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In the Name of God بسم الله

Palestinian 'sunni' Becomes Shia Live On Fadak Tv

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do not say crude words to those who call upon other than Allah, lest they use crude words about Allah in revenge without knowledge. as such we have made the actions of each nation seem pleasing. to their lord they shall return, and he will inform them of that they were doing. («Koran 6:108)

when Koran prevents us insulting the idols of polytheists then how can a muslim insult scholars of other muslims. insulting caliphs and Aiesha and Sahabi is haraam. these games are for divide and conquer policies. radicalism will lead to radicalism. Shias are followers of Ali ibn Talib who waited so many years and helped the caliphs in order to save and maintain Islam. Shias were oppressed for thousand years but they always helped Islam and muslims to remain and they always helped the oppressed people.   

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Br. AlisgharK


What's so scummy about it? Associating yourself to the Ahlulbat (as) & disassociating from their enemies is part of our faith. Their enemies are not only cursed but will be in the hellfire.


The comments on here are nothing but emotional.


As for Sayed Kamal, I used to like him alot before, but he definitely seems to have changed his tactics to [edited] and now he's come to the point of even attacking the Sha'er of Hussain (as) in which in my opinion is just crossing the lines. As far as I'm aware, he didn't have this position before. What he did just now is  have a go at many of the ulama without any evidence, but it shows you how the Iranian government is really brainwashing the Ummah :s




A friend gave a link to this as well of what Sayyed Milani (ha) said:



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What amuses me greatly about the cheer leaders of YH from the Indian Sub-continent is that many of them are Malangs. These Malangs love the way he curses the 'Khalifas' curses the wives of the Holy Prophet (pbuhahp). Curses the Marje.


however all the malangs I have spoken to say that the marriage of a Non-Syed Man to a Syed girl is  haram. Funny when it comes to YH even haram becomes halal to them.


Ask who his father in law is. Would any of these malangs throw away their opposition to Syed girls marrying non Syed boys. Would they read salaat behind YH.  

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