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In the Name of God بسم الله

Arabic Movies

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Salam alaikum

Which Arabic movies have english subtitles or have urdu translation dubbing of dailogues like Mokhtarnameh.It has subtitles and dialogue dubbing in many languages.Similarly are there more Islamic movies and pre Islamic era too with english subtitles or udu dubbing.Like any movie on nabi Isa a.s with english subtitles,life of Abu zarr Ghaffari,Meesam e tammar,Shireen.Others like Antar bin Shaddad, Yusuf hejazi who spread Islam,earlier he was non muslim and very much against it..Bani Quraish or Hashim.

Please if anybody know ,please post the link.I thank you in advance.

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wa salam. Just like Mokhtarnameh, there are lots of iranian tv series and movies out there dubbed and subtitled in many languages. As far as I know iFILMTV broadcasts all islamic movies and tv series dubbed in English and Arabic.. Ok, I suggest Maryam Muqaddasa (Saint Mary) TV Series here: http://www.shiasource.com/drive/self/iranian-serials-and-films/ Enjoy it. ma salam

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Its name is Youm Al7ashr يوم الحشر

او يوم الحرية

او القربان


they did not pick up a title yet nor they finished it yet.






Thank you for sharing sister. I hope it comes out soon iA. :)

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