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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Fasting For Breaking Covenant

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If you choose to repay a broken covenant through fasting, the Kafarrah is fasting for 60 days. What are the options when doing this? Is it allowed to break up the fasting into smaller subsets, or must all of them be done consecutively?


I have heard that the Kafarrah for breaking a fast intentionally is also 60 days of fasting, and that 30 days must be fasted consecutively whilst the remainder can be broken into smaller sets. Does the same apply for a broken covenant?

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Covenant, vow and oath are three seperate things with their own rulings.


The attonement for breaking a covenant is the same as the attonement for intentionally breaking a fast of Ramadhan (freeing a slave or fasting for two months consecutively or feeding 60 poor people).


In fasting consecutively for two months it is sufficient if one month and one day is done in one go and the rest can be done later.


It should be noted that the covenant has a special fromula which has to be pronounced for it to be valid. If the formula was not pronounced then the covenant never took shape and no attonement is required.

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