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In the Name of God بسم الله

120 Sign About Apocalypse From Imam Sadegh (As)

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 In the name of Allah

Hello everybody



Imams Sadegh(AS) in narrative talks about sing and corruptions detail that occur in the verge of Mahdis(AJ) revolution these predicts seem to be for our age:
1.when you saw that  Truth is died and truth men are died
2.and saw that  cruelty envelope every where
3.and saw that Quran gets old and some innovation added to it from temptation
4.and saw that religion have no meaning,like inversed plate
5.and saw that untruth men wan to get higher than truth men
6.and saw that devil is clear and no one ban it and make excuse for who do bad work
7.and saw that corruption gets Clear and men and women not suffice to them selves
8.and saw that Muslim get silent and people do not accept his word
9.and saw that lewd lies and no one answer to his lies and untruths
10.and saw that little child insults big adult
11.and saw that family relation ships cut down
12.and saw that when people proud to some bodys bad work ,gets happy and do not answer speakers word
13.and saw that boy do what women do
14.and saw that women get coupled with women
15.and saw that eulogy gets a lot
16.and saw that man spend his wealth in non-God way and no one do not prevent him
17.and saw that when people see muslim,resort to God from his tring
18.and saw that neighbour,molests his neighbor and there is no problem for him
19.and saw that unbeliever is happy from what he see in Muslim and is happy too from corruption he see in universe
20.and saw that people drink clearly and get together for drinking
21.and saw that a person who order to good is abject
22.and saw that lewd is powerful and firm in what God do not like
23.and saw that Quran men and lovers are abject
24.and saw that way of God is closed and Evils way is got important.
25.and saw that Kaba is closed and people order to leave it
26.and saw that people say what they do not do
27.and saw that men and women try to be ready for their same sex couple
28.and saw that mans life manages from his back and woman life from her vagina
29.and saw that women like men get meeting
30.and saw that between Abbas children appear femininity and
Saw that rich is more popular than Muslim and appear usury and do not rerimind
31.and saw that women collaborate with his husband for marrying with men
32.and saw that most of people and best home are that help women for lewdness
33.and saw that Muslim is upset because of his believe and he is abject
34.and saw that innovation and adultery appear
35.and saw that people believe to untruth witness
36.and saw that legitimate is blocked and illegal is allowabled
37.and saw that religion orders comment according what people want
38.and saw that  people get as cheeky that they do not wait for sin till night
39.and saw that Muslim can just scold bad work in his heart
40.and saw that big amount of money spend in way of Gods anger
41.and saw that goverment get close to unbeliever and avoid from Muslim
42.and saw that judge take  bribe in judging
43.and saw that governmental position is gave to who pay more for it.
44.and saw that people incest
45.and saw that kill people for slander and suspicion
46.and saw that gayness promote
47.and saw that man earn money from his lewd women and know that and accept it
48.and saw that women rule men and does what her husband does not like and give money to her husband
49.and saw that man,hire out his wife and his servant, and get clothing and food instead
50.and saw that people promise to God a lot
51.and saw that gambling appears
52.and saw that wine is sold officially
53.and saw that Muslims give their wives to unbeliever
54.and saw that debauchery reveal and who see it do not ban it
55.and saw that people make little upright, who they afraid from his ruling
56.and saw that the closet person to governors are who insult us
57.and saw that a person who loves us people call him liar and do not accept his witness
58.and saw that people compete on cruelty
59.and saw that people find hearing Quran hard but they are open to absurd thing
60.and saw that neighbor,respect neighbor because of his tongue afraid
61.and saw that Gods red line is brake and people do what do they want
62.and saw that mosques,decorate with gold
63.and saw that the most honest person is liarslanderers
64.and saw that devil and gossiping reveale
65.and saw that cruelty get prevalent
66.and saw that backbiting get ideal and people tell each other with happiness
67.and saw that people go Haj because of non-God
68.and saw that governor insult Muslim because of unbeliever
69.and saw that ruining is more than reclaim
70.andsaw that people manage their life with selling under weight
71.and saw that murdering get easy
72.and saw that people for material life want ruling,and afraid others by their tongue,until they catch that job
73.and saw that people leave saying prayers(Salat)
74.and saw that man have lots of wealth but did not pay Zakat at all
75.and saw that people open died people temple and molest them and sell their shroud
76.and saw that there are lots of riot
77.and saw that man pass his day with wine though and pass night in drunk form and not care about other people condition
78.and saw that people do bad things with animals
79.and saw that animals tear each other
80.and saw that man go mosque and come back shirtless
81.and saw that their heart froze and become jealous and praying God is gotten hard
82.and saw that unlawful jobs spread out and there is competition for them
83.and saw that prayer prays for showing off
84.and saw that cleric learn religions orders for some thing other and try to earn money and governmental positions
85.and saw that people love who is so almighty
86.and saw that a person who work for lawful money is banned and who try for unlawful money is prodded
87.and saw that in Mekka and Medina do what God don't like and no one stop it and ban then from these bad works
88.and saw that corruption instrument appear in Mekka and Madina
89.and saw that if some one invite to good and ban them from bads people say him:it's not up to you
90.and saw that people do same, and obey lewd people
91.and saw that Gods way is vacant and no one go through it
92.and saw that people mock each other and no one get upset tor others die
93.and saw that every year innovations and cruelty get more
94.and saw that people and associations just obey powerful people
95.and saw that people give something to poor people and make laugh at him and have mercy for non-God
96.and saw that heavenly signs appear but no one scare
97.and saw that people like animals have sex in public and no one deny it because of scare of it
98.and saw that people for non-God are generous and for God are something less than stingy
99.and saw that offending to parents appear and do not respect them and they are the worst for children
100.and saw that women catch important position and works do not go on with out their willing
101.and saw that son libel his father and damn his parent and become happy when they die
102.and saw that if a day pass for a man and in that day does not do big sin like lewdness or selling under weight or sin or drunk he think that this day was burned and is wasted his day
103.and saw that governor hoard nutritions
104 and saw that prophets familysright(Khoms) divide wrong and gamble with that or drink with that money
105.and saw that people doctor illness with wine and waiting for betterment
106.and saw that  people don't care about inviting to goods and ban from bads
107.and saw that disorders speak but truth men are off
108.and saw that people take money for saying Azan
109.and saw that mosque are full of people that don't scare God and come to mosque for backbiting behind truth men and speak about introxical wine
110.and saw that drunk is out of minds and is people leader in saying prayer and don't care about his drinking and if he is drunk they proud him
111.and saw that people proud to who catch orphan property
112.and saw that judge, judge out of Gods order
113.and saw that governor choose traitor instead of their honest because of greedness
114.and saw that governor give truth inheritance to people who are lewd and are fearless about God , take them bribe and give away them till do what do they want
115.and saw that on pulpit order to goodness but speaker does not do it himself
116.and saw that people do not care about saying prayers time
117.and saw that people give charity to poor people because of others ask and not for Gods satisfaction,although because of people implore
118.and saw that all of people mind is their food and their sex and do not care about what do they eat and what associate
119.and saw that universe love them
120.and saw that Gods sign is gotten old
In this position take care of your self and ask your rescue from God
Roze-e-Rezvan,decedent Koleini,7th Hadith
Behar alanwar, Allame Majlesi,52end book,254-260 pages
Translation adapted from"Adl-e-Montazar"book,17th speech
Writer:"DavoodElhami " page 170

From:Akharazamn institute weblog


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