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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Student Accomodation In London

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As salam alaikum...


Im having a nightmare finding student accomodation in London...can anyone please help with this?

Im going to be studying there for a year from October onwards at LSE...inshaAllah


If its possible for people to let me know anything BELOW 220-250 pounds a week....ensuite...anyone has any ideas? There seem to be Christian halls and Jewish places etc...but not sure if anything for Muslims...lol..

I prefer ensuite (ladies only sharing of kitchen/lounge) or studio....or anyone knows any places?

I can even share an apartment with Muslim sisters...if there are any....


Also, any idea how the Masters programs work? I mean, how long do we really spend at the university?


I've got places in West Hampstead for just about 200....but my parents think its tooo far and I should be within walking distance from the uni..so thats all above 220 pounds...

Ofcourse, I'd like a very safe area for a Muslimah girl...and also if possible with our masjids/ centers around...or any Muslim crowd around would be a great help....


Am not in London at the moment, so its more difficult for me...but...any advice helps..


The accomodation the uni gave me was BAD, in east London...my parents went there for a visit and said it seemed totally unsafe for a girl, so that was cut out immediately...



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Wa alaikum assalam sister, here are a few en-suite female-only places from spareroom.co.uk within your budget and <20min from LSE:











At your budget you can also try using agents to see if they have good properties, and you only have to pay them their commission (usually 100-150 pounds) if you like and decide on one.


Gumtree is comprehensive but should be used as the last resort because it's ridden with scams (especially those that seem too good to be true). You might try searching for 'muslim', other than your normal criteria in order to find more appropriate places. For instance: http://www.gumtree.c...room/1025077852 and http://www.gumtree.c...ible/1025796259


There's also a smaller muslim-ads.co.uk and these look somewhat close to your requirements: http://muslim-ads.co.uk/mr/ http://muslim-ads.co...for-short-term/ and http://muslim-ads.co...ngle-occupancy/ the first one says Queen's Park, which is close to a great centre, Islamic Centre of England (Maida Vale). All the best.

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I'm in the exact same boat except for males. I'm having a tough time finding accomodation for one year for about the same price. Any help would be appreciated.


So which part of London is considered dangerous and/or ghetto? Where should I look to find a place?

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Do you have a similar budget as the OP? It wouldn't be too hard at that level, some people have to find decent places under 500 a month, which is extremely hard. The further out from Central London you go the cheaper it gets but don't go too far or you'll have to waste time traveling every day (zones 2-3 are good). 


As far as I know - and take this with a pinch of salt because I don't hang around much - Barking, East Ham, Brixton, and surrounding areas are rough places to live in (by London's standards; London is a pretty safe city), basically the east and south-east isn't as good as the rest of the city. 

Where should you look? If you want to be close to good Islamic centres, we have a few in the north-west part of the city (zones 2-4), around Maida Vale, Queen's Park/Kilburn, Cricklewood/Willesden. 

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Thanks for the links...

I've seen a nice place in West Hampstead...its well within Zone 2 and a BEAUTIFUL location..and its well within/below my budget...the accom itself is the best I have seen so far..

my only concern is the travel time...its 30 minutes total including tube change and walking etc....but lots of other students going there...but with the area, I think it might be worth it..15 mins on jubilee, then switch to central for another 5 mins...


Is it worth it to do that? As a postgrad student, the issue is I have no idea for how long or how often I will need to go to campus...is it for 3 hours a day, or 3 times a week...or muchh more..not sure yet...


The major plus point is that it is close to Maida Vale apparently...does anyone go to the Islamic center there? and is it active?


Also - the places which I have been told to avoid (through relatives, friends and a real estate agent friend)

Altgate - supposedly very unsafe in East London

White Chapel - upposedly very unsafe too



Southwark because south of river so people have told me no point going south of river

Notting hill - too far and no direct transport to the few places I saw

Barbican station area not so safe


The ones that make sense in terms of proximity, and safety (according to what people told me):

Islington, as long as its not at the end of the burough - heard both good and bad about this area



Marleybone Street

Edgware road

Baker's Street

King's cross - depending on how far out you are

Regent Park area

Chelsea (not sure of distance..but place wise super expensive and safe)

South Kensington (not sure of distance..but place wise super expensive and safe)

And if you can find stuff around Oxford Street/ Hyde Park etc


The prices for private student accom in most of these places is 250+ for whatever is left...the smaller places have all gone...

All these are further away from the Islamic centers though...

Of course local Londoners can advise better... :)



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If you're found a place you really like, go for it! It's not easy to find good places within budget in London. The Maida Vale centre is well-run and maintained and active. 

You'll likely have to go to uni three times a week, and a 30-minute commute is not bad at all. Most people I know do more than 30 minutes for study or work. 

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That sounds promising...thankyou..


am just looking at all the other details like tube passes, winter clothes and hijabs, prayer times etc...need to get used to sunrise at 8 am and set at 4 pm too..

is the Maida Vale center mainly english? or do they also have other languages? I don't want to be lost just in case...

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