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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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_student of Islam

"ya Man Azhar Al-Jamil"

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“Ya man Azhar al-Jamil"

Oh YOU who reveal beauty


Here the Holy Prophet (SAW) said to Gabriel: What is the virtue of these words?  Gabriel said: Far away! Far away! It is something impossible, for if the angels of seven heavens and seven earths gather to describe its virtues till the Day of Judgment, they are not able to describe a single part of it.”


“O Muhammad! Teach this Dua only to men of piety.  Do not even teach it to hypocrites, for it is a Dua which God will answer.  This is the Dua recited by the men of Beite Ma’moor (an edifice in the fourth or seventh heaven as sacred as Ka’aba) when they circumambulate it.”


“While being happy and having a smile on his lips, Gabriel come down from heaven to the Holy Prophet (SAW) bringing the following Dua saying: God has sent a gift for you.  The Holy Prophet said: What is the gift O Gabriel! Gabriel said: Words along with treasures of heaven by which God has honoured you.  The Holy Prophet said: What are those words O Gabriel?! Gabriel said: Say:



“O You who reveal beauty and conceal ugly things! O You who do not take a wrongdoer to task and not tear the veil! O You who are Great Forever! O You who have the great forbearance! O You who have pardon abounding!O You who have opened Your hands for mercy! O Hearer of all whisperings! O You to whom all complaints are made! O Noble face! O Possessor of great favor! O You who give blessings to Your servants when they do not deserve it! O our Master! O our Lord! O our Guardian! O the Goal of our desires! I beseech You O God! not to make my being ugly with Fire.”

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