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In the Name of God بسم الله

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the literal translation of that sentence will give you a poorly structured sentence


life or death = forever in the meaning, so repeating the same meaning twice in short sentence is rubbish in Arabic, It hints to your Ajami roots.


Shaqeeq =/= Akh. Shaqiq is your blood brother from same mother and father. Akh hold the general meaning of brotherhood.


Akhawat is the feminine form of the plural sisters, Ekhwah is the muscling form of the plural brothers, it can has another form which is ikwan as well.

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What IbnSohan said is correct. There are many ways for this to be put. However, I doubt anyone would tell their blood brother that in life or death they will be brothers forever. It is quite pointless because they are already blood brothers.


So judging from this it has to be to a friend. In this case the phonetic way would be:


The VERY literal translation is: Al-'Hayat aw Al-Mawt, Ikhwa Ila Al-Abad


But if you want to convey a proper meaning then it would be:


Fi Al-'Hayat aw Al-Mawt, nab'qa Ikhwa ila Al-Abad.

في الحياة او الموت نبقى اخوه الى الابد

In Life or death, we will remain brothers forever




Nab'qa Ikhwa Ila Al-abad, fi 'Hayatina wa Mamatina.

نبقى اخوه الى الابد، في حياتنا او مماتنا

We will remain brothers forever, in our Life or death.


There are other ways this can be translated into. But these would be among the lines of what you want.

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