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In the Name of God بسم الله

Ghadeer, Duʿa Nudba, And Duʿa ʿadeela

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I have heard of two versions of the Hadith of Ghadeer, and I was wondering if one is more authentic than the other.


The versions are:


من كنت مولاه فعلي مولاه

Man kuntu mawlah fa ʿAliyun mowlah


من كنت مولاه فهذا علي مولاه

Man kuntu mawlah fa hadha ʿAliyun mowlah


I'm guessing only one of those was actually said on the Day of Ghadeer, but it might be possible that both were said at different times.  


What makes this more interesting is that Duʿa Nudba and Duʿa ʿAdeela appear to refer to different versions of the hadith.


In Duʿa Nudba,


من كنت مولاه فعلي مولاه 

Man kuntu mawlah fa ʿAliyun mowlah


is explicitly mentioned.
Whereas, in Duʿa ʿAdeela, this is mentioned:
و بوصيه الذى نصبه يوم الغدير
و اشار بقوله هذا علي اليه
Wa bi waṣiyihil-ladhi naṣabahu yowm al-ghadeer
Wa ashara bi qowlih: "Hadha ʿAliyun" ilayh
And to his sucessor whom he appointed on the Day of Ghadeer
And referred by his saying of "This Ali" to him
(or some variant of that).
To me this seems to indicate that the Prophet said the second version of the hadith on the Day of Ghadeer, in a very poetic and powerful way.  Does the acceptance of one version of the hadith, cast doubt on the authenticity of one of these Du'as.  I've seen discussions on the authenticity of Du'a Nudba.  I'm not sure if I've seen much about Du'a ʿAdeela.  In any case, if for example the second version of the hadith is correct, it could be that the هذا was simply left out of Du'a Nudba, the same way it was left out of several versions of the hadith.  However, if the second version is inauthentic, then at least that section from Du'a ʿAdeela seems to be compromised.  Any thoughts?  (Any comments on the authenticity of Du'a ʿAdeela and how it was transmitted would also be appreciated.)
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Well there might not be much of a difference in terms of the two hadiths per se, except that the hadith with هذا might indicate that the Prophet (pbuh)wanted to make clear that he was referring to Imam Ali (as).  (Of course, this is according to our limited understanding; the hadiths could be quite different given the 'ilm of the Ma'soumeen  (as)).  


However, assuming only one of those hadiths was actually said on the Day of Ghadeer, then it makes a difference in that one is right and one is wrong.  But the thing I'm more interested in is what this has to say about the authenticity of Duʿa Nudba and Duʿa ʿAdeela.

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