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In the Name of God بسم الله

Some Interesting Things (Old Maybe) To Think About

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Asalam O Alaikum

The muslim calendar year is about to end with the start of ZilHajj later this week. We must realize the essence of sacrifice.

Five new propositions have been added at SDOL.org

Proposition 1: God's Argument Against The Angels and The Devil
Exact Link: http://www26.brinkster.com/sdolshah1/pro55.html
What, or WHO was God's argument against the angels and Iblis? You matter.

Proposition 2: The Forgiven Sect
Exact Link: http://www26.brinkster.com/sdolshah1/prop56.html
Out of 73 sects of Islam, which sect is forgiven? An easy and obvious answer backed by the Quran.

Proposition 3: Language of God
Exact Link: http://www26.brinkster.com/sdolshah1/prop57.html
There are not many things you can do what Allah does as well...

Proposition 4: Tribulations of Life
Exact Link: http://www26.brinkster.com/sdolshah1/prop58.html
These you cannot evade! But you shouldn't worry either.

Proposition 5: Regression Required
Exact Link: http://www26.brinkster.com/sdolshah1/prop59.html
Lieing was wrong in childhood. Growing up it became an integral part of our daily lives....

At www.sdol.org

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Mashallah brother who writes this amazing blog? this forces you to get out of your little world and makes you THINK and REFLECT.... i will continue to attack this blog with my presense lol


ps. i wanted to also share another amazing website which i adore to death 


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