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In the Name of God بسم الله

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Yes there are; these are some of the main ones in London:


http://karbala-london.com/ - Hussainiyat Al Rasool Al Aadham, Cricklewood Lane, London


http://salamf.org/ - Al Salam Foundation,  247 High Rd, London 


http://www.mosquedirectory.co.uk/mosques/england/london/brent/cricklewood/Dar-Al-Islam-Foundation-Cricklewood-Brent/258 - Dar Al Islam Foundation, Cricklewood, London

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just watch arabic tv shows.......


Asalam Alykum,


Thank you for your reply. Alhamdulillah, I get Arabic tutorials and practice Tajweed. I have no intention of learning Arabic from there. It is rather to be part of something bigger than myself and increase my learning of Islam. There are many Pakistani communities near me but when I use to go there, I saw so much politics and people fighting etc. It got to a point that I just stopped going. I found the same in a Sunni/Whabbi mosque near me. I have an Imambargha which is so close to me that if I threw a stone, it will land yards away from it but I heard from a very reliable person that a drunken person was sitting on mimber the other day and then there was a fight over extremism for Imam Ali (A.S.) and people damaged the building. All of course Shias. My family goes there but they aren't allowed to recite because the management wants to keep their family at the forefront and women there keep making my elderly step mother move from side to side so that their young can sit and eat in comfort. I am due to have kids and when I do I intend to teach them Arabic and English. I have heard that the Arab community, Iraqi specially are very strict in practice. I can tolerate somethings but when management bring their sandles and hit each other inside the center, its a sign that I need to jump ships. Also I don't watch TV. I got enough drama in my life :).



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