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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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How To Avoid The Syrian War And Join The Antiwar

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After Obama, it is now the congresss approval to go for war.


Now we know it would'nt be a simple thing with almost half the world population erasing out in a nuclear disaster.


Let us spread awarness of how to avoid war for Allah loves peacemakers and hates mischiefmakers according to teachings of Quran and Ahlulbayt (as).


Let us join that group by doing whatever means to spread awareness of the effects of war.


One of which is one of the best antiwar movies.  Please recommend it if you like it and and more efforts warrented, which help us in this world and Aqira.



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As of 2 days ago, I changed my mind... why should we get mad/upset over this incident when the monster in the White House decided to join a sectarian war and fight alongside Alqaida covering them fromthe sky? They are exposing themselves furthermore and benefiting the Syrian government, Hizbullah, Iran and all other Shias and other people who always had a point against such a network.


This is yet another trap set to hit them hard!!! Syria is already destroyed, let the real evil forces, Saudi-Turkey-Qatar and their western masters TO GET IN...


As they did everything before, from attaacking Lebanon (2006) to attacking Iraq, to spreading sectarian wars, to installing anti-Shia forces in Egypt and elsewhere.... EVERYTHING THEY DID HAD THE OPPOSITE IMPACT & THE OPPOSITE OUTCOME from what they planned for!! Indeed, God is the best planner!


Our brothers in Syria, and the Syrian regime will have tons of sympathy from everyone... the entire world knows already that the chemical attack was a lie, and the entire world would know that the entire unrest in Syria was nothing but a ZioSalafi agenda for destruction of Syria.. And the entire world will add to the amount of hatreds they have for these forces of fitna!


Syria is going down with such strikes? No!

The opposition will win over such strikes or getting more weapons or money? No!

Is it going to stop the Syrian government from advancing and liberating Syrian cities? No!


Osama Bin Ladin and Obama Bin Saud, they are both welcomed to join hands, attack and then taste the suffering and defeat...and the very bad outcome of their actions across the region.

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[and may Allah(swt) curse you peeping-Tom, Stasi gov't snoops]


Here is a point to use to argue against a strike on Syria:


The US has 1300+ troops with a few air defense weapons guarding the DIA/CIA al-Qaida Support bases in Jordan.


What does the Obomb'em boys do when Syria launches a ground assault on them?

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