rewarded him for the struggle, that is why he was special with amazing supernatural powers which thousands and thousands have witnessed and reported. The reports are Mutawatir, that is why refusing Abdul Qadir Jilani (as) is like refusing Rasulullah (saaws), it’s not possible.


If you’re not ready to go through what they have don’t talk about them and Tassawuf because you’re not qualified to do that.


Because I’ve been through some similar things, I know that Tassawuf and Sufis are Haq and the most Rightly guided. I never knew what I know now about them, at first I was opposing them, but Allah SWT has guided me to know how firm and rightly guided they are.


Today as I’ve said, these “Sufis” are not really Sufis yet, they’re just beginners, they’re people with aspiration for Allah SWT, but they have yet to become real Sufis. To be a Sufi it’s a very hard job which only sincere Muslims can achieve. Today many are not even beginners, they’re just fake wannabes; this is why you don’t see the fruits of real Tassawuf upon them.


Tassawuf is Qur’an and Sunnah, all Sunnis agree on Tassawuf except modern salafis, but they’re not even to be considered Sunnis since they go almost totally against Qur’an and Sunna. One horrible kufr is that they deem anyone who doesn’t agree with them as kuffar or at least fasiq.


Shia have fallen a lot to this shaytan’s trap, where they call every Sunni almost deviant and in many cases kaffirs, and that’s a zionist plot to deceive and corrupt Muslims.


Why should we continue this nonsense?!!!! Can’t you stick to the Qur’an and be brothers?!!!! Can’t you ask Allah SWT for guidance, is it that hard to ask Allah SWT for Guidance?


It is hard only for people who are afraid to know they’re wrong, and I assure this is nafs! The nafs can be refined and it comes to be good nafs which helps you to good, but until you have honesty and be humble to Allah SWT this nafs will not be refined.


You can be good but there will always be flaws in nafs, it’ll be mix, and at this point you’ll not easily distinguish right from wrong. Which means shaytan will always be able to block your insight and deceive you.


A true believer can recognise right from wrong because of his honesty to Allah SWT, Allah SWT gives him a Light and it’s Real Light which is felt and experienced, in other words let’s say Allah SWT gives him the Insight to recognise the truth.


Truth can never be unrecognisable; therefore the argument of shaytan’s plotting being like water in milk is stupid and illogical. It’s like water in milk only for fools who don’t want to open their eyes, only honesty will open your eyes otherwise drink your milk with water.


Falsehood in Truth is really like oil in milk, or oil in water, it’s clearly recognisable but only for those with open eyes, true believers, or any people of honesty.


This is the way people convert to Islam, it’s the Power of Allah SWT that enables them to see the Truth just like a person sees the oil in the water, immediately he purifies the water from the oil, keeping only the pure water (truth/right) and throwing away the oil (falsehood/wrong).


This is why I’ve said when you’ll find out why people convert to Islam you’ll know how to know the Right Path, because they're people of honesty whose eyes got opened and recognised the oil in the water. Similarly you'll know the right path and truth to everything! Humble yourself and be honest to your Creator Allah SWT.


A lot of converts accept modern salafism because they’re yet beginners in Islam, salafist have a lot of zionist support and enough wealth and people/”sheikhs” to promote their teachings, so a lot of people fall into that because that’s what’s first available to them. But it would never be the case is Sunnis of Four Madhabs do their job properly, meaning being persistent and making more effort to promote Islam.


The Sunnis of the four Madhabs are not doing a very good job now because they’re not willing to put the effort and wealth to spread the true teachings of Islam, so they’re behind.


A lot of converts are turning away from modern salafism because they’ve recognised the oil in the water, so they return to Sunni four Madhabs.


Shia are Muslims and they’re right about Ahlul Bayt (as) Hadith, the reason why Sunnis have not recorded most of their Hadith is due to the Khalifas, the umayads and Abbasids, they were restricted, but today nobody stops us from joining the hadith of Ahlul Bayt (as) with Sahaba (ra). A lot of teachings are not right, and it’s all plots and intentional zionist poison, so refrain from all of that and come to know the oil in the water, recognise the falsehood and come back to the real Islam.


Again, ask Allah SWT for Guidance, He SWT is Al Hadi not you or anyone else; humble yourself to Allah SWT if you doubt me, and use your Aql your reason/thinking mind and heart.


Salam alaykum

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Salam Aleykum brothers and sisters,


I came to tell you that I've reconsidered everything, and asked for guidance from Allah SWT, and I come to conclusion that Allah SWT only knows best who Imam Mahdi (as) really is, I personally think that he may be the 12th Imam, the son of Hassan Askari (as) and that he (as) will appear in the near future, still there is a chance that it is not the case, Allah SWT only knows who the Imam (as) really is. May Allah SWT shower him with abundant mercy and blessings all over whoever he is, Amin.


But one thing still definitely remains the same brothers and sisters, the Imam (as) will never be Shia in the modern Shia sense, never; he will never reject Abu Bakr (ra), 'Umar (ra), Uthman (ra) or any Sahaba (ra) who struggled with Allah's Messenger (saaws) until the conquest of Makkah, however this does not include Muawiya.


I can't imagine someone amazing like Imam Mahdi (as) to reject them (ra) especially since he is full with knowledge and insight and completely guided by Allah SWT. Furthermore Shia teachings have been massively corrupted during the colonial age, it turned later on to become a separate group of Islamic beliefs and teachings, obviously this is not what Imam Mahdi would promote even if he is the 12th Imam the son of Hassan Askari (as).


