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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Shian e Ali

Can I Practice Taqqiya?

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After converting, I haven't told by family about me becoming a Shia. Half of my family is extremely against Shias while the other half is nuetral. I'm pretty sure the first half is gonna create a lot of problems for me and probably take away all my connections to the Shia knowledge. Also, by not telling others ( My Sunni fellows ) that I'm a convert, I kind of tell them things about Shia Islam ( which are right ) with references if they ask without telling them that it's Shia Islam knowledge . And they sometimes follow them too. But if they get to know in a convert,they will no longer care what I say even though I'm leading them to the right path. So, by not telling others about it, I'm kinda benefiting it. But if I tell everyone, I'll no longer be getting any access to Shia knowledge and I'm gonna have to follow the Sunni way. So, can I practice Taqqiya in this kind if situation which is helping Me and others, both??

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I'm pretty sure taqiya is something you practice because if you don't your life and property perhaps even the safety of your loved ones would be in danger. What you can do is to learn the things one needs to know in order to live as a Shia Muslim and then let it be known so it won't make so much of a difference if your father tries to cut you off.


Do what is best for you Brother . I don't want you to put yourself in harm's way but taqiya is not something you practice just to avoid getting on people's nerves or to keep people liking you. It is hiding your faith in the interest of preserving your safety.


Allahu alem

and may He forgive me for anything I said which is not correct

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Why would you mislead Sunni's, telling them things that are not according to their teachings?


This is not Taqiyya, this is misleading people.


For Allah has cursed the lairs and deceivers.



I'm Sunni BTW, and I'm socked by this.

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Wa alaikum salam. Taqiyya in this case should be done.


And salam brother Amazigh073. Welcome to the forum. I hope you like it here. We have a lot to learn from each other. And I hope we all have a journey together towards infinite knowledge and greater truths.


About taqiyya, could you first read this short booklet, TAQIYYAH (by Sayyid Akhtar Rizvi) in order to know the stance of shia islam: http://www.al-islam.org/taqiyyah-sayyid-akhtar-rizvi


Yet, I need to note that taqiyya is of two types:


1-] Hiding the beliefs due to the life threats by the enemies. And taqiyya here might include lying. And we have examples to this in Quran and in the conduct of companions, such as that of Ammar bin Yasir (r.a.) (the above booklet lists many of the incidents in the Quran and Hadiths. You can refer to it.) And since the history of shia islam is the history of persecution, no wonder Imams of Ahlulbayt said taqiyya is a part of the belief. Because shias have always been massacred, persecuted and targeted for their beliefs, by the kingdoms, dynasties, especially through the poisonous tongues of the "scholars" they bought, it is no wonder Imams suggested performing taqiyya more.


2-] Hiding the beliefs due to the bigotry of the people but still with the hope and struggle to help them. In this case, lying is out of the question. But hiding can be done. And hiding the truth that, someone emraced a faith, is clearly to refrain from judgment and help them see the truth slowly. Said Nursi, a sunni scholar from the last century, (although he does not name it as taqiyya), describes this kind of taqiyya best, as such:


"../.. It is your right that all that you say should be true, but not that you should say all that is true. For one of insincere intention may sometimes take unkindly to advice, and react against it unfavourably. ../.." (Ustad Said Nursi, Letters, Letter #22)


[Please note that, in this second kind of taqiyya, you can hide certain things because people are not ready to hear them. And you teach things to prepare them to hear further truths. No lying is permitted here but hiding is.]


Back to the sad situation the OP lives in, brother amazigh073, why do you think what is done is to mislead the people? The op clearly says what he's doing is to guide them to truth.


Secondly, rather than a person hiding his conversion (in order to be able to access the sources) so that he practices it better, it should be a shock for us to see bigots who would stop him from doing it. Don't you think so? I mean it is not shocking a person hides his belief. It is shocking that bigot muslims force their brethren to hide their beliefs. Why do they stop him from accessing shia islamic sources, and why do they stop him from practicing shia islam? This should be shocking to us.


Again, what the OP does is pretty Islamic. And, you say you are sunni, brother. Ahsant. Coming from a sunni origin, I am familiar with sunni hadiths. And in sunni narrations also, there is an inspiring story the Prophet (pbuh&hp) tells, about a believing youth, which is recorded in Muslim, Ibn'ul-Asir and etc.


"There lived a king before you and he had a court magician. As he (the magician) grew old, he said to the king: 'I have grown old, so send me a young boy in order to teach him magic.' The king sent him a young boy to serve the purpose. And on his way (to the magician) the young boy met a believing monk to whom he listened to and liked it. It became his habit that on his way to the magician, he would meet the monk and sit there and would come to the magician (late). The magician used to beat him because of this delay. He complained about this to the monk who said to him: 'When you feel afraid of the magician, say: Members of my family detained me. And when you fear your family, say: The magician detained me.' [...]"


The story goes on. You can read the whole narration in sunni sources here: http://sunnah.com/riyadussaliheen/1/30


As you see, because both the magician and his family would stop this believing youth from meeting the monk and studying religion with him, the monk advises him to perform TAQIYYA, not the version of just hiding but even the version which includes lying.


So, as the story which the Prophet told suggests; if a person is to be stopped from searching, studying and practicing faith, he sure can perform taqiyya. And that way, he also can still be in contact with people in order to guide them. And we should see the acts of bigots who cause this (hiding) as shocking, instead of condemning this noble act of studying, practicing and preaching the faith.


I hope I make sense. Welcome to the board again brother. May Allah bless you. ma salam

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