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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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No Its Not So You Are Doing Taqaya

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Shia: Asslamoalakum brother


Sunni: You are a filthy Kafir. No need to talk to me


Shia: How you can say this brother?


Sunni: You say Quran is incomplete and there is Tehreef in Quran.


Shia: No we do not hold such faith. Our big scholars have written books and explained this issue in detail in our books. The consensus of our big scholars is that there is no Tehreef in Quran rather there are tens of reports in your Sahiheen and other books from even Hazrat Umer and Hazrat Abu Bakar about the Tehreef in Quran. Can one say that Sunnis believe in incompleteness of Quran on the basis of these reports.


Sunni: You are a foolish person. You are doing Taqaya therefore no need to believe in you because you people are expert in deceiving common people by doing Taqaya. As far as the reports are concerned then they are about Nasikh and Mansookh (repealing and repealed) ayats of Quran and not suggesting Tehreef in Quran.


Shia: I am not lying brother. By the way were repealed verses removed from Quran can you quote ever Prophet (pbuh) said "Go and delete such and such verse from Quran and write this one because this new verse is repealing (Nasikh) and the other repeated is (Mansookh) now"? Quran has both verses while Hazrat Umer reported that Surah Ahzab was much bigger then what is today. Is this not Tehreef.


Sunni: It is useless to talk to you. You people are liars and deceive us. Quran is complete and you believe it is not. 


Shia. No we do not have such faith brother.


Sunni: Stop doing Taqaya. You are lying.


What my question is that this is the ultimate end of most of the Salafi/Wahabi/Sunni and Shia discussions. Have they only this argument that Shia is doing Taqaya always? What is the use of having dialogue with some one or having discussion with some one when you are already holding this view that the other person is lying and hiding his faith and does not disclose what he factually believes? I have seen this common phenomenon in most Anti Shia forums that they finish the discussion by observing that Shia is lying because lying is part of their faith and he is concealing his faith. Every strong argument from Shia side is turned down by simply saying "He is doing Taqaya and lying". What you people say about it?

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Speaking from personal experience, I'd agree. My father uses the same tactic in not believing in something which is not in line with his faith. He promptly use taqiyya as a refutation to my arguments.


I felt it's pointless, so I never discuss with my family anymore.


But at the end of the day, we can't generalize as many non-Shias have given serious attention to what is being spoken and have alhamdolillah accepted what is true.

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The Irony how they Claim we are doing Taqiya on every bases or aspect of Stating a Clear fact, Truth, or a mere opinion. Sadly this is what people are taught to believe since everyone Naturally assumes their on the rightpath, but Funny how no one Takes it into account to Investigate in What one says. And most likely we will be attacked by "your Doing Taqiyah!..." and so on. In reality they will not admit when they are wrong.


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Based on my experience living in a country that hates Shia and oppresses them tremendously, everything started with


In the begining, the Sunnis didn't know anything about us. Then they knew everything about us: our different version of the Quran, our Muharram orgy, our drinking the blood of babies..etc



I'm liking your post a lot Aabiss Shakari. You still manage to bring light to this forum, makes me wanna read the Shia-Sunni forum with your hypothetical real-life scenarios.

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