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In the Name of God بسم الله

Egypt In The Era Of Imam Mahdi's Advent

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In the name of Allah

Hello everbody



Egypt in the era of Imam Mahdi's advent


There are some hadiths about Egypt in the era of Imam Mahdi's advent but some of them are not very authentic. Some of these hadiths are related to Fatimid movement and their arrival in Egypt and Levant that some of narrators joined them with hadiths about emergence of Sufyany and Imam Mahdi (A.S). Some of these hadiths are correct and praise egyptian people and egyptian gentles who are special helpers of Imam Mahdi (A.S). They says Imam Mahdi will make Egypt the universal pulpit of Islam.


Now, we express some of these hadiths :

According to Fath al-Bari, Abu Naim has quoted from Ka'ab al-Ahbar : Antichrist's mother give birth to him in "Qus" located in Egypt. It takes thirty years from his birth to his emergence.

Ka'ab's  intent of this incorrect statement is that in their idea Antichrist is the king of Jews and born in Egypt like Moses and lead Israel.

Hakim has quoted from Ka'ab al-Ahbar a false prediction about the destruction of Egypt, either : Arabian Peninsula is safe from destruction until the destruction of Armenia. Egypt is safe from destruction until the destruction of Arabian Peninsula. Kufa is safe from destruction until the destruction of Egypt. There is no combat until the destruction of Kufa and the city of atheism will not be conquered until the combat happens. Antichrist will not emerge until the conquest of the city of atheism.

This hadith is one of Ka'ab's lies. It is said that he rumored between Muslims that Antichrist will emerge after the  conquest  of Constantinople immediately and Mecca and Medina will be destroyed as well as Egypt and Muslim lands. Ka'ab was striver to propagate his lies in praise of Levant and in censure of Hijaz, Egypt, and Iraq. His statements were become to prophetic hadiths by his followers. Such as this hadith that Holy Prophet said : Devil entered Iraq to relieve, next he entered Levant but they drove him away, then he went to Egypt and oviposited that hatched out. finally,he spread his stuff there! It is quoted in Ibn Asakir's narrative that Devil leaned there.

According to Al-Tabarani in Al-Awsat and Al-Mu'jam Al-Kabeer, in the book Damascus History, Ibn Asakir quoted from Iyas Ibn Muawiyah that Holy Prophet said : God guarantee Levant and its people because of me but Devil went to Iraq and oviposited that hatched out, then he went to Egypt and spread his stuff and leaded back. Holy Prophet also said : Levant mountain is prophets mountain. It is also quoted that : then he (Devil) entered Levant but they drove him away till he arrived in Bosaq.1


As we mentioned in Jawahir At-Tarikh, caliphate's narrators traind and grew up with a partiality for Levant and Banu Umayya. They refused the hadith in praise of Egypt quoted by the great companion of Prophet , Amru Bin Hamiq Al-Khozaei ; their hadith scholars verified it, however.

In Mustadrak Al-Hakim, it is said that Amru Bin Hamiq quoted from Holy Prophet : I came to Egypt because there will be such an intrigue in which the sanest people (or said : the best people) are western army.2

In Sunni's point of view, whatever Muawiyah and Ka'ab Ol-Ahbar said about the primacy of Levant and its people over the world is true!

In Dibaj 'ala Sahih Muslim, Suyuti said : Tabarani has narrated and Hakim has verified that Amru Bin Hamiq uttered that Holy Prophet said : there will be an itrigue in which the sanest people are western army. Bin Hamiq said : thus I preferred Egypt to your areas.

Muhammad ibn Rabi Jeezy has quoted this narrative in Masnad Al-Sahaba and said  : Holy Prophet entered Egypt and added : you are the western army. This hadith is an advantage for Egypt in the nation of Islam because it had rarely involved with seditions during the history of Islam. Egypt did not get into trouble as other areas did and it remained as the source of science and religion and became the caliphate center and public migration location, finally! Now, after Mecca and Medina , no region has prominent religious ritual and appearance like Egypt apparently!


Egyptian nobles, Imam Mahdi's ministers

In Al-Ghaybah Tusi, it is quoted from Jabir Ja'fi that Imam Baqir (A.S) said : three hundred , equal to the Badr warriors will give thier allegiance to Qa'im (A.S) between the columns of Kaba and Maqam-e-Ibrahim. There are noblemans from Egypt, gentlemans from Levant, and righteouses from Iraq among them. He stays there as long as God wills.3

Al-Faa'eq of Zamakhshari and Al-Tazhib of Ibn Asakir quoted from Imam Ali (Pbuh) : the peak of Islam is Kufa and its migration location is Medina; noblemans are from Egypt and gentlemans are from Levant, who are few in number.

