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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Burning Incense As Prayer Ritual? Do You Do It?

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I see this forum is full of people from around the globe and I am interested in the cultural/religious practices of burning incense.

My family comes from a Christian background and among those who claim to be religious they are divided on the subject.
Some (mainly Sanctified) say it is ok because incense was burned in the Tabernacle.
Others (mainly Baptists, who for some reason discredit anything in the Old Testament) say it is a pagan ritual and is not permissible to burn during prayer or any other time.

As I google the internet about incense and Islam I see people saying that it keeps the jinns away, then some say that jinns eat the smoke, lol.

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I don't believe in any religious rituals that weren't practiced by the Prophet (pbuh) or Imams (as). Additionally, if they are known to be practiced by members of other religions, then it might fall in the category of imitating the kuffar, which is haram.


I don't see the problem in burning incense in a non-ritualistic way though.

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Islam puts a huge emphasis on fragrances, specially during the Dua, Salat, Sawm.

The only wajib ibadat that does not want you to even smell a fragrance is while you are in Ahram during Hajj.

For everything else, perfume, itr, fragrances, perfumes carry a great weight.

There are Hadith which say:

1. Pray with fragrant mouth so angels could smell you

2. Pray with perfume on

3. Perfume is a blessing for those who are fasting

4. Salat 70x better with perfume on

5. Don't go to salat ul Juma or Eid without the perfume on

6. Don't eat garlic of onions or other bad odor foods before going to Juma or Eid salat

7. Do not approach your spouse (which is an ibadat btw) without the perfume on

8....... And countless others..

So yes, incense as long as it doesn't bother anyone around you is a way of fragrance and should be used when you are doing any ibadata, wajib or mustahib. If it does bother (I'm one of those) then try various forms of itr which I heavily use during all such ibadat.

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