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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Im So Depressed

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when the OP said he was inquiring about meeting her family for proposals & she kept avoiding it by making excuses, I knew it's cuz she wants to leave the OP.

most if the time , if ever there is a person in ur life who is hesitant about introducing u to their family it's cuz they are not ready to commit to ur relationship yet. by keeping u on the outside circle of their social life they are keeping their options open for other partners. people who do this are of a tricky kind and sadly it has happened to my sister once before where her so-called "fiancée" avoided letting his bigger family know about them & didn't even bother inviting ANY friends or family whatsoever to their engagement , didn't accept Facebook friend request. what's more alarming was everytime we told him we're coming to dinner he went out of his way to prevent us from coming to his house or neighbourhood in general.

sneaky motives like these tells u a lot about the person & their intentions , usually these ppl are not worth ur time & value , so it's best to just leave them


"There are billions of women in the world"

"Plenty of fish in the sea"

"If one goes, dozens more will come"

blah blah

I don't understand what's the point of saying

things like these. It is irrelevant if there are

billions of women out there. It's impossible to

come in contact with a 'billion women' anyway. I

don't love them, don't want them; I'm talking

about the one I want and love. Does it make me

feel better if you tell me there are plenty of fish

in the sea? No.

Pointless talk.

good point , I used to think the same before in my past but at that time I had not known the true faces in this world existed. so I started to look beyond that point & go with mentality of "plenty of fish in the sea" only cuz it was easier to carry on ur life with this in mind. sometimes this thinking can be cure for many things in our lives instead of living with contempt it teaches you to look forward & forget the past to be able to move on.


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Wa aleykum al salam sister. I understand what you say and i agree with it of course. I am not perfect sister, but i have promised myself to do my best to change my anger problems no matter what, inshallah with the help of Allah swt. and i dont only blame her, and i dont want any people in here to think bad! no thats not my mission, because she has many good sides! like respect, and she was never greedy. But i just do feel like she gave up on me, and if i have anger problems, a wife that loves me, could instead try to help me get rid of the problems, instead of just leaving me. Like im telling you honestly i would never leave her, even though she had something that made me very sad too. So my point is here, that i do not talk bad about her, but i only just feel she gave up on me, while i tried my best to hold onto her even though i was mad at some things too, but i am willing to wait, because i know if Allah swt, could make me do my duties again after 1 day, how can he not change my bad habits or hers. And thanks again for all the responses may Allah swt bless you all inshallah

Salam samii,

Inshallah you sort out your anger problem. I agree that she should of helped you and she may of helped you but you may have not realised it. There are limits as to how much you can help a person. You may have not portrid her as a bad person but if you read must of the male response seem to make the woman look bad and they have compleltely eliminted the fact that you have anger problems and that can be a turn off for some woman. I do find it strange that she didnt give your her fathers number but then again you anger might of been one of the reasons why she didnt want to give the number. But Allah hu a3lima. I hope you sort out this issue and may god help you.

there is very scarce women who are beautiful inside and out , but nevertheless i have chosen to live without women, its a beautiful life for me , they are today very evil, and even if they were not evil so what i dont need them God takes care of everything for me 

i couldnt be happier

Psychopath, your better of by yourself. You dont look at the other side you just blame woman. Could you kindly think before you speak and stop generalising so much? Open your mind and try to think why did the other person leave before making her look like shes done a crime. You men are not perfect, you have more authority so if anyone is evil then its yourself and last time I checked it was men that caused them most crimes,killing,raping and lieing. Now am not saying your all the same because its clear some of you have minds.

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Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim

Asalam aleykum wa rahmatallahi wa barakato all my brothers and sisters in islam.


The sister i loved left me, and she didnt want me more, and she even told me she lost feelings for me.

Im praying that this pain goes away, because i really loved her.

I hope all brothers and sisters in islam, can make dua for me, inshallah, i really need it now, im at that moment in my life where my fear is if my iman is too weak, since i cried when she broke my heart.


Im not a rich guy in wealth, nor am i patient enough, and i always got anger problems, like i really try to avoid to raise my anger, but it still happens.


I do pray 5 times a day, and i know if i dont make my salah on time, with no legal excuse i might dissapoint my lord s.w.t, but i still feel so sad, after this girl broke my heart.

What hurt me most is when i saw her cry a little, and she told me it will not work, because she lost a little feelings for me. I admit i have been having anger problems, but i was only mad because i felt like i wanted to start getting married, but every time i asked for her fathers number or to ask him if i could come on visit, to learn her family better, she always made excuses, so it made me mad that she kinda tried to avoid it.


May Allah swt bless you all, and i hope you can make dua for me so Allah swt, inshallah can make me in a good mood again, and not in a sad mood, since i try my best to keep the tears inside of me.


the woman left him, she is in the wrong, and now the poor bloke is suffering and your trying to turn this around as if the man is at fault, as if the man is the terminal velocity for all faults

Qaim said it! Everyone is an ocean, just don't get drowned. It is not like we don't have a choice. We do have a choice to love or not to love, especially if you catch ourself at the very beginning.

You need to love someone that cares for you and that can love you back! You can't fall in love with just anyone! She just lost "attraction" towards you because you probably didn't allow her to naturally choose you. You chose her without her choosing you. This will make any girl repulsed by you (even if she was interested in you at the beginning). The reason is because a girl wants to be able to choose you and all you are doing is limiting her freedom. You can't force anyone to love you (which is why you were getting angry). You need to make sure the other person is "ready" to love you and then only can you think about loving her. You are at fault here and you need to realize that no girl is the right girl for you until you see that she is ready to love you. Your anger per se is not the problem, but you wanting it your way regardless of what she wants is the real problem. She should mean nothing to you now because frankly speaking, what existed between you two was nothing; it may have been something in your mind, but in reality it was nothing.

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