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How To Tell My Family I'm A Revert To Islam.

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I reverted to Islam not too long ago. I am still living with my parents who are very involved in their religion. My father is a preacher and people from their church look up to them for advice. I was raised in the Christian religion and up until 3 years ago its all I knew. I stopped going to church way before I became interested in Islam and I found answers I never did before. The problem now is that I've kept this from my family in fear that they would kick me out of the house. I have my Quran and some other information on Islam hidden in my room but I take it out and read every day. I made the mistake of leaving some out he other day aand when my mom walked into my room to look for me she found it. Both of my parents began making comments saying it was trash and all lies and they threw it out. They didn't find the Quran so I still have that. I know my parents love me but they will never accept me as a Muslim. I don't know how to go about telling them as I also have to tell them I am pregnant and the father is the guy that introduced me to Islam but he is not planning on being responsible for his baby. Although we were in mutah, he had other plans and his family also had expectations of him so he is afraid to confront his family with the news of a baby too.



Congratulations, sister, on finding the light of truth in Islam. Unfortunately, I can't offer any help for the problem you have with how to tell your parents about the baby, I guess it would be better to postpone informing them of you conversion to Islam until after your child is born and is safe in your arm.

As about the conversion, I think, you have to make the difference between before and after of your Islam noticeable to your parents.


I remember a hadith from our beloved Imam Sadiq, who was asked by an ex-christian who had just converted to Islam, about how he was supposed to act towards his family. Imam A.S asked him if they eat pork. He replied no. Then Imam A.S told him to be as compassionate and caring towards his family as he could.

He did the same, and the change in the behavior of the son made his mother curious about the new religion of his son. She said that such a nice instruction can only come from a true prophet. She asked the details of Islam and after some time converted.


What I mean to say is that, as you know, Islam is not only about the belief and the rulings of personal worship, but also about the behavior towards other, especially and most importantly towards the parents. 


To see how important it is to be nice to your parents, I have to tell you that in Quran, Allah puts the command to worship just him (which is the base of monotheistic belief) and the command to be nice to your parents, right next to each other.

Go ahead and read these verses: 2:83, 4:36, 6:151, 17:23.


So show them the beauty of Islam more obviously than saying to them the name of Islam.


I hope this could apply to your case at least partly.

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