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In the Name of God بسم الله

Investigating Islam's Shortcomings

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Asalam O Alaikum

10th Muharram marks the sacrifice of Imam Hussain (AS) along with his brave family and companions. An event so powerfully multidimensional which triggers varios reactions in varios factions, but all targetting to achieve spiritual alleviation.

The head which they desired to bow... was the head they were forced to raise themselves (on spears)...

As a tribute to the martyrs of Kerbala, an article and a proposition are added at SDOL.org

Article:  Investigating Islam's Shortcomings
Exact Link: http://www26.brinkster.com/sdolshah1/tripod.html
Islam has been defamed around the world and muslims have been killed on the hands of muslim militants in the name of Islam. Why are our leaders today so reluctant to decide a strategy to eliminate terrorism from the ranks of Islam and protect the honor of Islam itself? What is Imam Ali's role in all of this?

A controversial topic but with intent to show the other side of perspective, reading requires patience and background knowledge on various historical events.

Proposition: The Link
Exact Link: http://www26.brinkster.com/sdolshah1/prop60.html
A short write up with a request to all to come out on the streets to mark the Ashura, so that our numbers show that humanity is still left within us and our figh against terrorism; Our show of solidarity with Syedus Shuhda Imam Hussain (AS)...

At www.sdol.org


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