One thing to note, Khidr (as) is alive for a reason, he's not on this earth for nothing, I think the reason is so that he (as) would appear as a Sign before the Qiyama for Imam Mahdi, before Imam Mahdi comes, there's something about him and I personally think he's (as) going to come out to confront dajjal as Nafs Zakiya, Khidr (as) is already a walking shahid of Allah SWT; ofcourse Allah SWT knows best, this is just my opinion, but Khidr (as) is yet alive for a great reason, he's (as) someone very very special with a history known only to Allah SWT, I think there is a big reason why he (as) and the one eyed liar had been both granted life until End Time, they both have a history known best only to Allah SWT.


May Allah forgive me if I said anything wrong, and I ask Khidr (as) also for forgiveness if I wronged him in any way.


Allah bless you all.


Reconsider coming to agreement with Sunnis brothers, we need to reunite and learn to agree to disagree, we're not an occult that is brainwashingly following one way of teachings like some programs, salafis try to do that but Islam is not that, not to condemn all salafis but their main teachers try to make brainwashing softwares of salafis, there are good salafis and I hope they come to the four madhabs of Islam, the right path is the path of 4 madhabs without any offense to Shia, in future maybe we can colaborate on how to reunite all of these of these schools into one inshAllah.


Share mercy with others brothers, Allah SWT will shower you with mercy, learn to dialogue and agree, Allah will show you His Power and Blessings, He's more Rahman than anyone can imagine, Alhamdulillah.


Sorry long post again, Salam.

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1. There are so many fabrications regarding the signs of Mahdi (as), there will be complete chaos.


2. the dajjaly group has been working from centuries to create confusion about the last Savior that it would be very difficult for majority of ppl to recognize Him(as).


3. According to my understanding HE (as) will not be into Shia, Sunni conflict HE (as) will not approve of ppl who have in any way divided Islam.


4. So HE (as) will have a Major problem with the Ulema of the day.


5. All Govts and rulers will try to create hurdles for HIM (as) because HE (as) will not accept their man made Laws. these are just some points i have mentioned There will be Big Problems.

if some one believes that when Imam (as) comes all rulers will leave their palaces and let HIM (as) govern, you are mistaken. very few ppl will be with HIM (as). HE (as) will not have any help from Govt or major sects of Islam. keep your hearts and minds open i just have a feeling you are in for a big surprise 

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1. There are so many fabrications regarding the signs of Mahdi (as), there will be complete chaos.


2. the dajjaly group has been working from centuries to create confusion about the last Savior that it would be very difficult for majority of ppl to recognize Him(as).


3. According to my understanding HE (as) will not be into Shia, Sunni conflict HE (as) will not approve of ppl who have in any way divided Islam.


4. So HE (as) will have a Major problem with the Ulema of the day.


5. All Govts and rulers will try to create hurdles for HIM (as) because HE (as) will not accept their man made Laws. these are just some points i have mentioned There will be Big Problems.

if some one believes that when Imam (as) comes all rulers will leave their palaces and let HIM (as) govern, you are mistaken. very few ppl will be with HIM (as). HE (as) will not have any help from Govt or major sects of Islam. keep your hearts and minds open i just have a feeling you are in for a big surprise 


what are you trying to say, obama's not gonna step down for the imam (aj) ? you are crazy khaal

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Salam Brothers,


Lets us pray to Allah SWT. to hasten the appearance of Al-Qa'im and be done with this pointless discussion (i belive there's a term about this). All i know is when you hear cry of Jibril mentioned that Imam Jaman has show up, no matter what even if you need to crawl in blizzard, go to Him. Acknowledge him. I'll be praying that i can be sacfriced for Him. Because my aim is not to be cleansed in hell before get into jannah, but to be amongst the first to get in.


So, pondering about this, you see the "what ifs" seems small matter. We won't know what Imam Mahdi's would do until actually see him doing it. So, brothers, lets us pray once again to Allah SWT. so we can actually meet our Imam, Insha Allah.


In the mean time let's hold on to Al-'Asr (103) and An-Nasr (110).


Be patience Brothers.



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Assalamu'Alaikum.  I like what Hasbun Allah is doing.  I have all the information regarding that which you all so desperately seek.  Imam Mahdi has not been living for the past 1000 years, this is false brothers.  Imam Mahdi just realized that he was Imam in the year 2013!

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Assalamu'Alaikum.  I like what Hasbun Allah is doing.  I have all the information regarding that which you all so desperately seek.  Imam Mahdi has not been living for the past 1000 years, this is false brothers.  Imam Mahdi just realized that he was Imam in the year 2013!



(salam) brother,


Of all the strange things that we can sometimes read in this forum, this must be one of the strangest, at least to me!


The Imam just realized that he was the Imam???!!


It indeed is a bad joke, and a rather insulting one - we all know who we are, but the Last Imam  (as) and the Saviour of the humankind lives in ignorance about his mission and his purpose in life?


I really do not understand how some of us are not afraid of Allah te'ala and The Imam himself when they write such rubbish and claim such megalomaniac claims of knowing him personally and being the only ones who understand and follow him - in spite of the famous ahadeeth that unmistakably state that those who claim such things shall be liars.


And then they pose as our dear friends and true brothers, whose only wish is to guide us, (poor mistaken fools that we are); and have patience to write meter - long sermons, promissing us that it is our only salvation and the path to truth, but not bothering to read our replies...


It would be funny if it weren't this particular topic. 





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i ve never participated in any such forum before but imam mahdi is a point of prime interest to me.can we 

bring hasbunAllah back to discussion, can i contact him thruogh this forum, he seems very convincing and

sincere.....@ sister amina, prophet Muhammad pbuh first time realized about his mission at the age of 40, and 

did not have complete idea of his mission when he recieved first revelation which he shared with hazrat khadija.......same was the case with hazrat Musa and hazrat Ibrahim.

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