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In the Name of God بسم الله

Fighting Against The Evildoers- 'bollywood'

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A new film has been created by the Anti-Islamic film factory-"Bollywood".

The movie was released a few days back and it features a song titled- "Bismillah". It is an obscene song, being played in a disco.


This is not the first time the Indian filmmakers have done this. A few years back, they created song titled "Ya Ali Madad".It was played in discos and people danced to its tune. In fact, they might still be using it in these sinful places.




These people should face the consequences of what they are doing. They have insulted the Creator of the World, this time.


For the sake of the Allah, the Most Beloved of all, please spread the word and make an effort to register your comment in a strong language.

And unlike the video.





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They have done it before, too.


David Ya Hussain song comes under Shia Muslims storm

[Tuesday, January 29, 2013]


Bejoy Nambiar's David seems to be in a big mix. After the clash of the Sindhi Community over the song Duma Dum Mast Kalandar, David's other song is in jeopardy now.

The Shia Muslim community has raised objection over the song track, Ya Hussain from the movie. A Bandra resident, Wasi Rizvi, submitted a petition to the Censor Board on Monday objecting to the track.

The Petitioner held that the words of the song are eulogy recited by Muslims, mourning the martyrdom of the grandson of Prophet Mohammad at Karbala, which is sung during Muharram. Rizvi said, "The track makes use of music which is against the sanctity of the eulogy and hurts the sentiments of Muslims. We have asked for the music to be removed to avoid any violent reaction from the community.

" Nambiar said he had met with a group of people on Sunday who requested him to remove the music. And he has already decided to comply. Bejoy said, "I have no intention of hurting sentiment of any community and hence the music have been muted in the track."

Another protester, Asad Alam said, "The depiction is similar to what is being carried out in Pakistan where processions of mourners are being targeted by fanatical groups through bombings and shootings. If this is shown it will lead to sectarian violence in the country, which is undesirable. Hence the entire 4 minutes clip should be removed.

" In a statement, Bejoy said," We did not intend to hurt anybody's religious sentiments through this song. I apologise, if in any way it has unintentionally done so. When the issue was brought to our notice we immediately addressed it."

Bejoy also said, "We had a congregation of Shia Muslims, part of the "ALL INDIA IDARA E TAHAFUZ HUSAINIYAT " group, come and see the usage of the song Ya Husain in the film David. They came and saw the clip, after which we had a very long discussion pursuant to which the necessary and desired changes were made.

The central board of film certification too has seen the film with the incorporated cuts and passed it with a U/A certificate. We hope our creative endeavor would be appreciated in the right spirit."




They eventually had the parts of the song cut.

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