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In the Name of God بسم الله

Who Is Teaching Sunnis To Hate Shias & Sufis?

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Is hate for non-Sunnis being taught in today's masjids?

I don't see this "hate" going on in the masjid I attend.  I'm in the south (Alabama) and the masjid I attend is Sunni but there are Muslims from all backgrounds there.  This weekend the masjid had a "Day of Dignity" in the park & there were Sunnis and Shias serving the homeless together: spreading dawah, brought food and the medical doctors of the masjid came out and offered medical screening to the homeless.  From my eyes this is the work that muslims should be doing.


Meanwhile I was in GA listening to Shaykh Tahir ul-Qadri and Shaykh Ninowy. 

Shaykh Ninowy is Iraqi-Syrian and lives in Georgia. 

He is Sunni & in the past gave this lecture on the Ahlul Bayt:


It's long but if you start @ 35:14 you will hear him talking about how the Sunni vs. Shia rivalry is intellectual terrorism and that the differences between the two is no excuse for hate, and how other Sunni scholars tried to discourage him from talking about the Ahlul Bayt.


When I first started learning about Islam I did not understand the animosity between Sufis and Shias and Sunnis.  In my mind it's all Islam and we are all Muslims.  

I'm seeing that a lot of "information" on Islamic forums is leaning more toward extremist indoctrination/Jihad recruitment.   And those who hold these extremist views tend to be cut from the same cloth: mostly males, reverts or next generation immigrants, walking,  young (under 30), poor/low income (don't work, underemployed and angry), lives with parents, uneducated/undereducated, unmarried


They ( who ever is the system orchestrator of extremist indoctrination) apparently knows who to target.  Young males who don't have anything.  No independence, no job, no money, no education, no car, no woman.  They present them with the greatest gift given to man: Islam.  Society has rejected them from higher education and these people present them with knowledge that is greater.   I can see now how brain washing these young people can be easy and profitable for their cause.



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That's the job of takfiris. And there are takfiris in each sect, which is a shame.

Are there any other scholars besides Tahir ul-Qadri who have publicly spoken out against takfiris? 


Is the community as a whole aware of them & the division they are causing & the indoctrination disguised as dawah they are spreading?

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on the other hand, there are those who like to confuse people, teaching people correct things but for evil plans just like how Mo'awyiah and his camp tricked Imam Ali's camp , Imam Ali warned them "it is a word of truth with intention of Batil".


As this cleric is explaining, their hatred to Muslims is stemming from their hatred to prophet himself


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