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In the Name of God بسم الله

Unique Universal Government Basis Principals

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In the name of Allah


Unique universal government basis principals


Totally according islam and Quarnsculture ,two factors can be from unique universal government basis.

This two ,they are jewel of one truth and have same sources .

Unification and guardian ship are the most important and basis factor in universal governments nature. unification with all of its grades and branches and guardian ship with all of its levels ,are the most powerful principal in universal government , as that without them, there is no need to  universal government and no condition for proving to be true and no stuff for preventing from crisis and impediment


A)indivinity:To do not ask some thing from any God except Allah

B)in lordship: to know him the union swivel in universe

C)in creative power:to do not know any one for universe creator

D)in devotion :to do not worship any except him

Unity in word is one of absolute principals in structural and contents in universal government .mean while , any principal except unification can not make unity in word and mind and work unity.

And no factor as guardianship can not organize and human talent according to unification. in this manner,unification and guardianship  with covering each other , in guidance and organizing human society to prepare and finding universal government have very important rule .


A)Allah guardianship      B)prophetic guardianship   C)imamate guardianship

1.innocents guardianship

2.decent replacement of innocents(jurisconsults guardianship )

Unity in word escort by unity in policy, in from structural and content absolute factors of universal government that in securing its factors, any shaft as unification shaft and any principal as guardianship is not effective.

 Prospering from unification and guardianships ago- in simple meaning , they are two sides if one coin – are unity makers of mind and idea system and humans and society securer of unity of works and behavior, greatness of human is decorated with Gods greatness  , it causes that human do not submit any except God and do not accept guardianship of him or who he presents.

Accepting unification and guardianship means having very strong mind and act connection of human with Gods and his guardians.

Godsguardians that do not think other than Gods satisfaction and do not have goal other than his orders.

They are the ladder between human and God .

God manages his slaves affair well and secure their universal and futurity goods by his worthy guardian in world

Gods caliph on earth do not have any target other than God satisfaction and human goods and always spend his life because of this .

We must say other principals in society and guardian system of Islam world fork from two principals ;unification and guardianship .

Imam Mahdis(AJ)principal

It is said , AlvinToffler,one of pensive of universal government in U.S. ,prospering  from the best is known one of facilities and stuffs that needed in universal government in his idea.

He wanted to introduce American system for his wish and hopes and try to suggest that America will make future of universe and universe will for America! like his mates.

Toffler pretend that he is finder of “the bests” idea ,meanwhile , ”the bests” idea is explained by Islamic narratives , innocent pointed to this directly.with this detail .it seems Islamic narratives know that enjoying  from the best is one of facilities ofHazrat e-Vali e-Asrs government.

This government should be top in securing spiritual and material needs of all of human societyand this matter is not possible without enjoying from the best.

Here we want to point to the bests that appear with appearing of Imam Zamans government and they are facilities of universal government.

1.reach to the best level of wisdom and sense

 Mind perfection in the narratives its pointed that when Imam Mahdi(AJ)appears, Gods mercy will be show by his hand and caress Gods salves.

And with specific attention ,their wisdom and sense will get at the top level(6)nearness of wisdom perfection with Hazrats appear ,shows that appearance age, is  superior and humans wisdom perfection .this truth ,is fit  with humans wisdom improvement in investing and knowing spiritual truths and social and alone connections and being parallel with knowledge and behavior growing will happen in Hazrats appearance time and in itself part is explainer of wisdom and knowledge perfection in appearance age .

2.reach to the best level of knowledge growing

One of  imamZamans appearance blessing ,according to narratives, is growing and blossoming the knowledge inhuman world.

Narratives point to this truth that ;with rising of the Qaeem(Aj) all of 27 knowledge majors and branches will blossom .here being parallel the Qaeem(AJ)rising and blossoming knowledge is clear reason for appearance ages superior in knowledge with other ages and centuries .

If this work enumerate from imams mercy ,itdose not mean that absolutely it happen with out real and knowledge facilities . todays with electronic facilities help we can open gates of information and knowledge detail in a short time to who use this device .why imam Zaman(AJ)with that power and Gods mercy can not prove the best level of connections and information in short time based on basis and professional scientific and technical tools?

What is happen in connection and information industry ,make easy accepting this .

