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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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Answering Christianity is one of my most favorite websites when it comes to refute allegations made on Islam and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). But now time's come for Answering Christianity to be refuted. I encountered some articles while my research. Some authors in Answering Christianity wrote'em in order to refute Shia Muslims. I collected them all and refuted them in one of my blogs. Now I'm thinking of joining their forum and represent my article before the my opponent. This is my blog:



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walaikum asalam wrwbrkt brother i just posted your article to their blog that guy osama abdullah is full ignorant of shia and sunni both believe


he is calling Ali a.s should be fst caliph and muawia la the munafiq on his forum yet along with that he is blaming shias to be blasphemers 



he is so stupid and blind of his own beliefs http://www.answering-christianity.com/blog/index.php?topic=1732.msg6877#msg6877


here is where i am discussing with this guy after seeing his reality by him he started insulting shias anyone can go through this thread i started there

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and now this guy osama abdullah has deleted all my comments...after knowing his reality he started calling me liar rotten shia etc and banned me from the forum but i hv saved the pages my pc is making problems i will upload them when needed.

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i have entire dilogue with this person osama abdullah  with 34 screenshots, osama abdullah who actually is fully ignorant of both shia and sunni beliefs

but for now i am posting you how this person banned me(my nick was Farooo) for posting the response of the accusations he made against shias that includes topic of completion of Quran and blasphemies in ahlsunnah books

this person said muawia la and yazid la r both drunkards

and Ali a.s should be the fst caliph


i like it


but i am surprised i met fst sunni who cursed his beloved caliphs&companions of prophet sas

but still he is blaiming shias of blasphemy which actually is more then a joke by this ignorant guy couldnt tell me if muawia la is a drunkard why ahlsunnah took their deen from that cursed drunkard and many more! but i will post the screens later on if needed yet i am posting just 4


entire dilogue and my responses are long can be downloaded from this link in rar format i uploaded this just to show people the reality of this guy who actually accused shias of being blasphemers for trivial nonsensical reasons with no proofs







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