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In the Name of God بسم الله

Could You Translate Some Short Inspiring Videos?


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Bismihi Subhanah.. Salam.. Here are some clips from lectures of shia muslim scholars..

I am studying Farsi now.. But, I am not good at it right now.. I was wondering if you could translate these videos into English..


Repentance - Ayatollah Mojtahedi (r.a).. - at 2:20




Dhikr of God - Imam Khomeini (r.a)





to be both fearful and hopeful.. -till 2:45



Thanks in advance.. Khoda Hafez..

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Ayetullah Nasiri

I washed my heart from anyone except you. Just you are in it. There is a narration that say :” The heart of mu’men(believer) is Haram(Sanctuary) of Allah So the nobody inhabit in haram of Allah except Allah”

The earth or sky, galaxies, planets can don’t have the capacity of Allah and his greatness. But include in the heart of mu’men. Allah creat the heart of believer for his own(Allah). It is the particular home of Allah. Don’t let in others except Allah.

There is a narration that say :” The heart of mu’men(believer) is Haram(Sanctuary) of Allah So the nobody inhabit in haram of Allah except Allah”

قلب المومن حرم الله فلا تسکن حرم الله غیر الله

Empty your heart. Put away harms then come.

Imam Humaini

بذکر الله تطمئن القلوب

by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured

Not by the power of great powers of the world nor the by the owning of the whole world and beyond it.

The only thing that give you assuring and take out the soul of the waving and requesting it is remembrance of Allah

​It's not only to say La ilaha illallah by word.

remembrance of Allah place in the heart

remembrance of Allah

pay attention to him

by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured

The thing that take you away of shaking ( waving) is remembrance of Allah

When the shake run away and came the assuring and remembering of Allah then you will addressed by:

يا أيتها النفس المطمئنة

Quran89:27 [To the righteous it will be said], "O reassured soul,

It’s narration that say it address Imam Hussain

Try to Eliminate worries do not make them more. As you go ahead (in sin) worries will get more

Try to make down the veils that is between you and Allah

And the big veil is you. The human is veil himself.

Think that you need assurance not worrying

This worries put you in the hell in this world (life)

These worries are dimension of hell, Try to get ripe of these worries.

It’s not that if you have one post make it twice. It has more worry. Try to eliminate that panic of soul that is in you and worry and the things that come after of the Egoism. Eliminate yourselves.

You are the veil.

Ayetullah Mujtahidi

From the day you created us you didn't see any thing except sin

O Allah for 8 and 4'sake forgive us,You see nothing, You hear nothing

O Allah forgive us free of charge

We have done bad but it was not to defiance of you. Sensuality tempted us. Satan got rolled us now come and help us I feel contrition now but from now ask you for help

you help me not to do wrong

my eye, my ear, my hand , my leg every parts of my body do not sin In sha Allah

let's say 10 time

elahi Al awf

pray for me if it was helpful

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Thanks Farid. With your help I subtitled the above videos in Turkish.


I wish Farsi speaking brethren could translate some spiritually uplifting short clips and some on politics be it from the above website (aviny) or from some other websites that they know of.


I think this website has some good clips also:




Thanks in advance. ma salam

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