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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Muslim Ummah - 5 Groups - Day Of Judgement

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I came across this hadeeth which please comment. If it is not  authentic / doubtful do comment too.

I am just curious to find out more because it is quite weighty.

I simplify it in point forms:

RasulAllah SAW said the Muslim Ummah will be under five (5) banners in the Day of Judgement:-

1. The first banner, the Pharaoh of this community, and he is Muawiya.

2. The second, the Samiri of this community, and he is Umar Bin Al-A’as.

3. The third, the Catholic of this community, and he is Abu Musa Al-Ashary.

4. And the fourth would be with Abu Al-Awr Al-Salmy.

5. And the fifth would be with you O Ali!


Below are just my scanty notes:

1. Muawiyah la is quite well-known.

In what way(s) is he alikened to Pharaoh?

2. Umar Bin Al-A’as lived during the time of Muawiyah la, and history recorded him to have conquered Eqypt. Sounds like he is from the Umayyad clan.

In what way is he to Samirri?

3. Wiki saya Abu Musa Al-Ashary was at various times governor of Basra and Kufa (during caliphate of Umar & Uthman) and was involved in the early Muslim conquests of Persia. He was from Yemen. A military man.

Why is he considered the Catholic of this community?

Related useful notes:

Info on the Sunnah wal-Jamaah Group:

Imams of Fiqh: Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik, Imam Shafii & Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal

Imams of Aqeedah (Ilm al-Kalam): Imam Tahawi, Imam Maturidi, Imam Ashari and Imam Nasafi

Is Abu Musa Al-Ashary the Father of Aqeedah to the Sunnis?

4. Abu Al-Awr Al-Salmy was one of the army commander of Muawiya. Malik Ashtar wanted to duel with him but the latter refused.  

Is he the umbrella to the upcoming Sufyani and the radical, armed Nasibis?

5. Ameerul Mukmineen Imam Ali (as). He is the Straight Path. Denying him (as) and the other Imams (as) entails rejecting the true teachings of Islam.


RasulAllah SAW mentioned it during his time. Note that he SAW mentioned Ummah. The Muslims. Not non-Muslims. Thus, current and future 'Muslims' will fall under the 5 banners.


My reflection is that the theme revolves the acceptance/ rejection of the Wilayah / Imamate ... whether rejecting the true teachings or harming the Imams (as) and the Shias (True Believers) ...


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