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In the Name of God بسم الله

Does Money Make You Mean? [Ted Talk]

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It's the context we are in. For example, in a monopoly game, where it's all about winning, then compassion and all that didn't make sense, and ego game got to the person. At the end they showed however rich people who were reminded of poverty of children were willing to give as much others to strangers.  So money can cause these things, but it's also in context of how society values things. 

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Good video.


The money doesn't "make you mean" or "feel superior", but makes many people reckless  --or should I write 'wreckless', as in they 'wreck' their lives and end up having 'less'.


That is why most people about never have anything. Ever see the features on people who won the lotteries.? Several even end up in jail.


My father use to say, "if you want to know what somebody is like --give them some money."


And I have found that to be true. And, this was before people had easy-to-get credit cards.


Or, to use a quote from the old-old people, "it does not matter how much money you make, if you spend it all you still do not have anything".


What I didn't like about the video is the TED assumption that richer people do not do charity. You can correctly observe that the richer people are not down at the food-bank, but they are the ones who pay for some of it behind the scenes, and donate clothing to Goodwill and other charities --instead of throwing it out like I see the "poor" people do. Or give free rent out of a building they own. Plus the cash they send in the mail to --wherever. And if you own a small-business, you are working 14-16 hours everyday and 18+ on some days, which leaves time for --what?


This is what I saw in the video: how "reckless" the people who won the toss became because they saw themselves as have 'already won'. Munchin' on pretzels instead of watching what is going on.

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So money would affect you... unless you're already "dead"



takaathur (3rd form) literally means the "competition to increase".  And "alha" means something which takes away your attention.  So money (just one example) by itself is not the cause of the problem.  But when one makes a sport out of it, when one tries to make more money than others then he will be diverted from the true purpose of his creation.  


This is not only about money but everything people find valuable in this material world.  From houses, social status, beauty, cars, "information", women, children, assets, degrees.. etc..


If one sees himself competing with others for these things, then he is being diverted, and he will not wake up until it is too late (until he dies).  

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Many people are quick to say yes and I feel that isn't really fair.

That's judgmental IMO and I don't think those people themselves have had a lot of money to be able to comment or themselves relate.

It depends on the individual.
How educated they are, family background, level of spirituality and so on.


If all those things are in check, then money doesn't really change you as a person. I've seen people develop a sickness due to greed, at the same time, I've seen people prosper and carry people with them thus improving the lives of many around them.


And all Rizq is from Allah (SWT) only.

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Doesn't it depend on a persons lifestyle, priority, ambition and all-in-one 'intention'??


It is man himself who can determine the end-result from whether seeking excessive amounts of money is right or wrong.


The question should be 'does money make the majority mean?'.  From which even I would hold the opinion "Yes". There are people who are driven with good intent, moral ambition and seek a lifestyle with principle by honouring their dues (in the name of God).


I agree with Hasanhh, money can be a 'reckless' display of poor character, lacking moral judgement and equally can lead to selfishness with disregard of others in which the preservation of faith can become dismantled.


Those of you who disagree....kindly forward me all your money (or savings) hehe

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