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In the Name of God بسم الله

Appealing For Donations To Buy A Shia Centre

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Salamalaikom dear brothers and sisters


We are trying to buy a place for our Islamic (Shia) centre in Auckland, New Zealand.  Our association includes people of different ethnic backgrounds and nationalities (Iranian, Afghani, Indian and Arab).  We are appealing to anyone who can assist us even with a small amount to make a donation to our centre's account.  At the moment we have a about $480000 due to a brother giving his house for selling and buying a place and having collected some through donations.  But we need a little bit more to buy a place which accommodates the number of people who come to the centre.  We are currently leasing a place on a temporary basis.


For more information you can view our facebook page (updated regularly): https://www.facebook.com/FatimaZahraCharitable


Or our website: bibifatima.com (which needs updating)


The account information for our association can be found here (we are a registered charity in New Zealand): http://www.bibifatima.org/english/donate/


Please make a donation only if you want to as we cannot refund anyone who makes a donation (yes we have had a very small amount of people doing this).  Even a small donation can make a difference if its made by many people.


For further enquiry you can contact us on: enquiry@bibifatima.org


For the dear moderators (I was not sure were to post this so I posted it in the general enquiries).



Fatima Zahra Charitable Association (FZCA)



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Wa alaikum assalam, just stumbled upon this message and found from your Facebook page that this was a success. Congratulations! 



I would like to congratulate all the people who attend the Fatima Zahra Charitable Association’s programmes on the purchase of a new property at Unit 7, Number 59 Victoria Street, Onehunga.
Due to the generous donation of Haj Seyed Abbas Alemi (who donated his house) and other contributors we have managed to purchase the abovementioned property. The property should meet our needs for the time being. If in the future we manage to collect more money we might be able to purchase other units on the same property to add to our current one.
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