Page 63 : gentlemans are from Levant, noblemans are from Egypt and  the righteouses are from Iraq.

This hadith is a great excellence for Egypt and its people, because Imam Mahdi's companions are three hundred and thirteen and all of them are high ranking. Holy Prophet and his holy household (pbut) have praised them. They are the governors of the world in divine justice government. In Shia resources, a narrative implies that when Imam arrives in Levant , Egyptian ensigns come to him and give him their allegiance, to wit before the victory of Imam in Jerusalem War or after that.

In Irshad, Imam Redha (pbuh) said : as if I see green flags from Egypt that join Mahdi - who is the master of prophets commandments- in Levant.



Imam Mahdi (A.S) enters Egypt and make there as his universal propaganda center.

Our resources (Shia) have quoted that Imam Ali (a.s) said : I will establish a pulpit in Egypt and destroy Damascus stone by stone. I will expel the Jews from Arab lands and punish the Arabs with this stick.

The narrator (Abayeh Asadi) declared that I said : Amir Al-Momenin! According to your words, it seems as if you will be revive after your martyrdom! He said : Oh Abayeh! Lo and behold! You didn't get my words and your mind was absent! A man of my generation does it i.e. Mahdi (A.S).4

This hadith implies that Imam Mahdi (A.S) occupy Damascus after a destructive battle against Sufyany. He will expel the Jaws who are sporadic in Arab lands and make Egypt as the universal propaganda center. The next narrative adds : Mahdi (A.S) enters Egypt and people welcome him.

Mukhtasar Albasaer has quoted : Imam Ali (A.S) described Mahdi in one of his sermons and said : the major veracious depart with the flag of guidance... then he go to Egypt and give a sermon to people over the pulpit. The earth promise the justice, the sky rains, trees fruit, ground grow its verdancy and become beautiful to the earthlings. Wild animals are safe, as they pasture anywhere like livestocks. Light of knowledge is radiated hearts of faithfuls no faithful needs his brother's knowledge. That day is the interpretation of this verse : Allah will enrich each of them out from his vastness. He is the embracer, the wise.5

Next narrative shows that there is some treasures and hoards of knowledge and another things in two of Egyptian Pyramids for Mahdi.

Saduq has quoted from Ahmad Ibn Muhammad She'rani (one of Ammar Ibn Yasir's children) from Muhammad Ibn Qasim Mesri : Ibn Ahmad Ibn Tulun got a thousand workers to search pyramids for one year until he found a marble cliff which there was a wall on its back but he couldn't demolish it. An Ethiopian bishop read the note on the cliff, written according to one of the pharaohs : I built pyramids and palaces outside the city and established two pyramids and hide my treasures and myhoards there. Ibn Tulun said : here no one can do anything but Qaim Ale Muhammad (A.S). Then he turn the cliff over to the last place.

There are some weaknesses in the book due to the contents which some narrators added to it, but it has notable strengths,too.

Ibn Himad has expressed some narratives from "Ka'ab" and others about the connection between Egypt and events after the Sufyany's emergence and the arrival of western people in Egypt in his book "Alftan", but those narratives are not authorized. Even if they are correct, they are consistent with the arrival of Fatimid western army in Egypt and Levant. Ibn Himad quoted from Ammar Ibn Yasir : one sign of Imam Mahdi's reappearance is that the Turks raid you and your caliph who collects property will die and replace a weak surrogate who will be ousted after two years of giving their allegiance to him. Also, the western part of Damascus Mosque collapse and three person raise in Levant. Western people leave to Egypt that is Sufyany's dominion.6

Ibn Himad quoted from Artat : when the Turks and Romans gather, a village in Damascus destroy and the western wall of Damascus Mosque collapse. Three flag will be raised in Levant : Abqa7,As'hab8, and Sufyany. A man surround Damascus but he will be killed with his entourage. Two men of Abu Sufyan children will riot that second one will win. When the supporters and Abqa arrive from Egypt, Sufyany will fight them with his army. He kills so many Turks and Romans in "Circesium" that the predators would be full of their flesh.

