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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Arrogance And Pride

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Whenever people praise me either my family members or anyone in general. I try my best not to smile and just not say anything really however I sometimes do get that feeling of accomplishment in my heart which I know for sure is pride taking over. I was wondering as to what I should do when people praise me, how I should react and how to prevent the feeling of pride from entering my heart?

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رسولُ اللهِ‏ِ إيّاكُم والمَدحَ ؛ فإنّهُ الذَّبحُ


I can see how you feel a sense of accomplishment; yet at the same time, you also want to humble yourself (This is noble trait) ^_^


From an Ahlul-Bayt (AS) standpoint, remember Allah (S.W.T) first and say Alhamdulillah. That is the best response you can give to someone who is praising you. This will show that you owe any success on your part to Him; and no one else, but Him.


Imam Ali (AS) said: 'When the Prophet (SAWA) would mention a merit of himself, he would say': "And, with no pride." 


(wasalam) AB313

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Maybe you have mistaken pride for happiness, joy or elation. or plain confused.


Good manners, are to be responded with good manners, even if it may be flattery ( received or given ), which is very common today. Pride occurs not from having accomplished a given task, bur rather from being self conceited. Believing to be superior, better then others and telling them about it. 


If you do not want to feel your natural emotions, just ask someone to put you in a coma, because emotions are to be felt, if you want keep on being human.


Scenario ;


A ) Good job dude or well done, some nice work you did there. ( smiling at you, or showing a sign of relief, pressure is off , respecting you, or plain flattery * )


your current response ) erm erm, omg if I say thanks or smile or be happy, I have pride omg, I will burn........ ARE YOU SERIOUS?


A normal spoken response ) Oh, Thank you, ( smile, laugh ), yes, I am glad I managed to complete it, now I can take a breather, I tried my best etc. Carry on the conversation if needed. This shows people you are a trusted human and not some chump who has not managed to develop their emotions or just plain rude.


Inner response or outer)  Thank your creator etc.


It is great to feel some kind of accomplishment as this will give you a confidence boost to do better next time. What is the point of undertaking and completing tasks and feeling like some evil scumbag who deserves hell for some form of elation. With this kind of mind set, you will just end up going downhill. And to not feel pride, just tell your inner self that the task or praise is nothing and I will do better next  time. It is the idea of grandeur which influences pride.


* regarding flattery - NEVER praise people for the sake of flattery, it is weak and dirty. Smart people, who acknowledge it, will evade you or use you, leeches who need flattery to live, will demand it all the time.

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