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In the Name of God بسم الله

Why Saudi And Israeli Interests Match All The Time

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Why is that for past decade or so, Israeli and Saudi interests in ME and in the global politics almost always align with each other? Does it mean Saudis and Israelis are natural allies? Why don't they start a formal diplomatic relationships between Saudis and Israelis and consider each other the Most Favored Nation?

They have exactly the same stance on Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. Both complement each other in investing money in US media to buy American goodwill, both have powerful lobbies supporting each other and their own causes in Washington, both countries intelligence agencies act like twin sisters when it comes to ME and the outside world.

A recent example is they both are equally mad and concerned about the beginning of US and Iran establishment of relations.


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It was amusing; yesterday I was watching the Canadian late night news, and the news anchor was remarking at how "unusual" to see Saudi and Israel of the same mind about something. I laughed out loud; it was a surreal moment. People have no clue.

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