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In the Name of God بسم الله

8 Shia Killed By Pakistan State Sponsored Takfiris

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Until our dear Mods. wont create a "Shia Genocide In Pakistan" section under "Politics, Current and Regional Issues", this is my little protest to keep posting plight of Pakistani Shias in funny forums.

Like Bro Darth Vader eluded, Indo-Pak Shias are treated as second class Shias pretty much in all circles.

I guess the Indo-Pak 150 million Shias fortunes changed when we quit paying Khums to Howzas. :)

Until early 1900s, 90% of Khums credited in the Howzas of Najaf, Iraq used to originate from rich Shia/Sayed land owning families of India and current day Pakistan..


Still does. From what I've seen, more money goes from Pakistan as Khums than it comes to us. Organisations such as Jafferia Disaster Cell(JDC), Shaheed Foundation, and hosts of other imambargahs and schools receive few(er) funds, imho. 

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U better mind ur tongue & control ur emotions here pal cuz its not just abt ur wahabi or salafi fever here. Its abt a nation of abt 200 million so i advise u better shut it! if u dnt like it u can pick up ur toys & find some place in iran OR iraq.  


Stupid rats

Could you please elaborate more? I don't get it!

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Besides all odds against shia's inside Pakistan, I am still of the opinion that our best defence is to keep away from any sort of violence, must concentrate on education (both Islamic and others), promoting co existence environment with our sunni brothers like hanafies and baralvies, peaceful demonstrations for projecting our genocide by takfiries and try to get united under one flag i.e Labaik Ya Hussain (AS). I think all the Ulemas of Pakistan still maintains this very stance, however, on practical ground education has been neglected and united effort for demonstrations lacks a quality leadership which can remove age old akhbari and assoli minor differences existed among the shias of Pakistan. Yes many of our Ulemas are promoting peace and are working day and night on projecting Shia;s peaceful stance, but unfortunately our zakirs especially in lower Punjab and Sindh are still following old tabra style of Majalis which is in my opinion is because of their low education standards. However, this Pindi incident has been planned by takfiris as many things are clear now and it is also confirmed that it has the backing of Punjab Government. Committee formed under Rana Sana Ullah is trying to remove all the evidences against takfiries and most easy way is to blame the Police and district administration and on action side people have been posted out and posted in so as to pacify all sorts of likely retaliatory demonstrations from Shia's and Baralvies. To rescue them, IK has started an agitation against drones strike by stopping the NATO supplies and now whole media is focused on that issue so that the voice of shias may be suppressed. Our Ulemas are waiting for the report to be publicly released and probably after which a peaceful strike will be called through out Pakistan and efforts will be to bring in our Baralvie brothers. Demand in peaceful agitation should be an inquiry using independent judiciary and police couple with intelligence bureau services and no Rana Sana Ullah monitoring / dictation. A protest in-front of National Assembly would be ideal.

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What an irony, a sunni dominated nation, founded by a shia named M.A.Jinnah, financed by a shia rafizi named M.A. Habib. Another irony is that


the same sunni dominated nation was sleeping till the great mardood e haq Zia ul Haq awoke them to stop shia rifadha.


I pray that you bother to look into matters rather than just HEARING.


Ahh, its soothing, atleast someone admitted that a shia genocide is in progress.


You seem surprised to hear about sunni mourners, well try to come out of yours dens in Muharram and look for yourself.


Laanat br Aale abu Sufyan o Muavia o Marwan.

yes allama iqbal revered the ahlul bayt as in his poems and even  liaquat ali khan was the first PM was also a shia. they were also out founding fathers.

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Its a shame that u disregard Zia ul Haq who was a General of our armed forces. The world came to know abt Pakistan & its power during the reign of this brave man. The communist war machine equipped with modern warfare weapons were thrown back to the soviet union only because of this GREAT man & u call him a mardood?  I just dnt understand y u shias disregard evry islamic hero in the history. Hazrat Umar ra, Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (sword of Allah), Salahuddin Ayubi .....U have ur own stories & tales abt every prominent personality.  A messed up community i should say






why don't you give up your silly fairytales already.... Umar was no Hazrat... neither was Khalid the woman abuser cough cough rapist... and I don't even need to mention that jahil zia who used the  molvis to gain power and absolute authority and is fairly responsible for the creation of the Taliban and the creation of radical saudi trained preachers in Pakistan... it's because of him we have groups like SSP in Pak today.. ...  not to mention being a western puppet and coming into power through violence and his using Islam for his own benefit and misapplying Islamic law ... with a friend like that who needs enemies... just look at his face.. does that look like the face of Momin to you .. no noor whatsoever forget about noor... not even a hint of warmness or softness in his character... he was the Yazeed of Pakistan... lanat... he was one of the biggest enemies of Pak.. ghadar... dushman e pakistan...

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