3.the top form of special justice proceeding

justice as removing cruelty and discrimination , is one of human natural needs and human rights that from ages human peace makers have trying to prove it on earth ,but till know no one succeeded  ,to prove this justice in world . this manner is in charge of imam Zamans(AJ)hand andis one of his government specifications .filling earth with justice and after that’s meaning ,shows that truth that justice and justice making in this age will get in top grade.

Usually when humans wisdom and intelligence and sense and knowing get to its perfection,basis for justice spreading in all parts of human society will be made available in all parts

Imam Zamans(AJ) justice spreading is as clear and top that in narrative the great prophet says :if just one day left from earth God will make that day as long that my sons appearance happens and full up world with justice like before it was filled by cruelty.(7) 

4.to the best and the most pious level and economic and welfare power

Economic factors and mercy supports always were one of top managing human society tools .quality and quantity of managing human society depend this supports ,that this factors and tools will be in control and in hands of what kind of people and signs and governments.

If real human peace makers get this factors ,with their help will try to improve and securing humans spiritual and material goods; in other hand if this tools be in control of rotten and selfish political men .will use them foe themselves and band and parties benefits .in this form ,big amount of people will remove from their rights and result is ,justice slaughter for personal and devil wishes of small band.

With HazratMahdies(AJ) appearance where will be remain on world ruined and  development and welfare will conquer every where, narrative specify this.

From narratives that point to this truth imams government will conquer east and west.in this time , earth treasures that was hidden yet, will appear for imam and right will come back to their owners and people will have a life full of welfare and riches and, wealth in perfect and right form will divide between them.

Imams(AJ) government by enjoying lots of wealth and ring will be work for earth development .

 Charity will remove in imams time because people welfare and economic situation will grow as they do not need to charity.

5.enjoying from the best power and political power

Power and political ability will be available with scientific ,mind and economic powers support.so according to narratives ,all stubborn and world powerful people will lose against Mahdi(AJ) and they can nor resistance ,shows this truth that the imam Mahdis (AJ)generous governments political power is higher and better than humans power and the facilities that are in  imams hand for governing world , are very more than all facilities that was in powerfulpeople hand and politic men till now .if holy Quran talks about greatness and extent of Solomons government ,imam Mahdies (AJ)government will be higher and vaster and more powerful than Solomons government .government and politics of Hazratmahdies(AJ)will be as enormous that there will be no people other than they witness to Gods unification and supreme prophets Prophecy (9).in other side imams politic power will be as powerful that will not make any a promise withtyrants.

6.enjoying from the best arts and military armament facilities enjoying from them .militaryability and armaments ,also getting familiar with professional military arts and defensive,is very big support for keeping independence and power of government.

Military forces and army equipped to tools,apical facilities and arts defensive and military is ornament and proud and safety for every government and country and cause that country and removing that government .

It's usual that enjoying of every government from arts and military and defensive tools should be fit with that government army needs and with area of governing for that government.usually if a government claim to be universal,should its military and armaments power cover all over the world till it can follow itself hops and targets in world level.

Imams Zaman(AJ) removing tyrant and cruelty from earth,also spreading out justice all over world is its top targets and tasks.

This government for proving this matter should enjoy from fit tools , as armaments ,artsand good army facilities for removing earth from cruel , imam has a sword should be an armor that should over come enemies powerful castle of facilities and armament.

If in narratives it's said that imam and his aids punish tyrant and cruel with their sword(11)and if it's said that enemies do not receive any thing except sword (12)it shows that truth that surely imams armor is as powerful that any power can not resistance.thispoint shows that imam has the best and the most powerful military facilities . This betterment can result like spiritual and internal by hidden aids,can result as industry and outward too scientific and industrial and art perfection need this improvement.

Totally that explained from the best , is point to enjoying imams government from all of situation and basis and tools for be coming universal.

Being generous governments content,as it's said in narratives,being invulnerability against attacks and hard disasters .this invulnerability,with enjoying the best special the best scientific,politic,economic,military and people will result.

In generous government honor tools will be available for Islam and Muslims and blasphemy and discord will defeat and pagan and hypocritical will be get little ,and this government will give greatness in world and future to humans(13)this truth is humans lost and humans nature needs that will be available by God aid and every one will enjoying from its sweet result.



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