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In the Name of God بسم الله

Prophet Muhammad (S) Epic Series Episode 1

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"Muhammad(P.B.U.H) The Final Legacy" is the first epic drama film series. It is filmed in Arabic with English subtitles with over 203 Syrian, Jordanian and Lebanese famous artists.The series depicts the main key events that occurred in the life of Muhammad , starting from the day Abdul Muttalib (his grandfather) looked after him as an orphan after the death of his father through to the day the great leader of Mankind passed away.The production budget exceeded $2.000.000. Nevertheless, neither high production, nor high cast can portray the greatness of our beloved Prophet Muhammad .The series elaborates in detail the following stages of our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s sacred life through 30 epic episodes:- The Birth Of the Prophet after the death of his father Abdullah- The Demise Of the Prophet’s Mother “Amina”- The Prophet’s childhood and youth.- The Building Of Kaaba- The Prophet’s Wives- The Prophethood- The Prophet’s Migration- The Prophet’s first & Second Covenant of Al Aqabah- Al Hijra To Madinah- The Battles of Uhud, Badr, Ahzab, Hunain and others- Fall Of Khaibar- Conquest Of Makkah- Farewell Hajj- The Demise of The Prophet

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