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In the Name of God بسم الله

"houthi's More Dangerous Than Al Qaeda" Mccain

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LOL! Senator McCain thinks Houthi's are more dangerous than Al Qaeda in Yemen



U.S. Senator John McCain believes the Houthis to be more dangerous than al-Qaeda in Yemen



U.S. Senator John McCain said in a address at the Brookings Institution, a private nonprofit organization devoted to independent research and innovative policy solutions, he believed the Houthis had become a bigger threat to Yemen than al-Qaeda.

The Houthis which are now organized under their political denomination, Ansar Allah are believed to entertain strong ties with Iran and the Hezbollah.
The group which was funded by late Hussain Bedralddeen al-Houthi in reaction to Sana'a central government' aggressive stance against its Zaidi community was categorized as a dissident group with secessionist tendency right up until 2011 revolution, when old political and power dynamics shifted in their favor.
When Yemen revolutionaries called for former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Abdel Maleh al-Houthi, the leader of the Houthis movement immediately offered his support. Within weeks of the uprising, hundreds of Houthis militants traveled to the capital to set up camp. 
As months went on the Houthis carved for themselves a bigger, more important role within the revolution; they fast became a important power-broker, one which officials could no longer keep on the sideline of negotiations.
Strong of the support of the Ayatollahs in Iran, the Houthis have managed to morph from a dissident group to a legitimate political faction, all the while building up its para-military forces in its stronghold of Sa'ada (northern province of Yemen).
With a reported one million supporters, and an army a several thousands strong the Houthis represent indeed a mighty foe, should they use to sprung into action.
Senator McCain clearly articulated the threat, noting, "«Iran represents a bigger threat than al-Qaeda in Yemen." He added, " groups linked to Iran have started to emerge in Iraq, Syria and the Peninsula. Iran is trying to play instability to its advantage by tipping the balance of power in its favor."





Source from http://www.yemenpost.net/Detail123456789.aspx?ID=3&SubID=6948


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Any group that is not controlled by them is more dangerous than Alqaida... he is right!


Alqaida is no danger for the western forces.. it is mainly controlled by a few intel services... they can activate them, deactivate them, use them, provoke Salafis-Sunnis via such groups, kill or put them in prisons using Alqaida and everything else...


While Houthis or the groups like them are independent of intelligent services of the west or Israel... they might have a little bit indirect affect on them... [for example the Houthis slogans such as 'death to this and that or damn the Jews' and etc...are not politically correct or applicable... these slogans are prescribed by western Zionists for their own political propagandas.... but that could only have very limited impact that the west might have on Shia groups, organizations, religious institutions or countries...and that indirectly.]


The clear example is that: The MI6 cannot impose its will on Hizbullah to make the group run around Lebanon and impose Sharia, behead Sunnis, imprison Christians and then use the people of Lebanon against such attempts to cause chaos and bring down Islamic values and groups.... But, MI6 can easily trap Taliban or Hizbut-Tahrir in such a method.... or to bomb civilians or cut the throat of an individual on the streets of UK then to find reasons to implement their own religious or political agenda.


So yea the bottom line is that, for these political organizations, individuals (like McCain) or intel services who aim to do every possible inhuman act to achieve what they want for their own interests, they pray for groups like Alqaida and throat cutters to come out in Muslim societies... But they are very uncomfortable with the groups like Houthis, Hizb, and others who just mind their own business, fight against oppression in their own neighborhoods, demand their rights and seek freedom and justice!


We should care for what we see about Houthis... they might have their own problems and mistakes... but, it is the only group who can help the poor amongst Shias of Yemen and demand and bring a better social life in such a corrupt, puppet and backward country. And especially a group who prevents the absolute takeover of the country by Alqaida-Salafis and the puppet Saudi Arabia, where we already know that is not a good thing to happen in any country where Alqaida or Saudi rule or takeover.

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