Tusi also has conveyed such a hadith with same document in Algheybah quoted from Ibn Himad from Ammar Ibn Yasir : the government of your prophet's family will establish in apocalypse and it has some signs. When these signs reveal, sit around and do nothing until those signs pass : When the Turks and Romans attack you and arrange army. Your caliph (Muslims) who collects property die and an upright man replace him and he is ousted after few years of giving their allegiance to him. The destroyer of their government raise from the same region that their government established first day. (Abu Moslem Khorasani was the founder of Bani Abbas dominion and he was from Khorasan, Hulagu Khan was also from Khorasan who overthrow Bani Abbas dominion.) Then the Turks and Romans battle each other and so many wars occur.After that somebody calls from Damascus castle : woe to the inhabitants of earth! Western part of Damascus mosque falls and its wall collapses. Three person raise in Levant and all of them claim for dominion. One of them is Abqa (the smallpox) another one is As'hab (red and white) and the third one is of Abu Sufyan's family. He comes from Kalb Stream (a location between Beirut and Saida) and ready people in Damascus and the strangers attack Egypt. Their arrival in Egypt is a sign of Sufyany's emergence.

This narrative adjust to Fatimid movement clearly but some narrators has mistaken it for Sufyany narrative, so it cannot be proved that Sufyany are related or interested in Egypt. Another narratives talk about Egypt in the era of reappearance, too. But they are not authentic or they are related to the events which has occurred and passed ; such as narratives about economic crisis in Hijaz due to prohibition of food imports from Egypt ; if this narrative is true, it is related to primary centuries that Egypt was the food supplier in Hijaz, but the narrators has confused it with Imam Mahdi's hadiths. Also, as Ahmad's narrative 2/262 quotes from Abu Harireh that Holy Prophet said : Iraq prohibits its module and its Dirham, Levant prohibits its mode and its Dinar, Egypt prohibits its cereal module and its Dinar , and you will return to the first place that you start. (He repeat it three times) Abu Harireh says : Abu Harireh's blood and flesh witness this subject!

Similar narratives are conveyed by Moslem 4/2220 ; Abu Davood 3/166 ; Beyhaqi in Sonan 9/137 ; Dalayel On-Nobovat 6/329 ; all of them are quoted from Abu Harireh and etc.

Mulahim Ibn Munadi quoted from Abuzar that Holy Prophet said : a man from Banu Umayya comes after a king in Egypt. But people overcome his dominion and take it from him. He escape to Rome and agitate Romans for Muslims and this is the first battle.

Tahthib of Ibn Asakir says that : the others quoted from Valid and added Abu Najm between Hisan and Abuzar and added in narrative that : a man from Banu Umayya will be in Egypt.9

As well as slip in evidence , maybe this was an event which occurred and finished but it is not inconsistent with the words of Holy Prophet that said : this is the first battle, namely it is one of the events related to Imam Mahdi's reappearance.


1.As quoted in Al-Mu'ajam Al-Baladan 1/143 Bosaq located on the way of Egypt. (عقبه بُساق)

2. Tabarani , Al-Mu'jam Ol-Awsat, 8/315 ; Bukhari, Tarikh Al-Kabeer 6/313

3. Al-Ghaybah, Ethbat Al-Hodah 3/517 ; Behar 52/334.

4.Ma'ani Ol-Akhbar/406 ; Ayfaz/385 ; Behar 53/60

5. Quran,Chapter 4: AN-NISA, verse 130. Bisharat Al-Islam/71

6. Ibn Monadi/44 ; Sonan Daani/78

7. Abqah has blisters on his face.

8. As'hab is the name of a kind of lion that is yellow.

9. Raviyani : Al-Jamia Al-Saqeer 2/63  and  Ibn Asakir : Al-Hawi 2/91 , Al-Mu'jam Al-Awsat 9/56



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I don thave refr but two things i recall clearly about the egyptians is that 1) they will welcome the imam as and it will be one of his pulpit.. 2) that the leader of egypt will be overthrown and thereafter they will not be able to agree on the leadership and hence no leader will rule for long.. Until the time of zuhoor arrives...

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Imam Ali (a.s) said : I will establish a pulpit in Egypt and destroy Damascus stone by stone. I will expel the Jews from Arab lands and punish the Arabs with this stick. The narrator (Abayeh Asadi) declared that I said : Amir Al-Momenin! According to your words, it seems as if you will be revive after your martyrdom! He said : Oh Abayeh! Lo and behold! You didn't get my words and your mind was absent! A man of my generation does it i.e. Mahdi (A.S).


this hadith makes me always thoughtful

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