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In the Name of God بسم الله

Syria Has Destroyed Hopes Of Sunni-Shia Unity

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I am someone who was hopeful of Sunni shia unity or at least co-operation would come at some point after all theres no point in keep fighting at some point there will have to be a truce


especially meaning a truce between salafis and shias, its not funny but possible, problem was nobody proposed negotiations


this concerns two elements despised oppositely by sunnis and shias, jihadi salafis & hezbollah shias or iran supporting shias


I write this in the context of the overwhelming trend (I know nothing is 100%) which is what actually matters 


hezbollah with iran has lost credibility in iraq among Sunnis for supporting maliki and the shia militias but this wasnt a game changer


for shias "wahabis" or salafis were always akin to kafir to which was a terrible generalization as salafis dont consider all shias that and mainstream salafis dont consider majority of shias to be either which you can check on many internet videos for


most stupidest assumption among shias is being Saudis represents salafi opinions 


the Syrian war changed the face of Shias among sunnis, In the begining there was hope that Iran will switch, as iranian media stayed neutral and some iranian MPs supported turning against Assad though quickly khamenei reversed this and gave his support for Assad and his Brutal mass murdering anti-islamic war


the Fact this forum representing ordinary shias is overwhelmingly supporting this tyrant and excusing with all those millions who rose up as al-qaeda when its a tyrant who chose to destroy syria and killed so many because he doesnt want his family losing power


I cant consider anybody who looks at syria reads a few basic facts with a Muslim conscience then to support bashar cannot be a decent person no matter what you are shia, sunni, sufi, ibadi etc..


I understand some salafi groups kiling shias indiscriminately especially iraq and pakistan but even most of them they dont just do it for no reason it is a wider trigger no matter who started it, isnt it better to settle these triggers? but shias have never thought of negotiating they will with north korea but not with sunnis, even a proposal would suffice at least then intentions would be clear, i know some sunnis especially salafis are guilty just as much though somebody has to start but cant happen if they both consider each other kuffar


but supporting a tyrant like bashar is beyond anything the worst among the sunnis have committed and totally breaks all common Islamic principles 


shias need to make a choice about this otherwise the Shia sunni divide will become irreversible and enemys of muslims like it better to divide and conquer



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"Syria Has Destroyed Hopes Of Sunni-Shia Unity"


Syria is just an excuse... Lets start from the first Sunni Islamic government in modern era in Afghanistan till today, from South Asia to Palestine, from Egypt to Yemen... for decades, anytime Sunni Islamists came to power or tried to come to power, they targeted Shias as their first targets.


Syria has exposed the fact that Sunnis were never ready for unity and will never be ready... a few of them only tried to use Iran or Hizb or other Shias for time being... such as those in Palestine/Egypt... And by the time they had a few bones thrown to them by the same hands that beat them for years, they switched sides and barked towards the hands that fed them for years.


Sunnis do not have a body that shares any interest with Shias... there you have Sunni secular folks who are either nationalist or are involved in their local politics within their countries' borders that has no benefit to Shias regionally and sometimes it's against local or regional Shias interests...


And you have Sunni religious folks such as those like MB, Alqaida and etc... who too have no shared interests with Shias.. They want to impose strict-Salafi Sharia (that describe Shias as Rafidhis and one of the targets) and they waste no time in announcing their confrontation against Shias by the time they come to power...


They cannot accept any Shia in where they rule... such as those during the Taliban era in Afghanistan, the Islamist movement in Pakistan who believe Shias should be killed and their religious texts/activities/sites should be banned, MB & Salafis coming to power in Egypt where they wasted no time in declaring Shias as their number one enemy, Jihadi fighters raising against Assad in Syria and declaring their war against Shia/Alawite citizens, Sunni Islamist struggling in Iraq to come to power and their main target is Shia civilians... Jihadists trying to gain power in Yemen and again their first target is set to be the Shia civilians and groups. Hamas in Palestine coming to power (while receiving its main support from Shia Iran) but still it could not tolerate a tiny Shia community in Palestine and did not allow them any freedom of religion and attacked them during Muharram 2010 and declared restrictions for the followers of Shia Islam.


So I have no idea what are/were the options of uniting Shias-Sunnis while I see the Shias can work it out, they are not that divided and Iran as a big and powerful Shia country always called for the unity and has been ready to work it out with Sunnis or to find common grounds with them... but as I explained above, there is NO such thing from Sunni sides. I don't see the possibility and it is good for Shias not to waste time on something that will have no results but only will hurt Shias.. instead should focus on uniting Shias and empower them!

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especially meaning a truce between salafis and shias, its not funny but possible, problem was nobody proposed negotiations


Its not Syria who destroys the hops of Sunni-Shia unity, it is Saudi Arabia.


In August 2008, Hezbollah sat with lots of Salafi parties, and organisations in Lebanon in order to make better relations, and find things to agree on, rather than always finding something to differ on. So basically, its like written agreements, and it was on television, and they basically agreed on lots of things, and decided to think positively or a better Lebanon.


The Salafi Movement in Lebanon was pressured by Saudi Arabia to cancel this whole agreement.


A day later after the agreement with Hezbollah, al-Shahhal, the founder of the Salafi Movement in Lebanon, had a press conference, cancelling the whole agreements, and deciding the whole thing didn't mean anything.


Here are a couple of pictures and video that were held in the "Hezbollah-Salafi Agreement Ceremony"








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Not to forget that Umar Bakri, was sentenced to life in prison in Lebanon, when he called out for Sayed Hassan Nasrollah asking him for help, and that how would Sayed Nasrollah accept that a Muslim Sheikh would be put in prison in an unjust manner. Sayed Nasrollah sent one of the Hezbollah members of the parliament who happens to be a lawyer, and he was Umar Bakris lawyer in court, and they set Umar Bakri free.


Everyone knows who Umar Bakri is, he hates Shia and Hezbollah more than he hates anything else in the world. Funny part is, Hezbollah set Umar Bakri free, when all the Salafi Movements in Lebanon, let him down, and didn't ask about him.


"His release was requested by Nawwar al-Sahili, who is a Hezbollah member of parliament.

He became Bakri Muhammad's lawyer after the cleric appealed to the Hezbollah leader, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, following his conviction."



First, he became loving to Hezbollah, and defending the Shia. And just a year or two later, he was back on the track calling the Shia rafidah.

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